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What. The. Hell.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 13, we are reminded that Quantico loves a good fake out, even when it doesn't make sense and adds a ton of unnecessary drama and confusion.

Hey, you remember how we thought Lydia was AIC as recently as the last episode? Yeah, and then we we had to come to terms with the fact throughout the course of the hour that we were wrong, and Lydia's one of the good guys?


Revealing a Traitor - Quantico

Seriously, what was the point? Because it seems like we needed a last minute "shocking" reveal when Alex went to go stop the drives from being uploaded. It was absolutely ridiculous. All it did was cause anger and make you go, "REALLY?!"

It would have been much more interesting to explore Lydia's thought process. She talked to Ryan about the greater good that she's doing back at the Farm, and it would have been more intriguing to watch how she spins it, when we know that's she is AIC. The moral ambiguity of it all could be fascinating.

Lydia being AIC also poses some lingering questions. We were told her recruiting op was sanctioned, so either that's true and Lydia is somehow running another side project at the CIA, or maybe it was sanctioned by higher up AIC members. 

If it's the latter, wouldn't that mean that the recruits are AIC, aka what we have thought for a while? But it looked like Dayana was cleared of any and all suspicion, even though Lydia was her boss.

Alex: I had a feeling it was you. All this time, I knew you were AIC.
Lydia: I was not, and I'm still not. I'm a CIA operative defending this country. After all the violence today, the infighting in own government. The fact that our very own First Lady was plotting against her country? But there's a chance here to use what they wanted for a greater good, to burn down the corruption that is eating away at this country and give us the fresh start we need.

Now, maybe, during the two weeks that we skipped, there was an intense investigation that cleared everyone that Lydia worked with (everyone aka people we know and care about like Dayana and Ryan). However, I'm still suspicious of Dayana, and it's annoying that we are back to not knowing who is AIC.

What actually worked in this hour was Miranda's recap of the events that led to the G20. It answered so many questions, and it was really nicely done. The only thing is that this should have happened back when Miranda was first outed as a member of the Citizen's Liberation Front.

There aren't any spoilers in Miranda's speech, except for Jeremy faking his death, but we already knew that from Quantico Season 2 Episode 1. If Miranda's speech was earlier, we would have had a grasp on who the Citizen's Liberation Front was and the threat of the AIC much earlier on.

I honestly let out a sigh of relief when Miranda finally starting clueing Shelby in on everything. It was so nice to be told the answer to something that has been a giant question mark for so long. Don't you think we should've heard this (at least) a couple episode ago?

Oh Lord, I really hope this is the end and not the sequel.


Okay, back to the President's special team. First off, the "my son" line was a great twist. It's shocking, but not confusing. Yes, we all have some questions as to how Caleb is alive, but we do not need to know them right now. 

Caleb being alive does not directly affect any of the bigger mysteries that are at play. This is how you should do twists, Quantico. Keep it simple.

It looks like this is where we shift into one timeline. The sort of, but not really, new mission might help make things easier to follow, but odds are we will still be picking up the questions from the first part of the season.

There's not really a clean break here. We still don't really know who the AIC are, and it honestly looks like we are just ignoring the Citizen's Liberation Front that murdered the First Lady on TV. Sure, she was rumored to be AIC, but that does not make murdering her okay.

You brought us into this confusing Citizen's Liberation Front mess, Quantico, you cannot just wipe it clean by saying that they are CIA operatives (and a couple FBI operatives) and leave it at that.

It's frustrating because we spent so much time trying to figure out who was AIC and who was Citizen's Liberation Front and everything in between. It honestly feels like a waste.

So believe me when I say that what we're asking you to do is next to impossible. This team will be taking down people who believe they are untouchable, organizations that justice doesn't apply to them. But we chose you for a reason. We believe that you and you alone can stop them.

Matthew Keyes

But hey, let's try to be optimistic. Quantico has never done the one timeline bit before, and maybe it will be exactly what we need. Honestly, what I need is for Harry to be included in the mission, so I'm going to keep hoping for that.

What did you think of the episode? Please, if you caught any answers that I missed, share them. If you have more confusing questions/observations, share them. Let's all be confused together!

Also, to be positive, what are your hopes for the second half of this season? The comments are open.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Harry: Alex, she lied to you, kicked your ass, and left you for dead and that's just today. Not to mention what she did to you at the Farm.
Ryan: I worked with Lydia the last six months. She's been trustworthy to me.
Leon: No offense, but weren't you Liam O'Connor's best friend?
Alex: Hey, we don't have to trust her, and I definitely don't.

Ryan said, whoever the AIC are, whatever Lydia is doing has nothing to do with it.