DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Camelot/3000

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Thou shall not kill. Boring.

Then again, on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12, that whole not killing thing got a little murky. Who don't the Legends kill? Each other? Because they had no problem mowing down a bunch of knights in 507.

When I started thinking about it, they get into a lot of battles and mow down strangers quite often in big battle formation. I don't think I'm keen on their rules.

Captain Our Captain - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12

We're back into the phase of Legends where we get moments that are enjoyable and have to suffer through plodding plot points.

Rip's return has been a drag. That's not entirely true. His 60s personality as Phil was kind of cool and might have been interesting to have along for the ride.

As a whiny, screaming baby afraid of much, he could have made time travel a gas.

Instead the Legion of Doom (Sara was right, it really is a dumb name) got their mitts into him, and Rip's a one-note bad guy who only whines when he thinks maybe the Legends will be swayed by a whiner. As they always turn out to be.

It's annoying.

I really wish they they'd stop saving him and just lop his head off. He can say something funny as his head rolls away from his body.

That would make the effort worth it, right?

He killed a member of the JSA, allowing for one memorable scene, which my beloved Mick delivered.

Mick: Rest in peace.
Amaya: That's sweet, Mick.
Mick: No, that's not a saying, it what he wrote on the floor.

Humor is always worthy of an otherwise boring character showing up to play.

All of this chasing Rip and the Legion, though, doesn't do much for the individual shows on a weekly basis.

They've lost their pizzazz. Everything started out so strong, and sunk miserably upon Rip's return.

So, we're back to moments. Thankfully, they were plentiful, if not exactly consistent.

The overall theme was the team, but from one second to the next, the team members would be willing to throw their teammates to the wolves and then standing in front of them to bar the wolves from eating them alive. It was a bit confusing.

Mick: Well, as much as haircut's a pain in my ass, I'm not gonna let him fight alone.
Sara: Sit down! That's an order.
Mick: What's an order?
Sara: Don't test me, Mick.
Mick: Don't threaten me, blondie.
Stein: I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Mr. Rory.
Sara: I said sit down!
Amaya: I've already lost one team. I'll be damned if my decision rips the Legends apart, too.
Sara: What are you saying?
Amaya: Listen to your gut, Captain. Don't abandon Ray. I may be sentimental, but the team should come before tactics.
Sara: Alright. Let's do this.

Still, considering the team has had a fairly short time to get to know each other, they're one of the better operating ones in the DC universe on The CW.

More often than not, they're fighting with instead of against each other, and that's impressive.

They are a lot like the Knights of the Round Table in their own right.

You've put the whole of reality at risk. Maybe that's why your team loses so often.


Sara might have the support of her crew, for instance, but she is still feeling her way.

Sara Fights Knights - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12

She looks badass swinging her schnizzle around in the woods, and Jax would kill Rip (any reason is good for me) to protect her, but she had some misses in the past.

Even so, somehow she managed to win the lips of an otherwise straight woman (Guinevere admitted to loving her husband) out of the history (or legend) books.

Good gracious Nate got a lot wrong, didn't he? 

He's usually a little Stein-like with his history knowledge, so allowing Ray to take the win with his love of all things, well, childish and legendary, was a cute change of pace.

Dressing like a leper (another laugh out loud moment), trying to steer Ray away from Sir Galahad and so much more was very effective for reminding us what made Nate so endearing when he first arrived. 

Woman for the Win! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12

Ray was so caught up in the excitement of it all, and it's been a while since he's had a thrilling adventure. 

Now that Nate and Amaya have gotten closer, and Mick and Stein are becoming friends (more on that in a bit), Ray's without a partner in crime. 

He has the dreams of his past that are what drew him to creating his ATOM suit in the first place, so it's very true to character for him to want to stay in Camelot and fight for what made him Ray of the Palms.

What is the book that Nate carries around with him, anyway?

Don't be hatin', but I don't know if it's history or a book that's rewritten as they march around time or what.

I assume if he had seen Ray in the book previous to their trip, he would have shown him.

We Are Camelot! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12

That's the kind of thing that would tickle Ray silly. Even infusing the sword with light was something right out of his dreams.

While everyone was on land trying to make heads or tails out of the situation, Jax, Stein and Mick were on board the Waverider trying to attack the problem from a different angle.

Stein stole something from the year 3000 in Dr. Mid-Nite's lab.

Although he tried to quip it off by saying he thought it was Mick not bathing, Mick was able to smell the scent of thievery on his new friend.

I never would have believed it, but Stein is begrudgingly beginning to like Mr. Rory, as he calls him. 

As soon as the gizmo needed brain power to operate, it was obvious Stein's would fail while Mick's would prevail.

Did you see the tick in Stein's eye as he said it was astonishing that it went down that way?

Mick could be a dick about it, but he just goads Stein playfully instead. 

Jax: We'll let you know when it's time to take control of the evil army.
Mick: Ah, finally, I get to fulfill my destiny.
Stein: God help us.

Being on the ship is good for them.

Vixen Frees Excalibur! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12

Unfortunately, we're stuck with Rip van Boring. Sara saved him again, after killing a buttload of people in her attempt to ensure he didn't die. 

I've lost count of how many fragments they have on board the Waverider now, but even one is too many.

They should have killed Rip before connecting him in any way with those fragments.

Stargirl shouldn't have trusted Amaya to protect her fragments, not if it meant realigning it with the man who originally asked her to protect it.

Why wasn't anyone concerned about Gideon and Rip meeting up again? 

Like I said, the overarching story arc is lame.

Are we in for a character death before the end of the season to allow for new blood for DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3? If so, please let it be Rip.

He really does not belong. The Legion could have been a worthy adversary, but not with Rip tagging along. He ruined everything.

So say me all.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Oh, I know you have 'em!! 

And watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online if you want to see the earlier parts of the season when it was really rockin'.

Camelot/3000 Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

You've put the whole of reality at risk. Maybe that's why your team loses so often.


Mick: Rest in peace.
Amaya: That's sweet, Mick.
Mick: No, that's not a saying, it what he wrote on the floor.