Gotham Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Smile Like You Mean It

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Gotham is alive with laughter!

Dr. Frankenstein, I mean Dwight, finally saw his dreams come true on Gotham Season 3 Episode 13, but it didn't end up quite like he expected.

DOA - Gotham Season 3 Episode 13

It's alive! It's alive! Yes, Jerome is alive!

Gotham strung us along for a while before we got to see what we've been so patiently waiting for, but it was well worth the wait. 

Although it was sort of gross, I thought it was clever how Dwight took off Jerome's face to become him when he thought his attempts at bringing back Jerome failed.

Jerome's followers (What do they call themselves? The HaHa Club?) wanted to see their "prophet" and were not expecting Dwight to come out wearing Jerome's face. But Dwight did pretty well riling up the crowd and convincing them all they were Jerome.

It was a nice set up for the ending, because they all started thinking of themselves as Jerome. It was sort of creepy, but very cool.

Who knows how far Jerome's reach goes.

Jerome is here. He never left us. Each of you kept him alive. Each of you are Jerome. I am Jerome. We are all Jerome.


His reach even made it into the GCPD. The lone cop couldn't have been the only one. There has to be others, and that does not bode well for Gotham City.

It's definitely going to be a night from hell.

I liked that Jerome didn't rise from the dead immediately after all those jolts of electricity. I admit that I was disappointed, but that made him rising at the morgue much more satisfying.

It was strange that he killed the cop, but not Lee. Even more strange was that he looked to her for information about what exactly happened to him, and she had no reaction to him other than telling him everything he wanted to know. 

His transformation to a thinking zombie was pretty quick, which is good thing considering Jerome probably only has one more episode before he dies.

Although he was functioning fairly well, he did have some malfunctions which were sort of funny. Like him stapling his face back on. Easiest way to do it, I suppose.

At that point Dwight didn't seem to thrilled to see his hero back. He had to have known that Jerome wouldn't be happy about his face.

In the darkness there are no rules. So tonight Gotham, do what you want. Kill who you want. And when morning comes, you too will be reborn.


Did anyone else get a Heath Ledger vibe from Cameron Monaghan's performance? I mean much more than what we saw at the beginning of Gotham Season 2.

He went as far as mimicking his voice, which I get because he's come back from the dead, but I'd rather have had him have the voice he had when he was performing for Galavan.

It's a small, nitpicky thing, I know, but it still bothered me, even if it was meant to be a nod. Sort of like Dwight trying to mimic Jerome. It just didn't work for me.

Still it was nice to see Jerome back, and I'm excited for the final act to see what havoc Jerome brings onto Gotham. It's not going to be pretty.

Lee was a little nutty this hour. And inconsistent.

Jim: Don't let your hatred of me turn you into something you're not.
Lee: Or what, Jim? If I change too much are you going to put two in my heart like you did to Mario?

If she's so pissed off at Jim, why is she trying to help him? 

It was not like her to break the rules with the truth serum, so I get the feeling this is the beginning of Lee's turn to the darkside. I know there are many who don't think she's going to go dark, but I still hold fast to that belief.

Her mind is scrambled right now. She doesn't know what she wants.

So could she end up being Harley Quinn or a proto Harley Quinn?

I'm still not into the Maria Kyle story, but the story did what it was supposed to do in setting up the ultimate conflict between Selina and Bruce. 

Fashion Sense - Gotham Season 3 Episode 13

I don't think Selina is going to forgive Bruce for not telling her he knew her mother was just using them.

Selina was angry enough for her to want to fight Bruce for lying to her even he didn't think it was a lie. 

Plus, we got to see some of his future Batman moves. And Catwoman's too. 

I'm going to guess that this is when Selina and Bruce go their separate ways. I don't see Selina forgiving Bruce anytime soon. 

Will we finally see Poison Ivy again now?

Penguin's Breakdown - Gotham Season 3 Episode 13

Penguin is completely messed up. I was glad he finally figured out that Barbara was playing him. Too bad she still had the upper hand.

His need to find Nygma has gone a little too far. Is he really that dependent on the guy? It just doesn't seem like Penguin's style. 

Unless he's started to see Nygma as a replacement for his mother. Then, in that case it all starts to make sense.

The ultimate showdown is coming, but will it be before or after the Jerome's night of hell?

I hope Penguin gets his head on straight and really figures it out before it's too late.

There was a lot of camp this hour , but the campiest moment had to be when Tabitha killed all the heads of the families to tune of Ave Maria. It was so corny, but funny as hell.

What did you guys think?  Did you enjoy Jerome's return? What was your favorite moment this hour?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Smile Like You Mean It Review

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Get up, take a shower, do that disco-vampire thing with your hair.

Barbara [to Penguin]

Jim: I know you had Falcone call off Zsasz. Thank you.
Lee: You want to thank me? When you find Dwight have him bring Mario back from the dead. How about that?