Colony Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Fallout

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The resistance is one man smaller, and it was already a mere trio.

Oh how I hate to use this term, but Colony Season 2 Episode 6 was a transitional hour. 

Things were heating up with what's left of the resistance; we were given a sneak peek into the boxes shipping to the Global Authority and learned Nolan doesn't know that much about The Greatest Day.

Burying the Past - Colony

I'm sorry I missed an episode, but illness overtook me, and I wasn't even moving. Sadly, it was the one in which we lost Thora Birch as Morgan and had her replaced with Bethany Joy Lenz. What a joy, indeed!

Lenz gives the character some much-needed oomph, and the trio finally feels like a reasonable group for Broussard to be leaning on for his technical support. 

Even as I write that, though, I wonder why it never occurred to any of them that alien tech might be powered with something like nuclear energy. They've never taken the best precautions around beings or devices of which they have no knowledge.

So how smart are they? At one point, Simon walked right up to the drone and put his hands on it. It could have had a base directive to kill any living organism that came into physical contact with it.

They could use something to read radiation to determine where BB got hit with it. Staying in a cave with it isn't a very good idea.

Dead Man Walking - Colony Season 2 Episode 6

Whatever it was that got BB got him fast and good, because it can linger for a long time in smaller quantities. In his case, he went from coughing blood to hours to live in less than a day. That's significant.

It almost makes you wonder if the authorities have an idea where they're hiding and shot a blast of radiation into the caves.

What are the odds of the missing poster featuring Simon's mom being plastered all over the wall of the very building under which they were squatting? Maybe about as good as finding her in northern England amidst a bunch of nameless squatters.

They are going to great lengths to split up the resistance, and it's working.

Katie read Broussard the riot act about leading his people. For goodness sakes, he had only three. How difficult could it be? If the sirens indicated Simon had been spotted, it might be too late for Broussard to change his management style.

Will gave Broussard the bullet that should have rightly come from his gun.

This Is Your Responsibility

He may not like what his life has become, but when he recruited his agents, they became his responsibility. Are they still in it to win? Are there more agents on the way? Is the resistance only hoping to make like miserable for everyone or are they going to become an actual force?

Those questions have never been answered, and I'd like to know more about how the future will look those who want to fight.

Even in the labor camp, understanding their objectives is murky at best. 

If I was Maya, I don't think I'd trust Bram as easily, but with resources as limited as theirs, having someone on the inside track with Snyder would be helpful. 

They have a giant bomb. Two of their men were already killed as a part of the mission. Are they all willing to die for the cause? Have they pointed to another plan?

Using the bomb in any fashion will lead to their deaths. Either they'll perish in the explosion, or they'll be killed afterward when the entire place is dusted for being nothing but trouble.

What point will blowing up the shipment do? I'm open for suggestions.

Loving Couple - Colony Season 2 Episode 6

The pods are worth something. Nolan was tickled to have found them, even empty. It's unclear if he knew of their use, but for him, they were meaningful.

Snyder: What is it?
Nolan: You know they say faith requires having belief without proof? This is proof.

They're probably a way to transport humans to wherever the aliens originate, but if Snyder wasn't kidding about having some already filled, it begs the question why they'd be sitting in a warehouse awaiting pickup and not just, you know, picked up.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I do read a lot of science fiction.

Is that the proof Nolan was seeking? That another planet exists because you need a pod to get there?

This was a relatively sedate hour setting up some plots going forward. I'm about done with Bob Burke, and ready for him to get caught in some crossfire.

I'd also find it refreshing if we learned the hosts didn't dig how all of this was going down at all, and had a soft spot in their hearts for the little guys, rounding up all of the oppressors and turning this new world on its head. Wouldn't that be cool?

Ahhhh. A girl can dream.

What did you think about "Fallout"? Hit the comments and share a thought or two. 

If you want more, be sure to watch Colony online to relive all the excitement.

Fallout Review

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Colony Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bram: What am I supposed to do with this?
Maddie: I figured the food wasn't so good. I thought this could help.
Bram: You want to help? Then get me out of here!

Snyder: What is it?
Nolan: You know they say faith requires having belief without proof? This is proof.