Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Babies and Fools

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Thank god that's over.

Not the guy throwing cement off of bridges (terrible, sure), or mopey Otis (definitely painful). No, it was Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17's continuous use of "portapotty" and "portatoilet" that was killing me.

I hate those words. Couldn't they have gone with the classier "portalet"? 

Despite the unfortunate word choice, "Babies and Fools" was really solid. Sure, Gabby was becoming a little obsessed, but that's just Gabby. Honestly, it's a shame her job at the arson investigators office didn't pan out. She's got the chops for it.

Feeling At Home - Chicago Fire

With Gabby throwing herself into danger as a way to deal with her own emotions about the state of her and Matt's "family," I can't help but wonder if another pregnancy is in their future.

I'm also left wondering if Gabby and Matt are still on the same page about things.

On the surface, Matt's response to her inquiry was very sweet, but the more I think about it, the more it feels like a cop out.

Gabby: Are we ever gonna be a family? I -- I just keep thinking about it since Louie left.
Matt: We are a family.

Honestly, that response is only romantic to me if they've been trying to get pregnant and are having difficulties. And even then, it's a little weird, because Gabby is still a licensed foster parents.

If expanding their family is something they both want (and Gabby clearly does), then it seems like an easy enough problem to solve. Or work on solving anyway. 

After Louie, I really don't see Matt having any issues with being a dad, or wanting to delay things. So while I feel bad for Gabby, I'm also a little confused about why there's so much angst about this issue. 

And all of that is also why I wouldn't be surprised by another pregnancy announcement from our favorite couple by the end of the season.

Thumbs Up - Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17

Anybody else think that Casey will be just as dorky as a dad as he is as an alderman?

Oh, Alderman Casey. I really wish we could spend some more time with you. Is it too much to ask that we get to see you at work at City Hall? In your office? With your staff?

At least Holly Robinson Peete shows up from time to time. It's always nice to know that she has prospects other than that kinda creepy Carnation Instant Breakfast ad.

Across a crowded room... - Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17

While Matt and Gabby are focusing their energies on work, Kelly is all about his sweetie Anna. His attempts to help her settle in were a little lame, but still sweet. 

Although since my first exposure to Charlotte Sullivan was on the Canadian import Rookie Blue, I found the idea of her not knowing how to skate hilarious. 

Skating at Millenium Park is hella romantic, and I'm just going to pretend that he took her to Shaw's or Berghoff's or someplace afterwards to warm up and get cozy together.

Date Night - Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17

What I'm really hoping is that Anna gets to make a lateral move over to Med to be a more full time character. Sure, it might be a little awkward with Kelly and April's past, but I'm sure she could make a go of it, and develop friends that are in Kelly's circle but aren't his

Also, Sullivan is amazing, even if it is disconcerting to see her with dark hair. I want more.

This is going to be a disaster - Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17

I really liked Otis' eventual revelation to Hermann. I was so proud of him! He does get taken for granted a lot of the time, especially by his business partners.

I mean, I agree that some of his ideas are just bad. But he tries so hard, and usually has such a great attitude despite getting shot down. He shouldn't be forced to sit at the proverbial kid's table, especially when he's an owner. 

The only thing that was lacking was some back up from his bro Cruz. Joe usually stays out of the bar stuff, and it was important for Otis to stand up for himself, but it just seems like Joe should have been there for him. 

Does it still qualify as a miracle baby if the whole thing was caused by some sociopath that's attacking innocent people at random?


The mystery of the what's behind the door looks like it'll be solved pretty quickly on Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 18 ("Take a Knee"). Casey's none to happy about a crack den in his ward and "takes extreme measures." Sounds ominous.

Sylvie and Gabby are tasked with training a new recruit, and the kid gets them in some trouble. I'm sure it's nothing they can't handle; Gabby seems to be coated in Teflon when it comes to official reprimands.

Benny's back in town, and I just hope that Anna doesn't have to get introduced to that mess already. Father/son issues look like they might be a theme, with Hermann having to deal with one of his son's misbehaviors. 

Gabby [after Dr. Charles explains hero syndrome]: That is really demented
Dr: Charles: Not really the expression we shrinks like to use, but, um, I hear ya.

What did you think of "Babies and Fools"? We want to know! Join the conversation in the comments section below, and tell us if you think Anna has staying power, if there's a baby on the horizon for Dawsey, and if Matt's payoff to the foreman will come back to haunt him.

And as always, don't forget that you can watch Chicago Fire online. You don't want to be called out for missing something, do you?

Babies and Fools Review

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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Does it still qualify as a miracle baby if the whole thing was caused by some sociopath that's attacking innocent people at random?


Herrmann: God looks after babies and fools.
Otis: Oh, you hear that, Capp? You're in luck.