Criminal Minds Season 12: Shemar Moore RETURNS!! Find Out Why!!!

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Shemar Moore is returning to Criminal Minds Season 12 as Derek Morgan.

If you're a fan of Moore, then you know he's not one to totally abandon any role.

Years after leaving his role of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless, when the character's brother needed him, Moore was ready to reprise the role and do his part as a character he loved.

Shemar Moore CM Return

Now, Moore hasn't been gone that long from his role as Derek Morgan, but once again, he has something the team needs and wouldn't ever consider letting it ride.

So, Shemar Moore will return to Criminal Minds to guest star on the series' 12th season finale, Wednesday, May 10 at 9/8c, on the CBS Television Network.

An original cast member is coming home!

In the episode, Morgan brings the BAU a lead in the case against serial killer and escaped convict Mr. Scratch, who has wreaked havoc on the team all season.

Will that mean some much-needed help for Spencer Reid, assuming he survives that long while in prison (gulp...did I just say that out loud?)?

Spencer and derek

There's little doubt Spencer could have used Derek's support while he's been going through hell this season, and I can't wait to find out if the two have been in contact all along. 

The things you can do with a guest appearance will stun the mind, you guys.

For his part, Moore is excited being back with his old pals, writing on Instagram: "BOOM. My secret is out !!!! I'm excited to say.... Your Baby Boy will be back to play with my Criminal Minds family for the season 12 Finale!!"

At the time of his departure last March, Moore chatted with ETOnline telling them he wasn't leaving because of money issues or to try to become an even bigger star. He just wanted to take a breath.

After 11 years of the intensity on Criminal Minds, who could blame him, right? It's not his fault he's one of our favorite characters and we miss him so much. Well, maybe it is his fault, but that's a good thing.

“Derek didn’t die, so anything is possible,” he hinted at the time, adding, "When I come back, I'm going to come back guns blazing and excited and ready to perform and dance and, hopefully, the fans will enjoy what I'm doing."

Derek and Garcia

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for the hello between Derek and Garcia, and hope he sneaks up on her with a bit of a behind kiss, just like above.

Even though Derek will be delivering a very important, almost dire lead the team needs very much, I'm also hoping for a light moment between Derek and Alvez because seeing how they interact will put a lot of people at ease.

Sometimes knowing how the team member who has left accepts those who have joined in their absence makes all the difference to the team going forward.

And not just the BAU, but those of you watching who may not have been able to warm up to the new agents just yet.

What do you think of this news? Total excitement all around?

How will his lead affect the story? Is he coming in to save the day?

Let's hear it! And if you dream of more Derek Morgan, you can watch Criminal Minds online for more Moore!

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