How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Was the Killer Reveal Worth the Wait?

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The killer has been revealed!

That much was confirmed on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 15 after several twists got us to the truth. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Mandy Treccia, and Paul Dailly discuss the big reveal, Annalise going after Denver and what's to come. 

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What did you think of the killer reveal?

Jasmine: I am still trying to wrap my head around it. In a way, having the killer be a lesser known character via a whole new character felt like a cop out.

No disrespect to Nick Gonzalez, whom I adore. Plus, doing that and not even giving us a hint of a motive behind it was disappointing.

Did her father think he was having Frank killed and not Wes? Dominic saw when both Connor and Laurel went into the house, so how is he still alive after nearly killing Castillo's daughter? What was the point of all? I have questions.

Mandy: I loved it. I didn't see it coming, but it still made perfect sense. Throughout the series, Laurel's father's been painted as a mysterious guy with questionable ties. I forgot all about the scene where Laurel signed that document.

Instead of a throwaway scene, we see now that it was a seed planted to kick off this storyline. I'm excited to see why he felt Wes needed to be killed. I think it might tie into the Mahoney family. 

Paul: It was shocking, but it made little sense. I guess we’re going to spend much of next season trying to get closer to the truth. I would have preferred this storyline to be wrapped up and a new one kicking off.

Will Asher Be Sent Down? - How to Get Away with Murder

Should Connor and Oliver stick together?

Jasmine: No, but as toxic as they are together, they tend to be even worse apart. I would suggest singledom and therapy for the both of them, but they're so far beyond that. "Stick" is the operative word. It's like they're stuck together.

Mandy: Their relationship is not healthy. But at the same time, this is a show where every character belongs in jail. So it's hard to say one person is worth rooting for and one person isn't without sounding like a hypocrite.

I like them together. I believe they love each other. However, it's too soon for marriage. I agree with Jasmine about the therapy.

Paul: Not in a million years. These two are seriously damaging each other emotionally. There’s no line they would not cross to piss the other off, and it’s hard to watch it play out on screen. Every time I think they’re in a good place, they’re not, and I’m tired of it. Move on.

Discuss Laurel trying to kill Charles. 

Jasmine: I get that we are dealing with grieving, pregnant, and hormonal Laurel, but her change of character  (mostly in the second half of the season) was as annoying as Frank's complete change of character in the first half of the season. 

If they already knew that Denver was behind so much, and assumed that he was behind Wes' death then why was Laurel trying to publicly gun him down?

Also, she has always been the "mom friend" of the gang  (until Michaela took over) and I couldn't wrap my head around her endangering Michaela and even Asher like that. 

Mandy: Laurel seems like a different character this season. She's always been fairly chill when it comes to the cover-ups. Remember how she stole Michaela's engagement ring to make sure she wouldn't turn on them?

I miss that Laurel. She always made more sense with Frank than she did with Wes. I know we're supposed to see her actions as irrational, but chasing down Charles with a gun was too much for me. 

Paul: I agree about her being all over the place, but I do think she felt like she needed to get revenge because of the way Wes died. However, how the heck is going to react when she finds out Dominic was the one to blame?

What did you think of Annalise threatening Denver?

Jasmine: Ahh! I love it when Annalise does what she does best. It was so quintessentially Annalise. One of the best moments in the episode. Can we just give Viola Davis every award in existence?

Mandy: Like Jasmine, I loved it, too. This is the Annalise we know and love. She uses her mind and her legal skills to get out of tough spots. Morally questionable, for sure, but this is who she is and what she's good at. Besides, after everything he did, he had it coming.

Paul: Yes, it was a powerful scene backed up by some solid acting. Denver was crazy, but not crazy enough to outsmart Annalise.

Oliver Is Scared - How to Get Away with Murder

Will Nate and Annalise ever get close to each other again?

Jasmine: It seems like they already are. Their dynamic is such an odd one, because Annalise is such a toxic person, and Nate knows this, and yet, he can never quite stay away. I'm not sure they can ever not be part of each other's lives, at this point.

Mandy: I think they'll fall into bed sooner rather than later. But there's always a wall between them. Secrets and mistrust are as big a part of their relationship as the steamy sex. I believe they care about each other. But I don't think they're ever going to be happy.

Paul: It seems that way, but I hope not. They work better when they are not battling their relationship drama.

Inconsolable - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

What are your hopes for HTGAWM Season 4?

Jasmine: [clears throat and unfurls scroll] Where to begin? I would like to see more concise storytelling across the board. Was it just me or was the season riddled with inconsistencies and continuity issues?

I would like less random twists solely for shock value if it doesn't aid the storyline. 

I would like to see a clearer narrative as far as why Wes had to die. And more Connor background. I want competent Bonnie back (she became a weaker character towards the end of the season).

I want old Frank back or at least for us to be done with this Annalise vs. Frank thing. Also, I hope the Keating 4 finally accept everything that has happened and to stop lashing out at Annalise all the time, it's like beating a dead horse at this point.

Mandy: I agree with Jasmine on Frank. I liked when he was cleaning up the mess rather than throwing himself on the sword. I disagree on Bonnie being a weaker character.

She's always had confidence issues. This was the biggest case of her life: trying to save the woman who saved her. It would have felt disingenuous if she came into court like a mini Annalise.

I'm excited about the story with Laurel's father. The first three seasons all revolved around Sam and the mystery of Wes' ties to Annalise. Those stories have been told to death (no pun intended). I like the idea of expanding the world. I just hope we don't start off with another dead body. I know the show is about murder. But I think they should shake it up again.  

Paul: I want the Wes storyline put to bed early on. It’s time to move on and give viewers the fresh and exciting show we know and love. Dragging the Wes plot into Season 4 is a bit of a stretch. The powers that be could have reset the narrative with a new plot and a time jump.

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