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I'm trying to remember a time when this show was really good...

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 10, a lot of things happened, as per usual with this show, but it was hard to focus on anything other than the utter confusion that came out of all these twists.

Unfortunately, that is starting to become the trend with Quantico. There aren't any great storytelling moments because everything is a reveal. It's all shock and no substance, and, in the case of this episode, it's more confusion than shock.

Unexpected Meeting - Quantico Season 2 Episode 10

Everything in between the twists are procedural elements that change up slightly from week to week. There's no meat there. It's really just filling to last you until the next twist.

I'll admit, there was one moment that really worked for me – Leon's talk with Nimah.

We saw Leon put the pieces together and realize that Shelby/Jane has been playing him. It took place over a couple episode; it wasn't dragged out over half a season.

The only issue with it is how Leon knew that they were FBI. We already knew that he was going to get there eventually, so there was no reason to not show him putting the final pieces together. 

Other than that, it was actually nicely done.

Leon proved that he is a good guy. He joined the CIA with noble intentions, and he won't stand for being a part of what it has become, or at least what part of it has become.

That was really the one shining moment in the hour. Everything else was either downright confusing or just okay. The Owen stuff at the end has promise, but it is too soon to tell.

I do like that he went to Alex after Ryan's weird chat. Owen trusts Alex to give him answers.

I'm sorry, I must have missed Miranda's big speech that would make Alex change sides. All I heard was Miranda claiming to be undercover because someone up high noticed that Alex failed at her mission to infiltrate the AIC.

Um, okay?

This was ramped up to be this big reveal, and instead, we got this lame ass excuse. It's not really a reason for Alex to switch sides because Miranda said that she basically just took Alex's job as an undercover agent, meaning they are on the same side.

I really wish that Miranda was a full fledged member of the AIC, or the "real" CIA as Lydia calls it, because that would have been a lot more interesting. Instead, we have been dragged around for a good bit of the season making us believe that Miranda is a real member and not undercover.

This "twist" fails on so many levels. It's not exciting, and it's unnecessary. What did you think of Miranda's chat with Alex in the car?

You told me I was going undercover to stop people from getting killed. Instead, the group of people you sent me in with has been killing people.


Part of me wants to go back and analyze everything that Miranda has done (why did she alert the AIC that Alex was in the building? Did it only go to her agents or did it go to all the terrorists?), but I know that I will only end up more confused and more angry.

That's actually a good summary of the show. Watch Quantico! It will aggravate and confuse you!

Because you know what, at the end of this episode, I'm second guessing everything I think I just found out.

Alex having an AIC phone still does not make sense to me. Is it fake? Is it real? Who knows!

who knows gif

Honestly, I'm leaning more towards real, but my mind is still spinning. The phone reveal on Quantico Season 2 Episode 9 did not work because it left us confused, and this hour did not do anything to help make sense of it all.

Harry said it had rang twice, but Alex never answered. This would have meant either Alex didn't have the phone, or she purposely did not pick up.

Neither one of those options make sense. Not having the phone on her at all times and not answering go directly against her mission of getting inside the AIC (aka what answering the phone will accomplish). What's your take on the AIC phone - real or fake?

Men don't like to admit that glass ceilings exist because they are the glass ceiling.

President Claire Haas

Why, yes, Ryan, I am sick of you and Alex betraying each other and then making up. It stopped being entertaining in the first half of season one, and yet, we still have to endure the two of you together!

Seriously, why do we keep watching these two do their little song and dance? Is anyone actually rooting for them at this point? I'm genuinely curious because I can't stand Ryan and Alex now. 

They would both be so much more exciting to watch if they were with other people or just nowhere near each other. Imagine if they had different missions, and only said hi to each other in the break room or some neutral area like that. 

Ending Alex and Ryan's relationship would eliminate so much unnecessary drama.

By end, I mean end their relationship and also have both of them have zero interest in getting back together, like ever. 

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in the comments below!

I don't know if you noticed, but literally none of the episodic stills that were released for this episode are actually in this episode.

Yeah, don't know what happened there either. They come from some episode, so I guess we can theorize about what's to come?

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I never said redemption came easy.


Alex: You have betrayed every oath that you have ever taken. Once all of this is over, you will pay for all that you've done.
Miranda: Everyone will, Alex, including you.