Supergirl Round Table: Is Jeremiah a Goner?

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Jeremiah returned on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14, and most of us felt the team was a little too trusting. 

It didn't take long for him to betray them and run off to Lillian Luthor. Alex could have stopped him, but she let him go. 

Join TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Steven Ford, and Yana Grebenyuk as they discuss Jeremiah's fate, Mon-El's secret, and the beginnings of a new bromance! 

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Were you surprised that the group was not more suspicious of Jeremiah's return?

Kathleen: This was the most frustrating part of this episode. For Cadmus's plan to work, most of the protagonists had to switch off every brain cell they had. Even accepting Jeremiah's story at face value, the guy was quite essentially a prisoner of war (POW) for 15 years!

You don't immediately put such a person to work! You bury them in shrinks for months, if not years, before you let them anywhere near anything operational! Heavens, you want to be cautious with people just released after an extended stay in regular, government-run prison, let alone a scientific hall of horrors like Cadmus.

Jim: OH MY GAWD! I was rolling my eyes through the entire episode. As Kathleen said, every major character except Mon-el had to take stupid pills through the entire episode. Such a HORRIBLY written episode using one of the WORST tropes out there.

Some examples off the top of my head:

  • When Jeremiah's hand was hurt, how did he not get an x-ray to show it was a mechanical arm?
  • What happened to the actual "psych eval" J'onn mentioned? Clearly, DEO's psychiatry staff need to all be shot for treason.
  •  How was reading his mind and looking through his memories not the first thing J'onn did before allowing him in the building, much less near a computer?
  • Why was the building not locked down like when the White Martians attacked when he realized Jeremiah was up to something?
  • And the common sense questions go on and on.

Christine: Yes! All of the above. Maybe one or two characters suffering from blind trust, but all of them except Mon-El? Oh, come on!

The worst for me was when J’onn suddenly said he couldn’t read Jeremiah’s mind. Why hadn’t he tried that the moment they found Jeremiah, or when Mon-El voiced his concerns? Why was it just occurring to him then?

Steve: It was very frustrating. The guy's been missing for over 15 years and you just welcome him back with open arms? Especially after everything that the team has seen over the years such as shapeshifting aliens. It was just a little too ridiculous to ignore.

At least Mon-El saw the red flags though. Speaking of Mon-El, I loved his comment about not being able to use the bathroom without being watched and Jeremiah walks right back into the DEO, no questions asked.

Yana: This was one of many things that don't add up this season. I get that he was their dad but they really didn't consider how obvious it was that he would be used against them for that very reason. And the conflict that it created between Alex and Kara really annoyed me.

Will Cadmus try to rid the world of aliens using the stolen registry? Do you think Jeremiah is really a part of their plan?

Kathleen: Oh, I'm sure Cadmus has some Super Evil Evil Plan along those lines. For some reason, I'm reminded of an episode of Doctor Who in which the Daleks kidnapped humans to test their universe-ending weapon on them.

As for Jeremiah's participation in the plan... I suspect it only extends as far as ensuring the safety of his family.

Jim: I'm guessing some sort of "ark" ship is being built and they will be rounding up aliens to fire them into space. Heck, I guess if works for POTUS it can work for CADMUS (too soon?). As mentioned by Kathleen, I'm guessing they are blackmailing him with his family.

Christine: Rounding up aliens on a registry…that’s a little too close to home these days. And I’d guess Jeremiah will say he’s doing this to keep his family safe, but I can’t imagine they’ll ever trust him again.

Steve: Like Jim said, it looked like a ship that will presumably house all of the registered aliens and blast them off into space, never to return again. Jeremiah wants to keep his family safe?

Okay, but he does realize that Kara is one of those aliens that are going to get rounded up as well? How is that keeping his family safe? What kind of leverage does Cadmus have over Jeremiah?

Yana: It seems to be headed in that direction. I'm not sure what else he could provide now except maybe man power with his arm? It's not like he can go back to the DEO, but they might have all that they need. If he ran though it must mean he isn't free from Cadmus yet.

Content Alex - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14

Is Mon-El's secret connected to Cadmus somehow? How do you think it will eventually come out?

