Supergirl Round Table: All You Need is Love

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Love is in the air!

Mon-El and Kara FINALLY kissed, Alex and Maggie celebrated their first Valentine's Day as a couple, and Winn met a new lady love. On top of all that, a magical imp was running around wreaking havoc trying to convince Kara to marry him!

Valentine's Day may have come a little late on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13, but that didn't stop our round table from enjoying every fun, romantic moment!

Below, TV Fanatics Steven Ford, Jim Garner, Kathleen Wiedel, Christine Orlando, and Yana Grebenyuk discuss Kara and Mon-El's new relationship, Maggie's big reveal, and whether or not we should trust Lyra and Jeremiah. 

Join us!

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Are you happy that Kara and Mon-El are finally together? How long will it last?

Steve: Yes, finally. Mxysptlk threw a little monkey wrench in their relationship, but in the end, it only brought them closer together. Only time will tell how long their relationship lasts, so we should just enjoy the ride while we can.

Jim: I'm glad she came clean at the end. I knew she was lying in case Mxy was listening. As Steve said, only time will really tell how long they will last.

Kathleen: The series has been really pushing this relationship hard. I guess I'd be more enthusiastic if Kara hadn't already been romantically paired with, what, three or four other characters already? It's only Supergirl Season 2, folks.

As for how long this relationship will last...I suspect that Mon-El's Big Secret may well put a serious dent in it, at least. Yeesh, people, just talk to each other!

Christine: Yes! Kara’s been linked to other people romantically for barely a minute, so it’s nice to see a relationship of hers finally take flight. These two are really cute together, especially when they’re being honest. My fear is that Mon-El ends up dead by season’s end, leaving Kara heartbroken.

Yana: Nope. I really didn't like Mon-El from the very beginning, especially with the way they pushed him and Kara. But this is obviously where they were building things. Everything won't be perfect all the time, even if it was a huge build up to them getting together.

I am hoping that he will die at the end of the season but also don't because then Kara will be dealing with a lot of grief.

Were you surprised by Maggie's coming out story?

Steve: I understand that it was a delicate issue but prior to confiding in Alex, Maggie came off as a real jerk and incredibly annoying. I felt as equally awkward as Alex must have felt after Maggie shut her planned romantic evening down.

However, after Maggie explained herself, all was forgiven in my eyes. While Maggie shouldn't have lied to Alex, in hindsight I understand why she did it. Regardless, she made it up to Alex with the cute little pseudo prom.

Jim: I was more surprised that she had lied about it. Growing up in the 80s I saw the same behavior first hand, so I really felt for her. However, that being said, Maggie needed to let go of the past and embrace the loving woman she had right there. Which she did, FINALLY, with the pseudo prom.

I will be honest and say the chemistry between the actresses during that seen had me tearing up in happiness for them... they are so cute together.

Kathleen: As I come from an incredibly close family, it's hard for me to imagine being thrown out by my parents. I can definitely see how it would be so much easier for Maggie to deny it ever happened.

Christine: Yes, and no. There are parents who react badly to that news, as Maggie’s did, and I appreciated that they showed that it was still affecting Maggie all these years later. Thankfully, she’s realized it’s time to let go of the pain and start enjoying love with Alex.

Yana: Not really. Maggie clearly had a backstory that wasn't always happy and wonderful, it was interesting to have more of an insight into that.

What do you think of Lyra?

Steve: That felt kind of shoehorned into the episode in my opinion, but I'm very happy that Winn has also found some romance. Although, I can't help but feel something is a bit off about Lyra aside from the fact that she's, you know, an alien. I don't see it lasting, and Lyra might not be someone who would take rejection very well.

Jim: I can understand Winn's (and Steve's) skepticism about Lyra, but I personally am rooting for Cupid to win out. Winn needs someone who is into him as much as he can be into them.

Lyra seems like a good compliment to his soft side and she was so cute and vulnerable sitting at the restaurant with Winn. How could you not root for these two, Steve!

