Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Daddy's Girl

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Pain, guilt, loyalty, and revenge are what drove both Wozniak and Stahl on Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4

Who knew they had so much in common?

The Overdose - Shades of Blue

As Harlee and Wozniak disposed of Linklater’s body in the crematorium, I couldn’t help but wonder why Harlee didn’t use it to get rid of Miguel. 

Does she not have access to it on her own? I hope there’s a reason other than making sure that Miguel’s body can be found later this season to ramp up the drama. 

Because we all know that we haven’t seen the last of Miguel, even if he is dead and buried.

Nava Comforts Harlee - Shades of Blue

Harlee: I can't protect the people that I love without hurting other people.
Nava: Maybe you don't need to work so hard to save them from themselves.

Perhaps she is protecting Cristina a little too much. I understand the compulsion to keep the horrors of her work life away from her daughter, but there are times that Cristina seems more naive than a cop’s kid should be. 

There was no reason for Harlee to keep the story about the two girls overdosing to herself. If anything, that’s exactly the type of information Cristina should hear.

As a teen, she’ll have plenty of friends popping pills and encouraging her to do so. Knowing that the scenario can end tragically isn’t a bad lesson to learn. 

Then there’s Cristina contacting Miguel.

I could see it from her point of view. She’d wondered about her father her entire life and just when she got to know him, he took off. That’s a difficult scenario to live with. 

On a show where very little still shocks me, I was appalled when Stahl cloned Miguel’s phone and began sending Cristina texts from him!

Harlee Has No Idea - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4

The man really is a creep. 

I could understand him using Cristina to get information, considering he just stumbled upon her at her grandmother’s on Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3, and she’s the one who called him, but to make the girl believe her father is contacting her is a whole new low even for him.

Of course, Stahl believes the end justifies the means, and the end game is taking down the person behind his partner’s death.

Found in his car, shot in the head and in the heart, with his tongue cut out, because of Julia Ayres.


Did Julia turn over the information to Bianci? Quite possibly, but we’ve yet to hear her side of the story, and like everyone else, I’m sure she had her reasons. 

I can’t wait to hear them.

Even Woz has his reasons for protecting Julia, and it has nothing to do with their former sexual relationship. 

Wozniak: When my daughter died I spun out and I tore the city apart looking for the dealer who sold her the drugs. Nate found him, took a bat to his head and left him lying in the street.
Harlee: So Julia covered it up.
Wozniak: Don't make me choose.

So is it loyalty that’s motivating Woz, or is there some concern that Nate could still face charges if Julia ever turned on him?

Saving Julia - Shades of Blue

Just when you think these characters are despicable, you see how human they really are, as when the team rallied around Woz during the overdose case. 

They all kept an extra eye on Wozniak during that investigation and had his back when he needed it. They really are like family in that way. 

Of course, most families don't have to cover while one member forces drugs down someone else's throat in order to obtain information...or at least I hope not!

And Loman is their newest member. 

Although I still don’t completely trust Loman, I agree with Wozniak’s tactics. He’s in so deep that there’s nothing else to do but pull him in deeper and remind him from time to time that they know where his bodies are buried, too.

Loman: Makes me wonder what my role here really is, Woz.
Wozniak: Your role is to stop leaving dead bodies in your wake.

The most disturbing twist was hearing that Tess’ drug test came back inconclusive. I suppose that could happen, but does anyone buy that Internal Affairs would choose not to run another one?

The only reason I could see for that to be true is if Verco is purposefully trying to destroy the team’s trust in one another. 

If that’s his game, it could work. 

Sometimes the struggle is so primal, we're compelled to take justice into our own hands.


This Shades of Blue quote is true for so many of these characters. Stahl and the desire to avenge his partner’s death, Wozniak and the grief over his daughter’s suicide and need to protect his son, and of course Harlee killing Miguel.

Every decision they make is so primal that the consequences almost don’t matter to them.


Did you believe Tess about the drug test? Is Stahl playing Cristina fair game? And should Harlee turn over Julia? 

Check back in later this week to see what our Shades of Blue round table team has to say.

And then check out our review of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 5 next week.

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