Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward

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The fantastic news is this week's Blindspot was the most interesting episode in a few weeks. The unfortunate news is that Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15 also showed some of the problems that have been part of the show all season. Well, you take the bad with the good...and the what the frak was that ending?!?

Jane On The Phone - Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15

"Draw O Caesar, Erase A Coward" had a lot of good things going for it. The first and foremost was that Roman finally got let out of his cage, er, holding cell again.

The biker episode didn't really use him that well but this time it was great to see him make two decent breaks in the case - getting Weller access to the secure room and getting both of them out of their handcuffs.

You could make the case that if Roman hadn't been there Weller's part of the operation would have failed.

And that's important, because not only does Roman apparently have to prove his value or get shipped off to the CIA now, but Blindspot has to make him a bigger part of the story. He's not just here to look pretty.

He's one of the architects for Jane's tattoos.


We've mentioned this before, but can we just come out and admit that Luke Mitchell is the best thing Blindspot has going for it right now?

His performance, both as a bad guy and now a good guy, has been strong ever since he was introduced. And his character is giving us the most compelling stuff to talk about.

Roman in Blindspot Season 2 is basically Jane in Blindspot Season 1, and thus we get to dig into the questions of identity and self-worth and all that stuff that made Jane (and the show) compelling to begin with.

Zapata In Hiding - Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15

The other strong aspect of this episode is shifting the pairings around to create new dynamics.

Finally, we get to see Zapata laughing and joking with Jane, instead of being the voice of negativity toward her as she was all last season. It's also just nice to see Zapata happy, period.

Weller and Roman make a good team, similar to Weller and Jane, and Patterson getting out of the lab is also appreciated.

Blindspot has taken steps to make her more than the office tech support which is more than many shows can say for similar characters. Plus, we learn that she's been seeing Nas's therapist buddy.

Jane: How's anyone supposed to have a life outside all this?
Zapata: You're asking the wrong girl.

One of the things that Blindspot started to get complacent in was that characters and pairings started to fall into roles.

Reade and Zapata were always put together off in the 'B' or 'C' story. Patterson spent most of her time in the lab. "Draw O Caesar, Erase A Coward" broke that streak and let's hope it continues.

And the episode was pretty entertaining, even if we've seen episodes about human trafficking before, albeit not for organ transplants. Remember last season when Zapata busted the sex trafficking ring? Yeah. It was still fun to watch, though.

But let's be fair: there were still issues with this episode.

Weller Addresses Jane - Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15

Let's take them in chronological order. First, the GIANT TITLES on this show are really getting distracting. It's like Blindspot thinks we are all going blind. Can we get the on-screen font down to a reasonable size?

Then Weller's whole speech to Jane about being careful with who she lets into her life was ridiculous.

This is coming from the guy who for no real reason started sleeping with the woman he knew was a highly trained NSA operative. If anyone should've been careful it was Weller. Now he's just the pot calling the kettle black.

Inviting new people into our lives - that could give them the opening they're looking for.


Jane promptly starts doubting Oliver but the show never actually makes this worthwhile. It tells us that he changed his name, but doesn't reveal why.

And she asks him, but of course, he doesn't answer, so the audience is left blinking. The show can keep it from Jane but at least throw the viewers a bone.

Plus, why can't she tell him about not being willing to discuss her past?

She doesn't have to tell him anything damaging. She could just say that she's been through a lot and it's difficult for her to speak about it. Instead, she just says there are "circumstances" so of course he leaves.

Was this just a way to break these two up since Weller is now single again? Because that's what it felt like. (And because if Oliver turns out to be another Sandstorm mole a la Borden we're going to call shenanigans.)

Catching a Lethal Courier - Blindspot

Then there's Reade. We've griped on this the past two weeks but Blindspot has really torn him down as a character with this cocaine arc.

He's now sleeping with a third random woman, after Freddy's girlfriend and after flirting with the random girl at the bar. And of course he denies he's on drugs.

What exactly is the point of this story arc? It reminds us of Code Black when Dr. Angus Leighton developed an Adderall addiction, but at least there was a motivation for that (although it got resolved off-screen).

All Blindspot has done with this is make us fall out of love with Reade.

You've never covered up for somebody you care about?


And now we come to that ending. That ending is like Basic Thriller Plot 101.

Everyone knows that if you go to a secret meeting at night by yourself bad things will happen. The show tries to cover this by saying Nas would spook her source if she went with someone, but still, none of our people could covertly keep an eye on her?

The question is whether or not anyone will care. Many fans have been vocal about not liking the Nas character so it wouldn't be a shock if they're hoping the bad guys get her here. (And that's a shame because Archie Panjabi is a fantastic actress.)

Putting her in peril is not as big a cliffhanger as Blindspot might like, and we'd be better off giving her something to do other than making her a victim.

Run background checks before first dates.


"Draw O Caesar, Erase A Coward" had plenty of entertainment value and it did set up some potential directions for Blindspot to go in future. Maybe because it had those strong points, it also exposed some flaws that still need to be addressed. Hopefully, they will be.

At least somebody had better give Reade the "say no to drugs" speech.

Blindspot is pre-empted next week to make room for the Chicago Crossover and is scheduled to be a repeat the week after that.

We don't currently know when the next new episode will be. Until then, you can catch up on all of Season 2 and watch Blindspot online, and leave your predictions and thoughts in the comments.

Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward Review

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

He's one of the architects for Jane's tattoos.


Inviting new people into our lives - that could give them the opening they're looking for.