Supergirl Round Table: Stupid is as Stupid Does

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Jobs were in turmoil on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15 when Kara was fired and Alex was suspended. 

Alex has been reinstated, but what does Kara losing her job mean for the future of CatCo? 

Below, TV Fanatics Steven Ford, Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, and Yana Grebenyuk tackle that question as well as Alex's solo mission, and a certain upcoming musical crossover. 

Join us!

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React to Kara being fired. Did she deserve it? Is the show moving away from CatCo?

Steve: I can understand Kara wanting to inform National City of Cadmus' plans, but rules are rules and as Snapper said, they are there for a reason. Kara running with info like that without Snapper knowing the sources, let alone them being credible or not, was a risky move.

It's unfortunate because Snapper probably really was pulling for Kara, as he saw so much potential in her as a reporter.

Jim: First, she knew it was a risk when she decided to post the story as a blog going around Snapper. Second, she absolutely deserved to be fired. Snapper was right when he said that News Media has to be diligent about making sure a story is as accurate as it can be.

Look no further than any of the new controversies we've had in the last two months for what happens when they aren't diligent. Finally, I suspect she will figure out how to get her job back. I can't count how many times Superman was fired by Perry White, so why would Snapper be any different.

Interview - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

Kathleen: As a member of the media, I know how important it is when it comes to sourcing, whether you're with a huge media empire like CatCo or a tiny local paper that publishes weekly or monthly.

In the world of media, reputation is essential; it can open doors, it can convince people to reveal information that they otherwise wouldn't, and so on.

As for whether the show is moving away from CatCo... part of me agrees with Jim that she'll be hired back within an episode or two, another part of me suspects that Lena Luthor may snatch the opportunity to hire her.

Yana: Kara knew what would happen when she published a piece without a source. Snapper explained that to her and she didn't listen, what choice did he have? I think this will at least be a season to her, although if we're being honest,

Kathleen's idea of Lena snatching Kara up is sounding better and better. If this is a step away from CatCo though, where will this leave James?

Was J'onn right to suspend Alex? Was his trick justified or cruel?

Steve: One could fault J'onn's little Jeremiah test on Alex, as it did toy with Alex's feelings. At the same time, J'onn needed to know if Alex was in the right mind set going forward. Suspending Alex seemed to be the right move at the time.

Jim: Alex is lucky she was only suspended and not arrested for treason. That being said, I do think J'onn's method was a bit cruel. Finally, had Alex stopped to think about how her father could have gotten into her apartment from the window she might have been suspicious.

Further, she could have made the argument that she was agreeing with him but was going to go to J'onn directly afterwards, that she wanted him to think she was on his side...

Kathleen: Was J'onn's method harsh? Absolutely. 

Alex is clearly emotionally compromised when it comes to Jeremiah and Cadmus, and however much J'onn loves and respects Alex, everyone else at the DEO is someone else's mother or father, daughter or son, sister or brother, too, and they need to be able to trust that the person leading them has his or her head screwed on straight. 

Especially with no less than the fate of the world resting on their shoulders and their ability to think clearly.

Yana: Alex was emotionally compromised but I didn't like the cruel joke, especially because of that. Yes, we saw that she did exactly what J'onn thought she would, but pretending to be her dad wasn't going to help her mental state.

It's Jeremiah! - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15

What did you think of Alex taking on Cadmus alone?

Steve: Dumb Dee Dumb Dumb! Yes, I suppose it was cool seeing her go toe to toe with threatening Lillian and having Alex prove that she wasn't bluffing with the explosives, but Alex going at it alone was just very frustrating for me to fathom. She only ended up getting herself stuck in the dang spaceship!

Jim: Stupid, plain Ol' Stupid. Now I will give her full marks for the bombs, but seriously as Steve said, it was just frustrating to watch her Leeroy Jenkins her way into the Cadmus stronghold.

Kathleen: Nice World of Warcraft reference there, Jim, and right on the money, too. Alex's idiotic charge was so insanely frustrating and annoying! I want to throw heavy objects through my screen when characters do things that are so patently dumb.

Yana: I was kind of expecting it so maybe it wasn't as bothersome to me? She didn't think it through, much like Kara. It's essentially a parallel where both these sisters aren't thinking before they risk a whole freaking lot.

What are your thoughts on the debuts of Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo?

Steve: Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled! While watching the preview for the next episode I was like: "Is that? It is! It's Sorbo and Hatcher!" I may or may not have squealed during that moment. I don't know what these two new characters are going to bring to the story, but I'm excited about it.

Jim: I'm excited to see Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo back on TV. I'm an unabashed fan of both of their works. That being said, I'm a little worried about Teri Hatcher's apparent repeat visits to a plastic surgeon as she's beginning to look like Jessica Lange.

Kathleen: Look! It's Hercules and Lois Lane! Awesome! Ahem. Yes, I'm a little excited. I watched Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as well as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys when I was a kid, so this something of a candy store for me.

Yana: I'm once again a bit out of my element. The only thought I had was of Teri Hatcher and Desperate housewives, but I'm excited to see where all of this will go.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the musical crossover?

Steve: When this idea was mentioned last year, my initial reaction was about a 3, maybe a 4. I was very hesitant of the idea. However, given the fact of how well the 4-way crossover worked last fall, I'm now very optimistic that this can be pulled off exceptionally well. As of right now, I've climbed up to a 9.

Jim: I know there is going to be a musical crossover, and for that, I'm super excited, but so far I haven't seen a promo for it to really have any opinion on how they are cover it.

Kathleen: I did musical theater in high school, so I have a particular appreciation for this sort of thing. Musicals are a lot of work!

I'm definitely looking forward to the song and dance numbers, to be sure, especially with the anticipation running high for the release of Disney's Beauty and the Beast on March 17. Mark me down as a 9!

Yana: I'm not sure yet, specifically because I only watch Supergirl so I get a small portion of the crossovers.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Kara: You said a good reporter should always cultivate her source.
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