Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Chapter Fifty-Nine

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Love, dating, and (frankly) some horniness took center stage in the midst of romantic changes.

On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 15, Jane dipped her toe back into the dating pool, but her time away from romance left her feeling a little rusty.

It's been a few years for Jane since she opened her heart, but the end of this installment tells me maybe that's not where she's meant to be focused right now. Elsewhere in the episode, Xo and Rogelio finally reunited, and Rafael got a glowing heart for Petra.

Is Jane Ready? - Jane the Virgin

Dating is all about reading and interpreting signals, but Jane's radar was way off course. She felt confident and sure she was exuding an aura, drawing men in left and right.

I adored the difference between what Jane thought she was experiencing versus reality. It's important to have confidence, but awareness is also crucial.

Nothing puts a damper on a conversation with a cute stranger than bringing up your dead husband. Not the time Jane!

Well, I was scooped up, but then my husband died. No, but I mean I'm like almost totally fine.


Jane thinking Alex was flirting with her was something I can let slide. His compliments were a bit overzealous, so I probably would have been a little confused too. 

Whether or not this was intentional, the writers cleverly used Jane's malfunctioning flirtation assessments to squash some romantic possibilities about which fans have been curious.

Two of the newer prospects were Alex and Dennis. Alex comes across as too "chill" for Jane... if that makes any sense. He's a solid guy, but he doesn't seem to be at the same stage of life as Jane.

On the other hand, Dennis is someone I thought could be romantic with Jane. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jane and Dennis' date fall flat.

Not saying this applies to everyone in the same situation, but I think Jane could never be with someone so close to Michael. She would always be reminded of him. 

I just forgot how exhausting dating is for someone like me... the overthinking, the analyzing, the worrying. I just wish I could date without my brain being on overload.


Michael will forever be a part of Jane's heart and soul, but if she is ever to find a similar love again, she can't be reminded of him every moment. Jane and Dennis could barely talk about anything but Michael.

I think Dennis makes a great friend for Jane, but even he knew that romantic spark wasn't there. They both read each others' signals wrong.

Despite being open to love again, what Jane may need right now is a tall drink of man water. Her jaw might as well have dropped to the floor like a cartoon character when she saw Fabian. The thirst is real, and Jane has it.

We've seen plenty of glowing hearts on Jane the Virgin, but I think this may be the first glowing vagina!

Yep something's glowing alright, and it's not her heart.


I'm all for Jane having some fun. It would be really interesting to see her have a casual fling, especially since so much emphasis was put on Jane waiting until marriage the first time around.

Rogelio would probably not be pleased to have his daughter hook up with his new co-star, but I say Jane should go for it. Rogelio can just take comfort in the fact that he has reunited with Xo. 

Their reconciliation is expected, but still wonderful all the same. As much as I liked the idea of Bruce, he was just filler until Xo and Ro could get on the same page. 

Rogelio no longer seeks to have a baby because Mateo has filled that hole in his heart. There is no reason now why Xo and Ro can't ride off into the sunset.

Los Viajes De Guillermo is about to start production, and I can't wait to see what silly scenarios Rogelio finds himself in. Hopefully, the show is a major success, and he can pay off that settlement quickly.

Caught in the Closet - Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 15

The other major love development came courtesy of Rafael and Petra. We also got to see the hilarious image of Petra hiding naked behind Mateo's raincoat in the closet.

After their night together, Rafael was convinced Petra must have feelings for him again.

But Rafael's radar was just as off as Jane's because Petra had zero interest in revisiting her feelings for her ex-husband.  She was much more preoccupied with getting Chuck's attention.

The more disinterested Petra was toward Rafael, the more disappointed he got. By the end of the hour, his heart was getting all glowy. 

Petra was always the one chasing after and pining for Rafael. I would love to see the tables turned for once.

We never truly got to see Rafael and Petra when they were in love. We got brief glimpses, but it's easy for some to dismiss their love story because we came in at the demise of it. 

Were these two to fall in love for a second time, we as the audience would be watching it for the first time. That's a cool concept.

Leftover Thoughts and Questions

  • Alba and Jorge were so cute together. She deserves to have some excitement and get caught making out at mini-golf. It was great to see her admit she had wanted to sleep with Jorge. 
  • Dennis and his partner (whatever her name is) figured out Petra has been in contact with Anezka. So what does this mean for Scott's death?
  • Mateo's genuine concern for why Bruce might not be talking to Rogelio was adorable.

Rogelio: Tell me, did I do something to offend him?
Mateo: Did you forget to say "God bless you" after he sneezed?
Rogelio: No, I don't think so.

  • The recurring flirtation assessment imagery was cute, especially since it was the romantic version of Terminator.

So over to you! What are your predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 16?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can watch Jane the Virgin online anytime via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Fifty-Nine Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Rogelio: Tell me, did I do something to offend him?
Mateo: Did you forget to say "God bless you" after he sneezed?
Rogelio: No, I don't think so.

Well, I was scooped up, but then my husband died. No, but I mean I'm like almost totally fine.