Scandal Round Table: Who Murdered Vargas?

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Have you recovered from all of the drama?

On Scandal Season 6 Episode 1 we finally got the election results and there was a murderous twist thrown in for good measure. 

TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Sarah Hearon, Jim Garner and Christine Hinton discuss whether Cyrus could be involved, Olivia's stupidity and whether Olitz should still be thing. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Did Cyrus have Frankie murdered?

Jasmine: I thought so at first, but that would be too obvious. Plus, he used to be a law professor and he's a political beast. He would have been smart enough to wait until after the inauguration to guarantee his spot. Now, Tom going rogue and killing Vargas for Cyrus? I can see that.

Sarah: I think Cyrus is the obvious choice, so even though it makes total sense, it can't be him. My bet is on Papa Pope. I'm not sure what his motive is, but he's so evil he might not even need one. I also thought it was sketchy that Jake was MIA during a lot of the episode. 

Jim: I totally thought so until I read Jasmine's answer. So, now I'm on the fence about it being him or being Tom acting on his own. 

Christine: Yeah, I’m torn. Cyrus is totally capable of it, the guy’s a reptile, but I had the same thought that Jasmine had; Cyrus is smart enough to time it better so that there would be no question he’s take the Oval. So I still can’t be sure who set up Frankie.

Was Olivia silly to show her cards to Cyrus so quickly?

Jasmine: I wouldn't have done it, but I wasn't surprised that she did. This is a whole new Olivia Pope we're dealing with. She's bolder. She's not just gladiating; she's commanding. I love Kerry Washington and Jeff Perry scenes. 

Sarah: It probably wasn't the smartest move, but I was happy she did it. I don't want to waste anytime getting to the bottom of the Vargas assassination and I'm hoping that was a sign of a face-paced season with a lot of twists.

Jim: I'm not sure silly is the word I would have used, it was ballsy that is for sure. Confident and arrogant are two more words I would use. Also, a mistake. If Cyrus really did kill Frankie Vargas, he now knows Liv is on it him. 

Christine: Keeping quiet and playing along would have been the smarter move. If Cyrus is guilty, then it would be easier to investigate if he thinks everyone is buying his story…but it’s always more fun to see Cyrus and Olivia go head to head. Let the games begin. 

Did Fitz make the right decision?

Jasmine: Hahahaha! There's a difference between fair and right. Was it right? No. Was it fair? Probably. He certainly made the best decision for us viewers. 

Sarah: Considering Mellie is his ex-wife and Vargas and Cyrus did technically win the election, I think he made the right choice. However, I am dying to see Mellie as President, and hope it still happens.

Jim: I agree with both Jasmine and Sarah, it may have not been fair, but it was the right choice. But I REALLY want to see Mellie as President! 

Christine: Yeah, we’re all in agreement here. I think it was the right choice, given the situation, but I still want Mellie as President, especially after she said, “My son was shot here. Fitz was shot here. My marriage died here.” Oddly enough, Mellie has turned out to be more human than most of the other characters on this show. 

Do you care about Olitz anymore?

Jasmine: Meh. I'm mostly indifferent to them. I actually enjoy those moments when it feels like they're friends more than anything else. Oddly enough, I feel the same way about Fitz and Mellie.

Sarah: I agree with Jasmine. They are very "meh."  I'm not even sure what President Fitz is going to do on the show when his presidency (finally) ends, but I'm not sure I care. 

Jim: Not at all. Jasmine and Sarah are generous with their "meh". The show has moved past "who is sleeping with who" and gotten into real political scandal. 

Christine: I don’t care at all. I find Cyrus and Mellie far more interesting as political rivals than I do Fitz and Olivia in any situation. 

The Results Are In - Scandal

Grade the season premiere. 

Jasmine: I'm going to give it a B-. It was ridiculous, and at times predictable, but deliciously so. I'm intrigued by power hungry Olivia Pope. The Charley/Quinn proposal made me laugh. So did Jake's drunk wife. I saw the Vargas assassination coming though, and I wasn't a fan of that, but it is what it is.

Sarah: I give this premiere at B+. After being on hiatus for so long, it felt good to be back in this world and to see Olivia again. It was over the top, but it was also fast-paced and fun to watch.

I think it did a good job setting up for the rest of the season, and Mellie and Olivia chugging champagne in the bathroom was almost enough to push it to an A-.

Jim: I'm with Jasmine on the B-. After being gone so long it was nice to be back with everyone, but the entire assassination plot I saw coming and it feels over done (maybe because we went through who shot Fitz).

However, the CharleyQuinn marriage was a nice break of humor and some of the scenes like her talking to Papa Pope were sooo very well done. 

Christine: B- sounds fair. The twists were great, but it still felt a little hollow. But after Olivia smashed in a man's skull with a chair, I'm not sure what could possibly be more shocking than that...and I really don't want to know!

Over to you, Scandal fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: Scandal Season 6 Episode 2 airs February 2 on ABC. 

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