SIX Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Her Name Is Esther

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It doesn't seem like saving Rip is a SEAL team priority.

On SIX Season 1 Episode 2 the team went back to their normal lives after capturing the courier from the oil tanker in Nigeria.

Boko Haram - SIX

Granted, they need to wait for further orders, but it's hard to believe that someone like Bear, who seems to be very devoted to Rip, would just go on with his normal life until those orders came.

He seems like the type of guy who'd want in on the interrogation. Even if he couldn't partake in it, he'd want to watch the goings on so that as soon as useful information was provided he could gather the rest of the team and save his old friend.

Instead, he went to a fertility clinic with his wife to get the ball rolling on having another baby. It's mind boggling that he could switch gears so easily only hours after his Lagos mission. 

Buddah, on the other hand, had no idea what to do with himself when he got home. How he's going to function with a job outside of the SEALs is going to be interesting, but we all know he probably won't be taking that job.

Does his wife even know that the mission isn't over yet?

Six Ep 2-1

Even though Chase is now a full fledged member of the team, there is no way that Bear is going to let Buddah go that easily, at least not until they get Rip back.

And deep down, Buddah doesn't want to leave either. Even though he wants to be more involved with his family, his interactions with them are quite awkward.

Which begs the questions of how much time has he really been around? Not much I would guess. Which then begs another question as to why these guys are at home and not at headquarters to find out what they need to do next to save Rip.

It's obvious that the show is trying to add depth to all these characters, but too much is being thrown at the audiences way too soon.

This hour we met two more characters. One was Buck and the other guy I don't even know what his name was, but somehow they're going to become important to the story. At least that's the feeling I'm getting. 

I don't need to know any more characters. What we have is enough.

We're also going to get to know Caulder's daughter a little better and his messed relationship with her. 

My only question is why?


It's not that I don't care about these guys' private lives, but following these characters around on their fertility trips, delving into non-existent father-daughter relationships, and following a guy around as he has an internal battle with himself on whether he really wants to be a civilian isn't what I want to see on this show. 

This show is supposed to be about saving Rip. I want to see what these guys are going to do to get that job done. I want to see more of Michael, the brother of the guy Rip killed and the threat he's going to pose going foward.

These are the stories that interest me. 

How long will Rip be able to survive under the control Boku Haram? They already know he's a SEAL, so his days have to numbered. You'd think the team would know this and put saving this guy at their top priority. 

Six 2-2

It's not like they've never put their families on hold before. What's one more time, especially for a member of their team?

Six needs to get its priorities straight. That means putting Rip front and center and not as background material to everyone else on the show.

Sure, it's nice to see the other side of these soldiers' lives, but it shouldn't take up the bulk of the hour. These guys are soldiers, first and foremost. 

Give us more of that, please.

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Her Name Is Esther Review

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