Supergirl Round Table: Shocking Revelations

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Between learning that James is Guardian and Mon-El revealing his feelings, Kara had a lot to process on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, Steven Ford, Kathleen Wiedel, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss Kara's reaction, the White Martians, and whether Mon-El is superhero material.

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Was Kara too hard on James?

Christine: She wasn’t wrong. James is putting himself in a position where he may eventually be killed. But James was right too, what gives Kara the right to tell him he can’t be a hero?

I think Kara’s wrong to shut him out. She’s isolating herself from people who have already proven to be great team members. James deserves the right to fight on his own terms.

Jim: She's letting her super sized ego get the best of her. She was a bit hard on James, but worse, she's being hard on the whole group when she is unwilling to acknowledge that she's nearly died a few times too. Like Christine said, James has the right to say how he risks his life.

Steve: I don't believe she was too hard on James. Her points where valid, and while I can understand James feeling more like himself as Guardian than as James, he needs to remember that he is only human.

Kathleen: I think there's merit to both sides of the argument. Kara probably went over the top, but she did make some good points, too.

Yana: Yes. I get that Kara is only looking out for him, but who is she to tell James what he can and can't do? If he wants to go out and risk his life, it's his choice to make. The same way Kara does what she thinks is best, even if she risks her own life.

James may be human, but he still should get to decide what he does during his free time. It's not like Kara would stop being Supergirl if James said he was concerned about her safety?

Were you surprised and/or disappointed by Kara's reaction to Mon-El admitting his feelings?

Christine: I think she got blindsided, so I understand her reaction. She had an inkling that he liked her but she never expected him to be so honest about it. Oh, how I felt for Mon-El! He put his heart on his sleeve and then got Kara’s silence in return. Ouch!

Jim: I'm guessing Mon-El telling her the truth has made her realize how much she has feelings for him. I'm curious how much of the silent staring was her being in shock and not knowing what to say since she is suddenly feeling a bunch of emotions.

Steve: Like Jim said, it made Kara realize she too has feelings for Mon-El. She always knew those feelings where there, but for Mon-El to come out and actually say it, made it real for Kara.

Kathleen: Personally, I'm more impressed with the fact that almost every single male character on this show who's not a father figure to Kara has fallen for her. We're, what, halfway through Supergirl Season 2, and how many love interests has she gone through?

In terms of Mon-El specifically, though, she really should have given him a better reaction than what she did. It's not like Mon-El is very difficult to read, after all, and she's been his single closest friend and ally on this strange world. How can his attraction to her possibly come as a shock?

Yana: I didn't get it. He told her what she wanted to hear, and she had nothing to say. I don't care about their relationship because they are quite bland in my opinion but Mon-El's confession was the least surprising thing about the episode.

Did Kara make the right decision to let Livewire go?

Christine: Yes. She might be able to turn Livewire away from the dark side, so I think it’s worth the risk.

Jim: It was a fair bargain and the right choice. She had to show Livewire that she was willing trust her a little bit if there is ever going to be a chance of bringing her back around from crazy-town.

Steve: In hindsight it probably wasn't a bad idea. Livewire "owes" her one in a sense, so that could end up working out in Kara's favor down the road. Although, I don't think she will become an ally by any means.

Kathleen: So, Supergirl can now unilaterally decide to allow dangerous superpowered criminals free? Sounds just and fair to me!

Yana: Sure. Livewire and Supergirl will definitely see each other again, so this puts a twist on the usual for the show. A criminal is still out in the world because Supergirl let her go free, how will this get worse because it will.

Are you worried about the White Martians? What do you think will happen?

Christine: Yes. They look vicious. Are they coming just for revenge because a young boy was allowed to live? Are they out to eliminate the last Green Martian? Do they have a grudge against humans? I think anything is possible right now.

Jim: We already knew there was another White Martian on Earth before, so why should another be any different. I will say, I'm confused. What happened to the Green Martian boy? Clearly it wasn't J'onn as he has a wife and kids. Did it not escape after all or is there another Green Martian out there?

Steve: I'm not entirely sure, but I don't believe the intentions are good. Jim brings up a good point regarding the Green Martian baby. This is something that will likely be brought to light in the near future.

Kathleen: Oof. White Martians have been pretty much bad news for our heroes from their first appearance, though I am looking forward to the storyline providing more time with M'gann and J'onn.

Yana: For sure. I would like to think that it's a close call but then everything is okay, but I'm worried that I'll be wrong.

Is Mon-El cut out to be a hero?

Christine: I think he could be. It seems he’s never had to care about anyone else but himself. Now he cares about himself and Kara. It’s possible that that could expand to all humanity. I say he deserves the chance to find out.

Jim: Christine took the words right out of my mouth. Kara has been good for him and with a little time I think he could learn to care about more than just himself and Kara.

Steve: He's very likable, has powers, and he wants to help. However, he is still green and has a lot to learn.

I'm not worried about him though, everyone makes mistakes when you're just getting into something new, regardless of what it is. Just look at almost every superhero origin story. There's a learning curve, but Mon-El will be just fine.

Kathleen: I agree with Steve. Mon-El definitely has charisma, and he genuinely seems like he has good intentions overall, despite his understandable fumbling around. I'm very curious to see what happens when those aliens hunting him across the cosmos show up...

Yana: Why not? Everyone else is, what's one more person added to that mix? I just don't know how well that will go since so far we've seen that Mon-El has an issue remembering that people besides Kara and him exist. Being a hero means caring about the people you're protecting and I don't see him being there yet.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I hate having a nemesis. Clark always makes it look so much fun, like you have a deadly pen pal you see once a year. But having a nemesis is stressful.


Winn: If there's a flaw in your suit, that means the suit is faulty. Which means I have to go fix it. And that already on top of me having to make Mon-El a suit.
James: Mon-El?
Winn: Oh yeah, didn't you hear? He graduated from superhero kindergarten, so now I have to make him a suit, according to Kara. And that just means more work for me.