Arrow Round Table: Welcome, Dinah Drake!

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There's a new Black Canary in town and we can't wait to see what's coming up for her. 

On Arrow Season 5 Episode 11 Tina Boland was revealed to be Dinah Drake and it was AMAZING. 

TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly discuss the big twist, Felicity's involvement with Helix and all things Talia al Ghul. 

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What did you think of Tina being Dinah Drake?

Steve: I must admit, I got chills when Tina said her real name is Dinah. Those who don't follow the show that well may have been a bit confused by that reveal. I loved it, and it basically solidified Tina's fate as taking the mantle from Laurel.

Jim: They are kind of working backwards... Because in the comics (golden age mostly) Dinah Drake became Dinah Drake Lance, who's daughter is Laurel Lance.... So, I got no idea where they are going now. 

Paul: It was a great twist, but the fake Laurel Lance return now feels more pointless. Granted, there will probably be more twists for us viewers as we get closer to the end of the season.

Be Star City's Hero! - Arrow Season 5 Episode 11

Discuss your thoughts on Felicity's fangirl moment. 

Steve: It's always great to inspire people, knowingly or not. I don't know how Felicity truly feels at that revelation, but it did work in her favor in obtaining the info on getting Diggle released, so she has to feel great about that.

Jim: She was like a little mini-Felicity it was so cute! I think it reminded Felicity of why she got in to hacking to begin with.

Paul: Felicity has never been my favorite character, but she’s been growing on me over the course of Arrow Season 5. The fangirl moment made me like her even more and I hope she works with Helix.

What? - Arrow Season 5 Episode 11

Will Taliah al Ghul, somehow, show up in the present?

Steve: Well, Oliver did kill her father so....that could be a safe bet. The Dark Knight Rises anyone?

Jim: I'm a little rusty on the League of Assassins, Where does Taliah Al Ghul land with Nyssa al Ghul and Ra al Ghul? I feel like we need an "al Ghul" map or something to keep these all straight. But, if we see her again next week in a flashback I'm willing to bet she shows up.

Paul: She absolutely needs to. She will no doubt help Oliver figure out who Prometheus is and that will be pretty great.

How long will Tina stick around?

Steve: Comic geek here, but being that Dinah Drake was the name of both the golden age and New 52 Black Canary, one can only assume that Tina will be around for a good while. Perhaps to the end of the series run.

Jim: Hopefully she is going to stay for good. I really like backstory and history of Dinah/Tina. She's a really nice balance for Oliver that should help him grow from student to teacher when it comes to fighting the darkness.

Though I will say her killing the bad guy while Oliver was trying to convince her not to, totally made it feel like a Deadpool scene. 

Paul: I want her to be a new regular. It’s about time the Black Canary was explored without the character dying.

Is Rene growing on you?

Steve: Absolutely. The one character that I could not stand at the onset of the season is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Perhaps that beating he took from Tobias Church was just what he needed.

Jim: I have to admit he is. He's starting to recognize that he's a bit crazy, but beyond that he was willing to stay and keep the fight going so Oliver could chase Tina. So, yeah he is growing on me just a little..Lets see what happens when Diggle is back.  

Paul: If you had asked me back at the start of Arrow Season 5 which character I wanted to die a painful death, Rene would have taken the title. Now, he’s becoming one of the best on the show. I actually care about him now.

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