The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Borrowing Problems from the Future

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Operation Save Iris is a go!

We have to thank Barry for his unexpected actions on The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 "Borrowing Problems from the Future."

He told the team the truth so they could work together on stopping Iris' murder instead of keeping it a secret for no reason.

Flash Senses

Our little Flash is growing!

Minor sarcasm aside, it's hard not to be at least a little proud of Barry.

Especially since Iris clearly saw right through his half-answers when it came to the nightmares.

Moving in together, having sexy time, exchanging the l-word wouldn't mean much if Barry had chosen to keep her in the dark any longer.

I swear on both my parents' lives that I will protect you.


How much did it hurt to watch Iris' face as the news slowly sank in?

My heart broke when she started to cry. We're so used to seeing Iris be strong for everyone else.

But some things, like learning you're going to die in four months, are just too much for one person.

Thankfully, they've got a team of superhero scientists on the case.

HR's Showing Off - The Flash Season 3 Episode 10

On that note, it was almost strange how useful HR was in the episode.

To the point where I didn't even mind his scooter or his obsession with opening Star Labs.

Obviously I would take Harry back in a heartbeat, but if they keep this somewhat toned down version of HR, the odds of me smashing my TV decrease from week to week.

HR: Wallace, BA. You're supposed to be dressed for the museum opening.
Wally: We're speedsters. We have time.
HR: Nobody likes a bragger.
Cisco: Yeah, but we were actually talking about something important before you showed up.
HR: clean up well.
Cisco: Thank you.
HR: I like the way you dress.

Of course it seemed a little silly that he claimed the future would happen no matter what.

Maybe on a show where time travel via speed force didn't occur every two or three episodes.

But we're all used to that kind of plot convenience on our superhero shows, right?

Fancy Party - The Flash Season 3 Episode 10

Plus, he turned out to be wrong.

The future Barry saw on The Flash Season 3 Episode 9 already changed. And now we know it also comes with problems for Caitlin. 

Considering she spent most of the hour fretting over her malfunctioning cuffs, it's not a shock Killer Frost could be loose in four months. 

Iris: Guys, my future isn't the only one we need to change.
Barry: These headlines. They tell us what happens in the future where Caitlin becomes Killer Frost and Iris dies.
Caitlin: If we can change the headlines, that means we can change the future.
Cisco: That's right. Challenge accepted.

I love that Iris instantly jumped on the 'we have to save Caitlin, too' bandwagon.

This show doesn't often treat its female characters well, but I do appreciate the writers never pitting Iris and Caitlin against one another. 

Happy Julian - The Flash Season 3 Episode 10

I also love Caitlin inviting Julian to be part of the team.

Yes, I can hear the collective groans over another love interest for Caitlin, but maybe that's not the plan this time.

Okay, it's probably the plan. But maybe they'll give us a slow burn romance for a change.

That would be new and different.

Barry, when your mom was murdered, Joe and Iris, they took you in. Cisco, when Dante died, I slept on your couch to keep you company. The things we see. The things that we face. No one can do this alone. Trying is the biggest mistake that you can make. He hasn't told anyone that Barry's the Flash. I think we can give him a chance.


Even without the romance, I like the idea of Julian joining Team Flash. The writers made a great choice when they decided to make him possessed rather than pure evil

Now if only those same writers would make the actual villains more interesting.

Problematic Plunder

Yes, the point of Plunder was to lead Barry toward changing the future rather than the past.

That's all well and good, but this is a comic book show. And one of the reasons we watch comic book shows is to see our heroes battling worthy adversaries.

Not a random robber whose gun stole his thunder.

See, I'm living with someone now. So I can't have criminals constantly interrupting our alone time.

The Flash

Speaking of thunder, Kid Flash took all the public accolades this week. 

Like HR, Wally's been rather trying over the past few episodes. I still don't know why it's so important that he's faster than Barry, but he earned his credit this week. 

I worried he'd revert back to rebellious form when Barry laid out the plan for him to stop Plunder. Thankfully, Wally put his sister first, and followed Barry's instructions.

Will it last? Doubtful. 

Flash Points

  • Not telling Joe the truth is a terrible idea. And considering this version of Iris stopped talking to him when she learned the truth about mom, this seems hypocritical (or like the writers forgot their timeline).
  • Cisco being more like his old self is cause for rejoicing. Please don't ever leave us again.
  • The Music Meister and Grodd are coming! At least we got some good news from the future.

We want to hear your thoughts on "Borrowing Problems from the Future."

Are you happy Barry didn't waste time spilling the beans? Will the team's headline changes be enough to save Iris? Is HR less annoying? 

Don't forget, if you missed an episode, you can watch The Flash online anytime!

Borrowing Problems from the Future Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm sorry...did you make a hologram of me?


Wally: Man, that was so dope. How do you stay so calm? You're like scary calm in the middle of a fire.
Barry: It's just experience, Wally. That's why it's important for you to shadow me for a while and try to learn everything I know.
Wally: And then I get to kick some ass.