Kathleen: Good question. I'm leaning towards the secret not being related to Cadmus directly. Though if this is the case, it does beg the question how Jeremiah became aware of the truth.

Unless, of course, he just totally made a shot in the dark with the emotional blackmail attempt. It'll probably come out at a time that's least convenient for Mon-El. Such as in the middle of an alien attack. Because that's how these things almost always go.

Jim: Agreed Kathleen, given how trope heavy this episode was, I wouldn't be surprise to see the "worst time to learn a secret" trope come into play for Mon-El.

Christine: Okay, here’s my guess on Mon-El. He was involved with the “death” of Krypton somehow, given that their two planets were enemies.

And the truth will come out an episode or two before the season finale in which Kara will hate him…and then just as she forgives him, Mon-El will sacrifice himself for her. Anyone want to place some bets?

Steve: I don't believe Mon-El's secret is related to Cadmus, but as Christine pointed out, I do think it's going to be a pretty big deal that could cause a rift in his relationship with Kara.

Yana: I love Christine's idea. It would make sense why they are dangling it around this long, waiting for the Mon-El/Kara relationship to grow enough that the truth will really have the ability to drive a wedge between them.

Is there a Mon-El/Winn bromance brewing?

Kathleen: It's nice, isn't it? Yes, the series is called "Supergirl," and the show is obviously about her, but it's nice to see two other characters hanging out and forming a relationship that doesn't necessarily have to pass through Kara first.

With Mon-El still being a relative newcomer to Earth and Winn insatiably curious about Out There, I think there's definitely the potential for a great story there. Provided Mon-El's Big Secret doesn't blow up in his face first.

Jim: I really liked them hanging out.. I loved Lyra calling Mon-El "Winn's Friend". I thought that was really cute. I hope we get a little more of the bromance. On the other side, I honestly didn't miss James/Guardian at all, or Catco and Snapper.

To me that all seem too much "clone of superman", so it's kind of nice when the show sticks to its unique pieces (even if following a horribly done trope).

Christine: It does feel like Mon-El has taken James’ place this season. He’s got the friendship with Winn, the romance with Kara, and he’s working as part of the team. If they don’t integrate James/the Guardian into the DEO, I don’t think he’s long for this series.

Steve: It's a lot of fun watching these two together and I can only hope it continues and blossoms into a really great friendship. I agree with everyone else regarding James, as he was not missed.

Yana: Although I kind of wanted them to get together, mainly so Kara wouldn't have to be in some love story with a stranger, I'm sold on their friendship. But Christine pointed out something very interesting, especially since James was once again missing.

Suspicious Mon-El - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14

How do you think Jeremiah's story will end?

Kathleen: My money's on Heroic Sacrifice, Redemption Equals Death. Sorry, Dean Cain, but I think you're toast here. No way this ends happily, at any rate.

Jim: My first guess is the same as Kathleen's. I'm not sure the producers want to pay Dean Cain for regular guest appearances. I hope I'm wrong and Jeremiah gets to be with his family (or maybe in jail for a bit) and alive.. But I suspect he's toast.

Christine: I agree that a heroic sacrifice allowing his redemption appears to be the most obvious course, but I hope they don’t go that way.

I loved how vulnerable Jeremiah made everyone and it will be much more interesting if they bring him back from time to time and keep things complicated and emotional.

Steve: Not well, is my first thought. Jeremiah will be on the run from the DEO, he'll end up getting a redemption arc and then subsequently be killed off. As of right now, I can't see it ending any other way.

Yana: Heroic sacrifice here too. We're not learning much about him (yet?) which probably means he will bite the dust and they don't want to waste too much time integrating him into the plot.

But we still saw how much it affected Alex and Kara, so we are aware of that before he sacrifices himself.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Mon-El: It's more than luck.
J'onn: What do you mean?
Mon-El: We got an alert that Cadmus was moving a weapon. We don't get alerts unless they're releasing a video or we catch them red-handed.
Kara: But we did catch them red-handed.
Mon-El: No, they were waving their red hands around in the air literally like they just didn't care.

I'm at the DEO for two months before I can pee alone, and he just walks right back in?