Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Ghost Hunt

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Just when Wozniak thinks he’s got the winning hand, Stahl changes the game on Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3.

We all knew that Stahl wouldn't just roll over after Wozniak tried to kill him, but sending an entire tactical unit to Harlee's door was a strong message.

Turning Up the Heat - Shades of Blue

Perhaps it would have been stronger if he had actually arrested her. As it was, Harlee was pretty cavalier about the whole thing. 

At home, Wozniak woke up to find that the nightmare of losing his wife and trying to kill a Fed was all very real…and we found out he has a son. 

Oddly enough, up until now, we’d only ever heard about his late daughter. Nate had never been mentioned. 

It sounded as though Nate is gay, although his mother didn’t mention to him that his father is bi-sexual, which seems like the appropriate label for Woz, if you can label him at all.

Wozniak is so complex that I’m not sure any labels apply. 

Nate: When there's not a straight line to something you always find another way; it's the one thing I like about you.
Wozniak: I don't think I left myself a way back on this one.
Nate: So get a bulldozer. Make one.

A bulldozer sounds right up Woz’s alley, but instead of working on his personal life, he decided to deal with his other problems…namely getting out from under Stahl. 

The plan sounded straight forward enough. Find Linklatter and turn him over to Stahl.

Stahl mentioned Linklatter as the big fish he had no hope of catching, but he’d take Julia Ayres as a consolation prize. 

Stahl Takes His Shot - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3

It sounded simple until you remember that Stahl rarely says exactly what he means. 

Be careful who you ask for the moon, some maniac just might bring it to you.


When Stahl balked at seeing Linklatter I knew things were about to go sideways once again and I wasn’t at all shocked when he shot the man. 

However, that Julia was involved with the death of Stahl’s partner was a plot point I didn’t see coming. 

I’m still not sure who is the bigger maniac. Stahl and Woz appear to be neck and neck. 

Stahl: At times I've been cavalier in my approach to you, Harlee. I'm sorry that things have gotten so…
Harlee: Disgusting? Pathetic?
Stahl: Out of hand, and it was never my intention.
Harlee: Yeah, I've seen the videos. I know all about your intentions.

I was relieved that this Shades of Blue quote showed us Harlee was smart enough not to start trusting Stahl. The man is always playing an angle…like lying to Cristina.

Speaking of which, I’ll admit that Cristina is acting like a normal teenager, even though I’d like to shake her. 

I, too, had cousins who thought it was cool to shoplift; I was just smart enough to never do it myself. But Cristina is desperate to be accepted by her new family, especially when she thinks Miguel bailed on her, and her mom paid him to do it. 

How Will Cristina React? - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 1

But Cristina needs to wake up and realize that her actions could dismantle her future before she even gets started. 

She asked Harlee to take the bubble wrap off. The girl has no idea how hard that fall could be without it. 

Back at the precinct, Verco was searching for the weakest link, and he may have found it. 

Last week in our Shades of Blue round table, we debated who would be the team member most likely to cave. Check it out to see who got this one right. 

Although they didn’t show Tess tell Verco anything, I don’t think she had anyway around that drug test.

Marcus Tufo - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3

But everyone on the team was feeling antsy, even Tufo, who Wozniak trusts to do what he’s told and protect the team…

I wonder if we've been the bullies all along, Harlee. I wonder if somebody's about to give us what we've got coming.


it certainly feels that way, especially when Stahl told Harlee and Woz to dispose of LInklatter’s body and threw in, “You know how to do that, right Harlee?” 

Was that simply a dig, or does he already suspect she killed Miguel?

And did Wozniak really request to have Lohman on his team, and if so, why?

It all feels like a game of mutually assured destruction, and Shades of Blue season 2 has only just begun. 

Don’t miss out on my review of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 4 next week.

And if you want more, you can watch Shades of Blue online here at TV Fanatic. 

Ghost Hunt Review

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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Stahl: I'm a man of my word.
Harlee: When it suits you.

Stahl: Everything is risk reward, Harlee, and lately you are not worth the risk.
Harlee: Let me know when you believe that.