Supergirl Round Table: Evil Winn FTW!

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White Martians took over the bodies of some of our heroes on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11, making it impossible to know who to trust. 

We also said goodbye to M'gann, who is sadly heading back to Mars. 

Below, TV Fanatics Steven Ford, Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, Jim Garner, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss missing James, Kara's feelings, and of course, "evil" Winn! 

Join us!

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React to M'gann's decision to go back to Mars.

Steve: Well, good-bye then I guess? Something tells me M'gann will be back sooner rather than later. I think she will end up becoming a valuable ally to them down the road.

Christine: I wasn’t expecting that. I appreciated her reasoning, that if good people (or aliens) don’t stand up and fight for what they believe in, then that allows evil to take over. But I do feel bad for J’onn. The poor guy deserves a little love.

Kathleen: Like Steve, I rather suspect M'gann will not stay on Mars forever. Maybe she'll come back to summon the rest of the heroes to join her on a little field trip to the Red Planet? I could totally see Winn geeking out over going to Mars!

I do think that J'onn deserves a little more kindness from the writers, though; M'gann brings out a very different side of the Martian Manhunter on various levels, and I'd hate to lose that for good.

Jim: As a huge Miss Martian fan, I'm really bummed they decided to send her off to Mars. I really like the side of J'onn that she brings out and I think she works well with the team. I would like to have seen her go to work for the DEO in some fashion over going to Mars.

Yana: I want to see how this will play out because I wasn't expecting it. Especially with J'onn and his story for the season, I assumed they would be tied together. M'gann leaving for Mars shouldn't be permanent though, I'll miss her!

No James this week. Did you miss him? Does the show work better without him?

Steve: This show is far more enjoyable without James/Guardian popping up. It gives much more time to the story and the rest of the cast as well. I just feel he drags the show down. There's just something about seeing him behind Cat Grant's desk that irks me.

Christine: I love James and the actor who plays him, Mehcad Brooks, but I will admit that this show has a lot of great characters and it feels as if there isn’t enough time to do them all justice. James seems to be the odd man out right now, but I’m hoping that changes soon.

Kathleen: Christine, I think you pretty much nailed how I feel about the situation. The way I see it, James' plot feels more like it belongs in a completely separate series with him as the main character.

In Supergirl, a show which understandably revolves around, well, *Supergirl,* James is pretty much relegated to no better than second fiddle, while his own story really holds potential all on its own. With so many other characters to develop, there really isn't time to focus much on James. Anyone else familiar with the trope "Hero of Another Story"?

Jim: Agreed Kathleen, I was thinking of that same trope. Once James decided to step into the Guardian role, he really stepped out of Kara's shadow and thus, out of the Supergirl show. I know they won't do a Guardian spin-off, but unless they decide to make Guardian part of the DEO, he is odd man out and its just not fitting in around the edges.

Yana: I wanted to say that I miss James and think he deserves more screen time, but I agree with what people said before me too. James has potential and could have a wonderful story, but on a show that revolves around Supergirl, that will only stretch so far.

Getting annoyed at Supergirl for saying he shouldn't help or he will be in danger all the time was still coming from the main character. It's her story and that's what the narrative will follow, I don't know what this will mean for James though.

Martians Attack - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11

Should Kara tell Mon-El how she feels, or do you want things to stay as they are for now?

Steve: Everyone's been down that road. Once those feelings are expressed, there's no going back to the way things were, no matter how hard you try. I think Kara is just afraid of altering the friend zone relationship she has going right now.

Christine: An honest conversation wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Kara needs to figure out what she wants. She has a lot of excuses for not being in a relationship. She almost jumped in with James and then backed off. If she’s not wiling to jump in and give this a real try, then perhaps she should keep quiet and let Mon-El move on.

Kathleen: I agree with Christine. Kara really needs to get her own head on straight and understand what sort of person she wants to be in a relationship with before, well, getting into a relationship again.

From a viewer's perspective, the fact that she's been romantically paired with so many of the significant male characters on this show *already* can be extremely frustrating. And we're only halfway through Supergirl Season 2!

Step back, take a breath, and figure things out. And then, once that is done, actually *tell* people, don't make 'em *guess*. Poor communication kills (relationships), folks!

Jim: I agree with Christine and Kathleen, they both nailed what I was thinking. I would really like to see Kara make up her mind before she "butterflies" and lands on another guy that she flitters away from moments later.

Yana: I don't care. At this point I don't care if they get together or don't, I just want them to do something. Figure it all out and go from here, because this back and forth felt boring episodes ago, now it's just nothing.

It wastes screen time having one of the make a move, then go back and then the same thing over and over. Make a decision!

Did you enjoy "evil Winn" or "evil Alex" more?

Steve: Evil Winn all the way! I loved that sinister smirk he gave when he revealed he wasn't the real Winn. Evil Alex was way too campy for my taste.

Christine: Definitely Evil Winn. Winn is fun when he’s a good guy, but apparently he’s even more fun when he goes bad.

Kathleen: Let's make it three! Even the *idea* of "Evil Winn" is just so counter to the normal Winn way that I can't help but grin. Evilly.

Jim: Its unanimous, Evil Winn really stole the show. I'm pretty sure we've seen Alex angry/mad/evil before, but this was new for Winn!

Yana: Evil Winn! When he revealed himself as evil, I just got really excited. I think Winn in general could be an interesting villain.

If you could get backstage passes to any singer/band, who would you choose?

Steve: I've never been anywhere remotely close to the stage during a concert, let alone have backstage passes. It would definitely be The Rolling Stones.

Christine: I love music, but I just don’t go to a lot of concerts. My very young teenage self would have killed for backstage passes to Duran Duran, but now I can’t say there’s anyone that tops my list.

Kathleen: Oooh, I would definitely want to get backstage passes to a Piano Guys concert. They are absolutely awesome – check out their channel on YouTube and you'll see what I mean! I got VIP tickets to a concert they had near my home town last year, and it was amazing.

Jim: Boston, I would love to have met the band Boston when they were still touring. Hell, I would love to meet the members that are left today :)

Yana: I'm not a music person, can I choose a TV show set visit instead? The 100 shoots in North Vancouver, a lot of the time in the woods and I would love to be there for that.

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