Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Broken Wind

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Listen, when I said I wanted more Happy and Paige time, I mean stick them in an enclosed space and have them fight.

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20, Paige and Happy were stuck in a gondola, and instead of Happy opening up about her hopes and fears for the wedding, she and Paige ended up fighting. Okay, the opening up does happen, but first, we have to sit through a fight.

Happy and Paige are two characters who have been in need of some quality one on one time. They are the only girls on Team Scorpion, and they just haven't really had the chance to bond as much as I would like them to. 

Plummeting to Earth - Scorpion

The fight works, unfortunately. While it hurts to see Paige and Happy arguing, their fights reveal some of Paige's insecurities. 

We all know that Paige isn't a genius. Hell, for a good bit of season one, there was a struggle to see why Paige was even needed on Team Scorpion.

However, since then, she has been given the chance to really demonstrate that she is a valuable asset to the team.

The focus has always been on Paige helping the geniuses or on Paige trying to be a good mom to Ralph.

We have not really seen how being on Team Scorpion affects Paige.

If you were in Paige's shoes, you would probably start to feel stupid within seconds of being in the presence of Team Scorpion (assuming you are not a genius, obviously). Paige has been working with them for years.

As we've seen, they don't really ever act like, well, not geniuses, so Paige has been constantly reminded of their intellectual superiority every day.

Paige: I don't need you to tell me that I'm not as smart as you guys. I am painfully aware of it every day. Every invention that I don't understand, every formula I can't solve, every reference I don't get.
Happy: Like MIT students trying to follow a Jeffrey Hoffman lecture.
Paige: See I have no idea what you are talking about, but even if I can't keep up, I thought I at least measured up as a valued team member, as a friend, but I guess you just always saw me as an inferior.
Happy: Paige, that is not correct.
Paige: Oh, surprise, another thing I got wrong.

It was nice to get a glimpse of the downside of working with Team Scorpion.

This was good character development for Paige. But next time, could we get some more light and fun Happy and Paige scenes, please?

The case itself isn't anything special. There's no real suspense or thrill to it.

You just kind of sat back and watched it happen, knowing that Happy and Paige would be fine in the end. Also, the electrocuting scene was beyond awkward.

Hands down, the best part of the entire case was when the random gun store owner recognized the stone of valor. 

Scorpion Broken Wind

Sly and Cabe's friendship was one of the highlights of the Alderman race. They are such an unlikely pair, and it's one of the reasons why they are so entertaining. 

It was cute that Sly was afraid of losing that closeness. If only we could have seen more of Sly's vulnerability.

There's one issue, though: Cabe didn't realize that he hurt Sly's feelings by returning the cape and declining the knighthood.

Even if Cabe didn't understand that the cape was a way for Sly to keep the friendship alive, Cabe should have at least recognized that by turning down the invitation that he broke Sly's heart. It's not like it wasn't written all over Sly's face or anything.

Cabe is not a genius with low levels of EQ.

It would have made more sense for Cabe to see how much he hurt Sly's feelings but not understand why the rejection hurt Sly so much.

We could have seen Cabe think that Sly was hurt because he thought Cabe was belittling the Warlock's Chest and all of his friends.

Did Cabe's oblivion bother anyone else?

Throughout the case, the battle for the best man raged on, which was delightful.

Any kind of competition amongst Team Scorpion is always a good thing.

Paige is an excellent choice for best ma'am, and it will be fun seeing the guys try to do all the dudes of honor duties.

Did anyone else tear up when Toby picked Paige? It made me happy, and it showed how close Paige and Toby have become.

More importantly, the Quintis wedding planning is giving us more Waige! Huzzah!

Walter: Wedding partners in crime?
Paige: Deal. It might require a few late nights and some weekends.
Walter: Whatever it takes. I do not need Happy Quinn mad at me.

Paige found an opening to get to spend some time with Walter off the books.

Paige finally made her move, and what's great is that Walter didn't realize that Paige had an ulterior motive. This is going to make the whole thing even better.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Broken Wind Review

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Thanks to the DOE for giving us another shot. We love turbines, really big get it? Fans?


Cabe: How about the fact that without my sage advice, he would have never landed this little filly?
Happy: Now I'm being compared to a horse?