Quantico Season 2 Episode 12 Review: FALLENORACLE

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You know, for a while there I thought this wasn't going to be a confusing hour. You had me fooled, Quantico.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 12, there wasn't a lot of drama. For the most part, it was a quiet hour, well quiet as far as Quantico goes. Harry's storyline took up a lot of time, and then the rest mainly unfolded like a normal procedure.

Of course, then there are a couple scenes that make you question absolutely everything, but we will get to those in a minute.

Deleting Information - Quantico

It feels like it's been a while since actual detective work (or spy work, I guess I should say) has been allowed to shine. Alex teaming up with Owen and Harry gave us just that – an op that was focused on paying attention to the actions of those around you.

While it was nice to see, I will admit it was a bit boring. Maybe that's just because I've gotten used to being forced to pay laser-sharp attention to all the ridiculous twists that anything less than that has become boring.

Still, it was nice to relax and watch some TV without trying to catch every little detail.

Overall Farm lesson of the week wasn't half bad. The recruits committed treason, which is something to be proud of when you're a recruit for the CIA, apparently. 

It was hilarious (at least to me) that everyone who was running a side mission caused a problem for the actual Farm task. Granted, I feel like there are more recruits than Harry, Alex, Ryan, Leon, Dayana, and Sebastian. One of the nameless recruits could have helped Sebastian out when he was in a jam.

What we do here is more than just locks and scanners and passwords. It's about people, so if you can't make people look the other way, you don't belong here. But if you can misdirect someone for a second, the right second, then you can commit an act of treason. That's exactly what you did today.


Harry teaching the recruits how to be a pickpocket was a fun change up from the normal Farm tasks. It was a bright spot in an otherwise blah and confusing hour. 

Then, of course, there's all the Harry and Sebastian drama that has become just background noise.

You know it's not super important to the 30 other mysteries, so you can tune it out. At least, that's what I do because as much as I love Harry, I could not care less about his search for justice and his weird relationship with Sebastian.

I will say, I was proud of him for actually opening up and telling Sebastian the full truth about what happened to Elliot. What about you, are you enjoying these storylines?

All right, I've covered the okay parts of the hour. Let's try to make sense out the WTF moments.

An Opportunity for the AIC - Quantico Season 2 Episode 12

One reason why the two timeline storylines aren't working this season, especially, is that we keep learning things that make Alex's previous actions make zero sense.

This time around we learned that Alex positively ID'd the AIC recruits...whom she trusted in the future.

Okay, so I think at the beginning of the present day storyline, Alex was under the impression that the AIC never existed and that she wasted her time at the Farm tracking them down.

Even if my memory is correct and that's true, I also feel like pretty soon into the hostage crisis, Alex started to believe that the AIC was real. She may have thought that before  wasn't she following some guy around and asking Shelby to run his picture because she thought he died/she killed him?

ANYWAYS, by the time she ran into Lydia or even when got gets rescued, Alex should have realized that she wasn't wrong about the AIC - they are real. This should have made Alex flash back to everything she learned about them at the Farm.

Then, why the hell did she trust Leon and Dayana in the future?

Even if she just needed the help, she should have kept them in her eyesight the entire time to make sure that they didn't do anything fishy because that's what a good FBI agent would do.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Because right now it's either sloppy writing or Alex is a dumbass, which considering her actions last season, that doesn't exactly fit with her character.

Also, how is Ryan AIC and a member of the Citizen's Liberation Front? It looked like he was starting to believe in the cause but who knows. The more you think about some of this stuff, the more confused you get.

Then, the more confused you get, the more you hate this show. It's not good storyline. It's just plain confusion. 

Alex: Anyone who thinks they can take the law into their own hands is nothing but a terrorist.
Carly: Except when it's you, right Alex? You can go rogue whenever you feel like it. The only difference between you and us is we're organized.

Okay, one more confusing moment to discuss.

Aside from the shock that Carly is AIC, Carly talked about all the good that the AIC was going to do at the G20. Sure, people died, but more would have lived, or it would have done good or something.

Okay...the Citizen's Liberation Front took the G20 hostage, not the AIC. This means that the AIC is not responsible for anyone who died during the hostage crisis, right? 

What deaths are Alex and Carly talking about then? Nothing else was going wrong at the G20 before the Citizen's Liberation Front took everyone hostage.

My theory is that the Citizen's Liberation Front took the G20 hostage because they discovered that the AIC had something nefarious planned for the event. That's the only way I can partially make sense of this confusion, but it doesn't answer my question about what deaths Alex and Carly were talking about.

What did you think of the episode? Please leave any and all conspiracy theories in the comments below. Also, if you caught something I missed, I want to know! I just really need help making sense of this show.

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