Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is The Biggest Idiot in Salem?

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Steve tracked down his long lost son, Tripp, while Deimos tried to force Chad to choose between the women he loved, and Adrienne prepared for her mastectomy on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ted Bell from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Jennifer’s reaction to Eric, Chad’s ultimate decision, and who’s the biggest idiot in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think of Steve and Ava’s (possible) son, Tripp?

Ted Bell:  I like him, even though he was on only one time. I do wish they would have given him a little bit more piss and vinegar.

Jack: To my surprise, so far I like Tripp a lot. I hated the idea of this story but now I'm hoping that Tripp and Joey were switched at birth, or something, so we can have a son for Steve and Kayla that actually seems related to them.

Christine: I’m with Jack. I thought I was going to hate this story but thankfully, they hired a great actor to play Tripp. With just one day of scenes, he really came off like a young Steve Johnson and he has me looking forward to more!

Lucas Adams as Tripp Dalton - Days of Our Lives

Did Chad do the right thing by splitting the dose between Abigail and Gabi?

Ted Bell: Yes, but I could have done without the baseball silliness.

Jack: Absolutely. As much as I wish Gabi would get off my screen, Chad letting either of the women die would not have been a good solution and would have just ruined his character further than all those stupid flashbacks of Gabi playing baseball with him have already done.

Christine: It was the right thing to do and I really felt for him in that moment. I like both Abigail and Gabi, so I’m happy neither of them had to die. And I always knew Deimos was a monster, but to willingly kill two women who have young children just out of spite over a business deal, that’s downright evil. 

Was Jennifer right to get angry with Eric about not being more enthusiastic about his work?

Ted Bell: Yes and no. Yes, Eric has been given a new lease on life and Jen has given him the opportunity to save himself by saving others.  No, Jen did her part and it’s now up to Eric sink or swim.

Jack: Jennifer needs to be more patient. The fact that Eric is able to do this work at all given his distress is nothing short of amazing. Besides, I think she really just wants him to be into her and he's not.

Christine: Jennifer did a great thing in offering Eric this opportunity and encouraging him, but she needs to back off! She’s only upset because he isn’t reacting the way she wants and expects; that’s judgmental, not helpful. 

Jennifer and Eric - Days of Our Lives

Who was the biggest idiot in Salem this week?

Ted Bell: Its a laundry list! I'll go with Steve, his niece is being held captive (I know it happened really fast) and his sister is going through life altering surgery and he is in Arizona looking for his kid that has been missing for over 20 years (soap opera years). He could've stayed missing for another week.

Jack: Jade taking a possibly fatal dose of medication just to get a guy who is not into her? Ugh.

Everyone involved in this nightmare of a story with baby Holly is a close second though.

Christine: There are so many, but I’m going to go with Rafe. He loses his temper and confronts Deimos at the Pub, which is a useless endeavor. Then he gets angry because the DA won’t file charges against Deimos.

Rafe is a cop and former FBI agent, yet he acts like a reckless rookie who doesn’t understand that if there isn’t enough evidence, Deimos will walk even if he is charged. 

The Cop Next Door - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week on Days of Our Lives?

Ted Bell: This week, as well as every week it seems like these "Days,” there is some type of kidnapping. A good kidnapping caper from time to time is entertaining, but it seems as if someone is constantly in captivity.

Jack: JJ didn't get to visit his sister or Gabi. He was used as a stock cop as if he had no relationship with either woman and then shuffled off to do paperwork.

Abe's stupid attitude towards JJ for no reason is also disappointing. Can we please stop twisting characters out of shape just to create drama?

Christine: That none of Gabi’s family appeared to stick around while she was possibly dying in the hospital.

That Nicole doesn’t even bother to change her hair color while on the run.

Or how about the boring predictability of Claire stealing Ciara’s letter to Theo?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or story line from this week in Salem?

Ted Bell: I liked Hillary putting Brady and Nikki, then just Nikki, under the hot lights. I like all three of the new players: Hillary, Tripp and Eli.

Jack: I loved Kate supporting Adrienne right before her surgery! These scenes were so realistic and heartfelt that it seemed like a different writer was writing them.

Christine: Judi Evans was magnificent in those hospital scenes! And I’ll also go with Chad's Days of Our Lives quote to Gabi...

I can't choose how I feel about you, I can only choose to take responsibility for what I do with those feelings.


It’s refreshing to see characters acting like adults and realizing that they can choose their actions instead of constantly being led by their emotions.

Chad Has a Difficult Conversation - Days of Our Lives

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