How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Not Everything's About Annalise

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If you were looking for twists and turns, then this was most certainly not the episode of How to Get Away with Murder you were looking for. 

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 11, we got to see the fallout from Frank admitting to murdering Wes and it was pretty lame. 


Nobody wanted to believe Frank had anything to do with the murders because everyone was so concerned with putting Annalise away for it. 

It was dumb. Frank was giving every single motive under the sun and nobody seemed to care until the final few moments of the episode.

The drama tends to slow down on this show during the back half of the season, but it's never been quite this dull. 

Were we meant to be shocked to learn that Bonnie had Wes tailed after realizing the truth about Rebecca?

Bonnie Is Not Impressed - How to Get Away with Murder

Bonnie has proven a million times already that she will go to any lengths to do what she thinks is right. 

Unfortunately for Rebecca, that meant suffocating her. Deep down, I do think Bonnie is trying to get Annalise out of prison, but there's also a good chance she orchestrated the fire at Annalise's house. 

Bonnie could have been super worried about every single lie being found out and struck while the iron was hot. Frank probably told her about Wes saying there was still a chance for him to tell the police anything. 

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Considering there has been zero focus on the Mahoneys, it would be a stretch too far if someone from that family wound up being the killer. It would not satisfy the audience. 

While Bonnie being the one to do all of the crazy stuff would make sense, it would hardly be a twist. 

I did, however, find Frank being charged as co-conspirator pretty great. Bonnie seemed to think she was getting Annalise out of jail, but instead, she just made things even more complicated. 

You could tell she felt defeated based on the way she broke down to Annalise. This helped Annalise understand that she was pretty screwed, prompting her to cut all of her hair off with a blade. 

Annalise has a long road ahead of her, but she will wind up free. Either that, or there will be a huge time jump at some point. 

Did anyone else think Michaela was awesome tonight? She totally took charge of practically every situation to try and get results and it was amazing. 

All of the stuff with Oliver being told the truth was just silly, but the way Michaela was talking made it clear that she's not ready to give up. 

In the past, she's been vocal about how much she's done in life to ensure that her career would take off. Do you really think she would let Oliver ruin that?

Not a chance in hell. Oliver would be wise to run off because there's just no way there's going to be a good ending for these characters. They are all terrible. 

Connor already decided months ago that he was done. He knows the net is closing in, so he does not care about admitting his part in all of the crimes. 

He's ready to just be arrested in order to rest easy and not have to worry about the authorities closing in. He's always complained about going to the police, but something tells me means business now more than ever. 

In fact, I was quite surprised he didn't try to turn himself in, too. I just wish the show would keep him and Oliver apart now. There's only so much back and forth fans can take before giving up. 

"Not Everything's About Annalise" was not great. The drama is becoming predictable and that's quite worrying when there are still four episodes to go this season. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Asher needs to quit calling Bonnie "Bon-Bon." He lost that right when they split up. 
  • Laurel's lie will come back to bite her pretty soon. 
  • Meggie clearly has nothing to do with it. She and Laurel both loved Wes very much, so she's probably getting comfort from helping Laurel with everything. 
  • Did anyone else seriously not guess that Annalise was being investigated for every single murder?

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Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder fanatics. What did you think of the hour? Do you think the show should reboot?

NOTE: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12 airs February 8 on ABC. 

Not Everything's About Annalise Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Nate: I haven't been back at the hospital since I lost my wife to ovarian cancer. The hardest thing is losing someone too soon.
Laurel: You still work for the DA?

I killed Wes. Tell Annalise I'm sorry.