Kathleen: Honestly, Jim, I'm with Steve here. The way Lyra entered and immediately endeared herself to Winn felt rather odd. But, as I mention below, I've been around cop shows way too long.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I would love for Winn to actually get a girlfriend who's not actually manipulating him to get close to our heroes to do them harm.

Christine: Although it did happen fast, I’m with Jim on this one. Winn deserves his own love life and he and Lyra are darn cute. I’m hoping to see a lot more of these two together.

Yana: They seem cute but I always find myself wary on this show when it comes to relationships. On the one hand, this was very quick, yet on the other Winn isn't exactly the main part of the story so maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Do you like Valentine's Day episodes, or do you find them too cheesy?

Steve: Normally yes, however, this one was a heck of a lot of fun ONLY because it revolved around Myxsptlk and his undying love for Kara. I was a little apprehensive when he first showed up at the end of last weeks episode, but I have to say he was fantastic.

His random appearances were fun without being annoying, which could have easily happened. Especially when he showed up to save the day as Super Myxsptlk!

Awesome. It was cool to see Kara use Myxsptlk's own feelings against him by trying to save Kara and subsequently banish himself back to his own dimension. In a weird way, though, I actually felt bad for him when he said he only wanted to be loved.

Hopefully, he'll be back but in small doses. It would be fun to have Kara come up with different ways of outsmarting him by getting him to say/spell his name backward.

Jim: I don't mind V-Day episodes when done correctly. Sadly this episode didn't air on Valentine's Day (or the day before). But, beyond that little hiccup, it was a good episode overall.

Kathleen: It's really, really easy to go over the top in cheese on a Valentine's Day episode. I did enjoy this episode, though, and I think they didn't drown us in treacle. I definitely agree that this episode would've been better off actually airing the week of Valentine's Day.

Christine: Like Jim, I enjoy them when they’re done well and are used to move a relationship forward. This episode did this for Kara and Mon El, and Alex and Maggie, and even began a new romance for Winn and Lyra. Overall, it left me smiling.

Yana: I haven't seen many to form a strong opinion. This one though wasn't bad, even hilarious so I can't not appreciate what it did for some characters and the show.

Are you suspicious about Jeremiah's return next week? Will it really be him?

Steve: I've been waiting for this for months! Ever since Jeremiah helped Kara and Mon-El escape from Cadmus and stayed behind, I've been hoping the show addressed this story.

It's too early for me to decide on whether or not Jeremiah can be trusted and l don't know what's going to happen, but I will be ready to tune in for that episode come Monday night to find out!

Jim: To quote Princess Bride, "Only a great fool would reach for what he was given, I am not a great fool." What we saw in the trailer was setup to send us a specific message, so of course, we are suspicious. But, as we know there is another shoe to drop, we will all be on our guard.

Kathleen: Being a long-time fan of cop shows, I'm always suspicious of things like this, always looking for the twist. I can virtually guarantee that this won't end in some sort of happy reunion between Jeremiah and the Danvers family.

Christine: I’m just so happy to see them pursuing Jeremiah’s story that I almost don’t care what it turns out to be. I think his return will shake things up for Kara and Alex and that’s a good thing no matter how it turns out.

Yana: I don't trust anything right now. But like Christine, I want to see how his appearance pushes the plot forward with Kara and Alex.

Stacy Glanzman was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in March, 2019.

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Mxyzptlk: You're lucky I flew in when I did, Supergirl. I mean, do you think this fraud could have helped you save the day? What superpower? I guess he could have leaped over Parasite like a gazelle.
Mon-El: Oh hey would you like to see my superpower? Cause I will just rip you apart with my bare hands right here if you're interested in that.

Kara: Okay, look. I'm flattered, but I'm not going to marry you, Mxyzptlk.
Mxyzptlk: You know it's funny. I'm all seeing and all powerful, but that's one of the few things I can't make you do. That and make you fall in love with me, and/or stop you from killing yourself, and/or make you drink orange juice for some reason.