Suits Round Table: Did Harvey Go Too Far?

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What will become of Pearson Specter Litt?

That was one of the more pressing questions on Suits Season 6 Episode 11 as Harvey and Louis scrambled to find a way to save the firm, while the other characters contemplated their futures. 

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Stacy Glanzman and Jasmine Blu discuss who should take the top spot at the firm, whether Mike should become a teacher and that big dream sequence that left fans clamoring for more. 

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Who should run things at Pearson Specter Litt?

Christine: I don’t think any of them can fill Jessica’s shoes. None of these boys showed that they can hold their tempers or think things through from all angles, but the only person ready to try and step into that role is Harvey. Thankfully, Louis has grown enough to let him do it and not fight him for it.

Stacy: I think it has to be Harvey. Louis isn't ready. Harvey obviously needs to control his temper, but he has the skills necessary to do the job. He can read people in a way that Louis can't. 

Jasmine: Harvey. It took all of ten seconds for Louis to go caveman because his ego was bruised, and he's always letting his emotions get the better of him. It has always been the elephant in the room, but Jessica groomed Harvey to be leader.

I think it was always her intention to have him running the firm at some point anyway. The firm IS her legacy, and leaving it to Harvey to run is like leaving it to her first born son. 

Will Mike find a way to become a teacher, or find a loop hole to return to the world of law?

Christine: Honestly, I don’t care what happens to Mike. He was such an ass in this episode. Harvey risked his career to get Mike out of prison, and when Harvey asked for help, Mike turned him down flat.

I understand that Mike is frustrated but he’s a fool if he thinks that felony won’t follow him everywhere. When he yelled at Harvey at the end, I hoped he’d end up as a bike courier once again.

Stacy: I honestly don't think Mike owes Harvey anything. They've both made a ton of mistakes, and they've both risked a lot and given up a lot for the other. Regardless though, Mike needs to realize that things aren't going to come as easy to him as they once did, and that's going to be very frustrating.

He's got a criminal record, and beggars can't be choosers. He can keep looking for what he really wants to do, and help Harvey out in the mean time. 

Jasmine: Mike always means well, but he's also spent a really long time lucking up, and he's become quite used to privileges. He's always been earnest but also entitled too, so this is a reality check for him.

That felony will follow him everywhere and there's no changing that. It's finally hitting him that he was afforded this free pass to sail all the way up to junior partner without all the red tape, and now he's drowning in red tape and limitations.

I really enjoyed him as a teacher. In fact, that really did feel like something he'd be called to do. Who better to mentor troubled kids than a former troubled kid? But he'll probably end up legal adjacent.

He really connected with Oliver at that one clinic, and depending on the clinic and the work needed, Mike's particular felony, probably wouldn't hold him back as much as it appears to be right now.

What did you think of that dream sequence?

Christine: If it had been real? A+. It will go down as one of my favorite Suits quotes of all time… Harvey: “It was the best cup of coffee I ever had.”  Donna: “I told you it was worth the wait.” - What a total tease! I was so happy when I thought that scene was real. It just made me want to see it actually happen, and soon.

Stacy: I knew it was a dream sequence, it had to be, but I was still sad about it. As Christine said, it was such a tease. I honestly don't care if they get together or not, I just want them to stop teasing it. Get them together or let it go. 

Jasmine: I agree with Stacy. I knew it was a dream sequence. It's always a dream sequence. I'm usually indifferent to this ship, but the constant teasing with no follow through has been happening so long it's actually turning me off of it entirely. 

What's Your Decision? - Suits Season 6 Episode 11

Did Harvey go too far by approaching Anita?

Christine:  Approaching Anita was just dumb. She hated Mike. I had no doubt that she would be furious that Mike got out early. Harvey was grasping at straws hoping that she’d help Mike and it blew up in his face. I expect Harvey to be smarter than that, but I suppose he’s got a lot on his plate right now.

Stacy: Yeah, he really should have thought that one through. I know he's just trying to help Mike, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

Jasmine: In what universe would Anita help? It was incredibly dumb and desperate. Plus, he still didn't run any of this by Mike so he put the guy in an even worse position than he was coming out of prison. But more than anything, what it really shows me, is that Harvey still doesn't grasp why what he and Mike did was so terrible.

Law is a field that takes skill, money invested, and a hell of a lot of time. To constantly ask seasoned attorneys who did everything the right way despite how draining and awful the process can be, to give this guy who skated past all of that without earning it a chance is insulting. 

Grade the Winter premiere!

Christine: B+ Mike annoyed the heck out of me and I wish the opening Harvey and Donna scene had been real, but I loved how Louis Litt has come into his own. He’s having a family, Gretchen has his back, and he stepped up and offered Rachel a real job.

Harvey is also evolving, although he still needs to keep that temper in check. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting season of Suits.

Stacy: B. I miss Jessica already, and it's going to take some time for this new version of the show to find its footing. Gretchen was great though, and I loved that she has Louis' back and was there for Rachel. 

Jasmine: B. Jessica was my favorite character and I miss her. I was about as angsty as Harvey was standing in her office. They were my other favorite bromance. But the other women of Suits were really strong in this episode.

They'll have their work cut out managing the guys. I also really enjoyed Mike as a teacher. Also,  Gretchen for the win!

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Note: Suits Season 6 Episode 12 airs February 2 on USA Network. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Harvey: Hey, if it's going to be much longer I could just get some on the way.
Donna: Hold your horses, Mister.
Harvey: That was the best cup of coffee I've ever had.
Donna: I told you it was worth the wait.

Donna: That was nice.
Harvey: It was... and as much as I'd like to spend all day doing it, we should get going. Just do me a favor..
Donna: Harvey, I don't think you understand... I told you once this happened again, I don't work for you anymore.
Harvey: Donna, you can't leave me.
Donna: I'm not leaving you, Harvey. I just don't work for you.
Harvey: That's leaving me.
Donna: No Harvey, that's not leaving you. Jessica left you and you need to get it through your head that she's never coming back.