Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Star-Crossed

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Does Mon-El deserve a second chance? 

His secret is finally out in the open, and he chose to stay on Earth at the end of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 rather than return home with his parents.

So, where do they go from here?

Queen Bee - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16

First they will have to get through the musical crossover with The Flash, but assuming everything is not all fine and dandy by the end of it, it begs the question of what Mon-El is going to do now.

He's really only involved with the DEO because of Kara, and she's probably not going to be asking for his help any time soon. Are we in for several weeks of watching him beg and grovel? 

Ugh, please no. Nobody wants that. 

Mon-El has made a crazy amount of mistakes, but it's pretty clear he really does want to be a better man. 

Does that mean Kara should forgive him? I'm not saying that. At least, not right away. She's hurt and has every right to be. He lied to her, and it was a big lie. 

Kara: You just want things to be easy, Mon-El, but being a hero and falling in love, those are not easy things. They're hard, and they're messy, and they hurt sometimes.
Mon-El: I would never hurt you on purpose, Kara.
Kara: And you won't again.

While I can understand why he lied initially, he had plenty of opportunities to come clean as they grew closer. He couldn't even honestly say if he was ever planning to tell her the truth. 

My guess is he's going to continue trying to be a hero, even if it means working solo. Maybe he'll be the next vigilante now that Guardian is kind of working with the team. 

Who knows if he will ever earn Kara's trust back, but he will have to earn it. No more taking the easy way out. If he wants to prove himself to her, he's going to have to work harder than he ever has. 

And it still may not be enough. 

Hug - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16

But, I think there's hope for him. Everyone loves a good redemption story. 

Alas, there will be no more "Netflix and chill" in Kara's future. She's going to have to finish plowing through her Netflix queue solo. That or maybe find a new job.

Mon-El's staying, but is that the last we'll see of Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo? Mon-El may have sent them packing, but it would definitely be fun to see them pop up again. 

Kara misses her parents every day and he just turned down his chance to be reunited with his. If they do eventually reconcile, I can see Kara pushing him to pursue a relationship with them. 

Do you even understand the second chance you've been given? You thought you were the last Daxamite and you're not. Your people are alive. Your parents are alive. They need you. They love you. Don't just throw that chance away, because many of us don't get one.


Kara and Mon-El weren't the only ones with relationship troubles. 

I had a suspicion that Lyra was hiding something too, but honestly had no idea what it could be. Considering how smart and tech-savvy Winn is, you would think he would have disabled the security cameras before breaking and entering. 

Or at least hacked into the feed after the fact and erased it. 

While she also lied to Winn, at least she had better reasons for it. Setting him up to take the fall was pretty low though. 

Guns Drawn - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16

All right, so, does J'onn just never use his kick ass telepathy powers? Really, I don't get how these things keep happening at the DEO. 

First, he made the comment to Winn that Lyra could be playing him for a second time with her brother story. Okay, so then go in there, read her thoughts, and find out!

Second, maybe scan the thoughts of incoming DEO prisoners? Seriously, they have the WORST SECURITY EVER. It is getting ridiculous how easy it is for aliens to break in, break out, put whammies on Supergirl, and pretty much anything else they want to do. 

Between the White Martians, Jeremiah, and now the Music Meister, somebody needs to step up their game. 

The Music Meister - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16

Also, what was with everyone literally just standing there while his eyes were doing that weird spinning thing? He just said out loud that he got himself arrested on purpose to get to Kara, and NOBODY DID ANYTHING.

No one shot him. No one tazed him or tranqued him. Nope, they just stood there and let him do his thing. 

At least he was dumb enough to tell them all where he was going before he jumped through the portal, and then gave them back the device for some reason...

Honestly, sometimes the writing is just too convenient. 

Despite how he was introduced, I can hardly contain my glee (pun intended) for The Flash Season 3 Episode 17

Hopefully we get to see if Winn is right:

I just gotta say that I'm pretty sure this Cisco fellow and I would just be BFFs if, you know, we lived in the same dimension.


I knew it was going to cut to black before Kara could sing, but I was still disappointed they're making us wait. Couldn't we have just gotten a little taste of the musical? 

Hopefully next season some of these crossovers will actually happen on Supergirl! 

Will you guys be tuning in to part two? Do you want to see Kara and Mon-El reconcile? 

If you missed anything, watch Supergirl online and catch up!

Star-Crossed Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay fine, fine. Lyra and I, we broke in after hours. It's just like, when a beautiful woman asks you to do something, you gotta do it right? You know!


Kara: What's next?
Mon-El: Oh how about one of those movies where everybody just breaks into song out of nowhere?
Kara: You mean a musical?