Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Needs to Leave Salem...Now!

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Eli dropped a bombshell on Julie, Brady tried to help Nicole escape with Holly, while Joey’s behavior had us wondering if Steve and Kayla are really his parents.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fans forum to debate Eli telling Julie the truth, Brady going on the run with Nicole, and who they'd send out of Salem if they could on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Eli have told Julie that he was her grandchild the way he did?

Jack: I didn't mind him blurting it out, though it would have been better to tell her one-on-one without Valerie there and without giving Valerie dirty looks. I'm more disappointed that there was no drama around the reveal than the reveal itself.

Kathy: I would have liked the reveal to be held in a more private place but I can understand Eli wanting it out in the open. He probably felt that enough time has been wasted.

Christine: I’m glad Eli told Julie the truth, but we could have used more build up to the big reveal. We’ve seen Eli all of maybe twice; the first time he announces he’s David’s son, and in the second he blurts it out to Julie. The timing felt really rushed to me. 

Eli Tells Julie the Truth - Days of Our Lives

On a scale of 1 (almost normal) to 10 (complete idiot), rate Joey Johnson.

Jack: I'm going to give him a 2 because once in a blue moon he displays some intelligence. I can't believe this is Steve and Kayla's son and really hope he was switched at birth!

Kathy: 8. I will give him a little credit for being young. 

Christine: A 3 at best. I think the writers are trying to show him as having Steve’s brashness, but he has none of his street smarts…or any smarts for that matter.

Joey killed a woman, got his teenage girlfriend pregnant, and this week he was yelling at the man holding a syringe to his mother’s throat. He’s an idiot. 

Are there two people in Salem who aren’t a couple yet, but you’d like to see them linked romantically?

Jack: Eric and Eve is my #1 dream pairing of the people who are left in Salem! I'd like Paige to be resurrected so JJ can be in a relationship with someone who is worthy of him.

Kathy: Valerie and Abe.  I think they are interesting characters and would be good together.

Christine: As I’m assuming they’re planning to get Justin and Adrienne back together, I’m finding Lucas and Anne more and more intriguing, but I want them to take a long time growing that friendship before it possibly turns into something more. I want the slow build.

Brady Comes To Rescue Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Brady should help Nicole escape with Holly, or should he turn her in?

Jack: This is such a hard one. I'd rather see smart Nicole on her own, but clearly she was kidnapped too and replaced with an idiot double. Brady is an idiot in general that Nicole doesn't need, and who should be with his own son right now.

Also, I'm tired of laws being ignored when it's convenient. Yet Chloe is so crazy and has so little right to this child that I can't blame Nicole and don't want her to get in trouble!

Kathy: Turning her in sounds harsh but helping Nicole puts Brady (and Tate) in a dangerous position. I wish they could come up with an less drastic solution.

Christine: Nicole is generally smarter than Brady, and he shouldn’t be running off and leaving his own kid, but  she could definitely use someone’s help.

I just hate this entire storyline. All I want to see is Nicole and her child reunited for good. The rest of this makes me want to hit the fast forward button. 

If you could have one character leave Salem for good (or at least until a decent recast and story reboot can take place) who would it be?

Jack: Joey! He's an idiot and a murderer. Gabi is my second choice for who needs to leave permanently because she does nothing but whine and make herself a victim.

Kathy: I think Hope needs a rest until a better story comes along. I wouldn't be upset if Joey left or was recast.

Christine: Can I vote for both Ciara and Claire? Where Joey is almost laughably dumb, Ciara and Claire are like having to endure fingernails on a blackboard in every scene.

These "best friends" become unbearably annoying and I wish they’d go to college out of state and come back as watchable characters. 

Justin Supports Adrienne - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or story from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: There wasn't much that I was happy with this week, but I did enjoy Julie's scenes with Eli and Valerie. Susan Seaforth Hayes gave them her all and it was nice to have some history involved in a storyline.

I'm also really enjoying Lieutenant Raines, and I wish that he wasn't being written as the bad guy for wanting the police department to have integrity!

Kathy: My favorite scene was Julie learning she has a grandson. Another favorite was Judi Evans' as Adrienne dealing with the aftermath of chemo. 

Christine: Judi Evans was phenomenal as she showed the realities of suffering through chemotherapy and her fears about her surgery.

The story was made all the better by Justin, Lucas, and Anne all trying to help, even when they didn’t always know how. It was both realistic and entertaining. 

Want to read more about the happenings in Salem? You can check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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