Quantico Season 2 Episode 14 Review: LNWILT

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Does the Farm have an off season? Where are all the recruits?

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 14, the task force sets up shop in the Farm because apparently no one else is using it. While it's a little weird being back there, Shelby and Nimah's fascination with the place and finding the spa does earn some laughs.

We've switched to one timeline, but not a lot has changed.

Newcomer - Quantico Season 2 Episode 14

Owen is brought back, which honestly is a little strange. Okay, he was in charge of some of the task force members at the Farm, but that does not necessarily make him fit for the job. 

Seeing as how all he does is bring more drama to the mix, it would have been better to let Clay step into the leadership role because Clay is a lot of fun. He is sarcastic and tells it like it is, which is amusing especially when he's calling the team a bunch of petty high schoolers (an accurate description, by the way). 

Clay is breathing some new life into the dynamic, while Owen makes you feel like we're back at the Farm (which we are), and it's a reminder of some of the aspects that did not really work in the first half of the season. Also, if Owen is back, why can't Harry be on the team?

Oh right, Clay's name is Clayton Haas, as in brother to (the very much alive) Caleb Haas. Yeah, he and Shelby have a very complicated dynamic, but they are actually fun to watch. What are your first impression of Clay?

It is definitely nice to not have to jump between timelines. There is more time to focus on the intel at hand without having to constantly switch gears and try to remember what everyone knew back at the Farm versus in the present.

Sadly, one timeline apparently means more time for ridiculous drama.

Albey Back Together At Last - Quantico Season 2 Episode 14

Oh my god it was drama central! Everyone had a problem with someone. Well, except Dayana - she just wanted to make friends. Honestly, this hour made me fall in love with her. 

Owen's hatred of Alex comes out of nowhere. Owen and Alex were investigating Lydia, so it's not as if Alex accused Lydia, and then Owen had to step in, without knowing anything, and go to jail for his daughter.

Back during the investigation, Owen was even ashamed that he did not realize that the AIC was recruiting at the Farm, under his nose. So, sure, Owen, Alex's investigation put you in the situation where you had to go to jail.

But, there's also the tiny fact that LYDIA IS GUILTY AND A TERRORIST. You would think that would have put some perspective on things, but nooo Owen decides to go the petty drama route instead.

Even though Alex and Ryan have broken up, we are still having to deal with their drama. We've entered into the awkward ex phase of their relationship. 

It's awful. Someone please make it stop. They were not entertaining when they were together, so why would breaking them up and making them fight somehow make them fun to watch?

Admittedly, the last scene where Alex came clean about changing her hair was cute. One small moment that worked does not erase the rest of the hour. Let's do the world a favor and stop focusing on Alex and Ryan. Let's focus on Harry and Alex instead!

Alex: Please don't tell anyone. I'll definitely lose my job if they find out about us.
Harry: And as I'm a man, I probably wouldn't.

They are a much more entertaining partnership, and I don't mean that romantically. The two of them make an enjoyable pair. Did anyone else love Harry's surprise entrance?

Let's talk about the new potential side mysteries. Part of the reason why the switch to one timeline was appealing was that it meant cutting down on the confusing mini mysteries and keeping up with everything in two timelines. Let's not complicate things by throwing in new mysteries.

Hopefully, Leon's conspiracy and this random journalist will somehow tie into the hunt for the AIC. 

With Leon getting kidnapped, we might be putting his conspiracy on ice for a while, which helps. The journalist, however, appears to be a problem that will most likely pop up in every episode. The bright side is she will most likely trying to figure out what Ryan and company are up to, which ties her into the AIC storyline.

Can we talk about the horrible spy work that Owen and Ryan demonstrated when the journalist (did not catch her name) brought over someone from the Omaha Group to catch Ryan in a lie?

That cannot have been what the FBI and CIA's best would have done in the situation. They basically threw up a red flag and a dozen flashing lights. It was a sad attempt at spy work.

Diana: So what do you think happened? Another terrorist event?
Ryan: Well if Alex is here, there can't be one far behind.
Alex: Funny.

What did you think of the episode? Are you happy with the switch to one timeline so far? Please share your thoughts and conspiracy theories in the comments below.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Alex: You know, you would think that a top secret task force like ours would have some perks - helicopter maybe.
Shelby: Well there are perks! We both get to work with our ex-boyfriends.

Alex: I forgot about the FBI's physical fitness requirements.
Shelby: [laughs] You may have gotten your badge back, but you still have to work for it.