Timeless Scores Misha Collins as Guest Star Creating Mini-Reunion

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Timeless returns tonight with a new episode, and showrunner Eric Kripke has already been actively tweeting his excitement about the return.

Of course, he has a lot more to tweet about than new installments of his latest series.

He's also blending his love of Supernatural with that of Timeless by announcing Misha Collins will be playing Eliot Ness on Timeless Season 1 Episode 15.

Mish Collins

The episode will be fittingly titled "Public Enemy No. 1" and will feature Flynn traveling to 1931 Chicago to pair up with gangster Al Capone.

Our time traveling trio of heroes will partner up with the only man who can bring down Capone, federal agent Eliot Ness.

“When the Eliot Ness character first came up, I immediately thought of Misha, and I’m so thrilled to be working with him again,” Kripke said in a statement.

“Misha brings his charisma, his talent, and frankly, all of his angelic qualities to the role.”

What Kripke didn't say in a statement or in his tweet, was that a guest star already announced for a recurring arc will also be appearing in the episode: Jim Beaver!

J Beaver Timeless

As you know, both Jim Beaver was an integral part of Supernatural through most of its run, and still remains a beloved character to this day. 

Collins, on the other hand, continues to play his angelic role, so the two meeting again, even if they don't share scenes together, makes this episode somewhere important to not only Timeless fans, but Supernatural fans, as well.

Kripke took to Twitter earlier this month to announce Beaver's role on the show as NSA Agent Neville, who comes to Mason Industries to lock horns with Sakina Jaffrey’s Agent Christopher in episodes 14-16.

Considering he'll be working in present time and the trio will be looking to Mr. Ness for help in the past, we don't expect to see any scenes of them together.

Ness & NSA

But they are both on the same side of the law, and with this show, you never know quite what will happen, so maybe it's a big surprise Kripke is holding onto for viewers down the line.

Neville is, after all, harboring a deep secret. Maybe it's that he really wants to start shuffling around in time and going back to confront Eliot Ness is part of his plan. 

Kripke is definitely looking forward to working with Beaver again, as he will be on any show he is involved.

“I refuse to make a TV show that doesn’t have Jim Beaver in it," Kripke admitted.

"He vastly improves everything I write," he teased. 

We can't say that we disagree with that statement!

What do you think about this exciting casting news? Do you think we should tickle Mr. Kripke for a little Revolution reunion of sorts to take place on Timeless, too?

You're running out of time, but if you watch Timeless online now, you can still be caught up in time for new episodes.

Make sure you tune into Timeless Season 1 Episode 11 tonight and be back here for a full review afterward. 

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