How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13 Review: It's War

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Annalise Keating is not the type of person to be messed with. 

She made that crystal clear on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 13 when she decided enough was enough. 

D.A. Denver - How to Get Away with Murder

Renee has been going to extreme measures to prove Annalise played a part in the death of Wes. It's been really difficult to watch. 

Frank having her subpoenaed was a welcome turn of events. It seemed like the odds were stacked against Annalise, but she realized along the way she needed to do something to right the ship. 

Her strongly worded letter of complaint to Ingrid was hilarious. Going into the office, she knew her rights, but she still opted to threaten the woman who could potentially help her clear her name. 

The body disappearing was awful, but there was no way Nate did it. That's probably why he turned to Annalise to let her know what he knew. 

Also, it was about time we got more details on what Nate was really up to. His conversation with Wes about taking the deal made sense. 

Nate has always been nice to Wes because he felt like Annalise was putting him in all of these situations. You could tell he was battling with some serious guilt for not sticking around to save him. 

He had no idea Wes was going to wind up dead. This storyline has helped bring Nate back on the same side as Annalise, which is great. 

However, I hope he does not hit bone town with Annalise again. They're no good for each other. 

As we speculated in the How to Get Away with Murder Round Table, the body was moved by Renee. This pretty much confirmed her involvement with the Mahoneys. 

htgawn 313

Having the body cremated certainly seemed like she wanted something to remain hidden. 

I'm not usually one to agree with Annalise, but warning the Keating 4 to stay away from the Mahoneys was the right thing to do. She knew just how far that wicked family would go to seal any evidence of Wes being related to them. 

I liked that all of this paved the way for Annalise to reveal the Mahoneys played a part in her son dying. Everyone aside from Laurel being shocked about the whole thing was guaranteed to happen. 

Annalise: We should just kill her.
Bonnie: What?
Annalise: Atwood. She's a cancer.

Laurel's mind is on avenging the death of her man, and she does not care who she has to take down to get there. The scene between her and Annalise at the close of the episode was one of my favorite moments of the entire series. 

Karla Souza's portrayal of Laurel as the grieving baby mama of Waitlist tugged at the heart strings. Just give that chick all the awards. She's been great throughout How to Get Away with Murder Season 3

To an extent, Laurel feels like Annalise is responsible for what went down with Wes, but all she wants is to get to the truth. 

Connor: Hack it.
Oliver: You hack it.
Connor: I don't know how obviously.
Oliver: Then, there's your answer.

Turns out, I was right about Connor lying about something. The flashback did show him trying to revive Wes, but that's not to say he was not the one who started the fire. 

Hurling insults at everyone has become Connor's default when something is wrong with him. He lied about staying with Thomas for so long. Also, how awkward must that phone call have been between Oliver and Thomas?

Oliver Is Scared - How to Get Away with Murder

It's unlikely Connor did the deed and killed Wes. The season finale airs next week, and the teaser seemed to hint at all being revealed in the two-hour episode. 

Any killer reveals should be taken with a pinch of salt. This show has a knack for negating what we think we know in a matter of scenes. 

That's part of what makes it so shocking. 

Connor: No Nate penis pics then?
Oliver: Straight people are so boring.

Either way, Connor and Oliver will need some good therapy when all of this is over. The chances of them being able to have a relationship are diminishing by the week. 

They are a toxic pairing and should find a way to get far away from each other. It's crazy to think how different things would be now if Connor did leave for Stanford. 

Would he and Oliver even be on speaking terms right now? 

"It's War" was an exciting episode of this ABC drama. We're so close to finding out the truth, and I cannot wait. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • It was a little too obvious Hargrove was not totally honest with Annalise. Her working with Atwood did not come as a shock. 
  • It looked like Bonnie was contemplating the offer from Denver. Could you imagine if she turned on everyone at the last minute?
  • Oliver wanting to find a penis picture on Annalise's phone was not the best way to ease the tension between him and Connor. 
  • I was so happy at Annalise resisting the urge to take the drugs. 

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Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 concludes on February 23. 

It's War Review

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