Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Mind Your Side of the Plate

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The new pairings on GG2D are refreshing and bringing new life to the series.

Abby and Barbara continued to create a stir on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3, and after a rough 24 hours, Jo and Delia landed together for some girl chat.

These two pairings have a lot in common, and they make natural sense as break-off couples of the larger group. That doesn't mean it will all be fun and games, though.

Night On the Town - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

What began as a decent idea on Abby's part to ignite some stories for Barbara's column dug up some issues for the women that they didn't know they had.

Abby makes a terrible wing woman, especially since Barbara actually wanted to get wings. Barbara and Jo are he closest to my life as I'm going to see on GG2D. With Jo, it's the way she walks and talks. With Barbara, it's how she's in touch with herself and willingness to just chill.

Every night doesn't have to be spent in a cocktail dress 50 floors above the city in order for her to have a good time. Barbara was as surprised as the rest of us at Abby's attire for a night out at the local sports bar.

Come on. You cannot tell me Abby was married all those years TO A MAN and never hit a sports bar. This is yet another thing I simply don't believe. Not only because of her marriage, but because of her profession. How can any writer not have come into contact with the term? 

If she has done so little research on the average woman, then her place should be writing romance novels about the unrealistic side of us all.

End of the Night - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3

Abby's inability to relate to Barbara sent her into an ugly place. Because Abby doesn't want to eat French fries, or because she's jealous that Barbara does, or even worse, wishes Coach Mike would munch on her salad with her instead of poppers with Barbara, she attacked Barbara about her weight.

Trust me, those underhanded, snide remarks were attacks no matter how benign Abby made them out to be. 

That meant Barbara felt the need to claw back at Abby's choice of menu items, calling her a skinny bitch in the process, and the two let it all hang out. The difference, though, is that Barbara doesn't normally hide her thoughts on those issues, and Abby does.

So when Abby lets something like that slip into the conversation, it feels ugly and hurtful. 

At the very least, the two talked about it, Abby admitted her mistake and saw Barbara has no problem getting down and dirty if that's all she wants. She doesn't need a wing woman to score sex. Or to buy a hooker. Ouch. Let's never touch that argument again.

The writer and editor come from the same world, though, and have a lot in common. They get each other and can speak the same language. They're yin and yang. 

May bodies of all sizes get along from here on out. Amen.

Spit on Me - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3

We've seen Abby's bickering with Coach Mike, and it's been screaming "hidden desire" since they first met. Now she gets live it out through Delilah whether they get it on in real life or not.

When spitting sunflower seeds gets sexy. Go Delilah!

Then there's Phoebe, who is still living under an overpriced rock when it comes to her finances. On the one hand, she understands the family's need for new forms of entertainment.

Taking the kids camping and bonding as a family (with new actors in the children's roles...who I had forgotten we'd ever even seen before) was a nice touch, but spending thousands on her friends under the guise of a tax write-off was ridiculous.

She clearly has no idea about taxes or where the money comes from in the meantime, poor dear.

Good Parents - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3

She's being bonked over the head with life again and again, though, and she'll get the picture. Shortly after getting off on what great parents they were, Phoebe learned she missed Anouk's first period.

That's a momentous occasion, even more when you're an earth goddess who wanted to prepare a cleanse and all that groovy stuff. But Phoebe hasn't been a parent. She's

With new children in tow, it's going to be interesting how she fares in the antithesis of her life going forward.

Unexpected - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3

Delia is still living under the rumors of her life before now. Forced to deal with Ronnie the wonder client and his cock cast (OMG), he wanted her to make it all feel better with a handie or even a little tickle.

After all, he's heard she's a full service kind of lawyer. Does Ronnie want to marry her with a full wedding and get that annulled, too? People are idiots. 

But those are the events the world remembers in this day of social media. Sensationalism sells and nothing that comes after takes its place. No matter what Delia does going forward, she'll be salaciously remembered as the woman who married her client and slept with her boss.

Then again, maybe she should have emailed out a photo or two of her client and disassociated herself from him to take some of the pressure off.  

Tears Cake - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 3 Episode 3

I wondered what Jo would do without Scott at the bakery. Now we know.

Jo: A sunrise on a snowy sky, a rolling wave beneath the moon...where are the ingredients?
Ethan: Scott says that sometimes when we write out our ingredients on a list, it dulls our creative spark.
Jo: This is not a recipe, this is a nonsensical, romantic baking poem!

She was toast without him. Well, she thought she was, anyway. Thankfully, young Ethan was soaking up everything he had to offer and in time may be more talented than his predecessor.

That doesn't help Jo feel any better as she deals with the fact she thought Scott was a man-ho, but discovered he had a huge heart and probably should have given him a try, but was too afraid.

What worries me is she's too fragile (saying fragile and Jo together seems odd) to see Merry Frump at the door. Why IS he at the door?

Delia and Jo were having a great moment. They've found a genuine rapport with their street smarts and disdain towards men. They're both hard as nails but gooey on the inside. We need more of Delia and Jo, not a Frump in the middle.

As much as women love romance, and with 70% of the publishing market generated by romance novels we know it's a hot topic, sometimes I want to squish all the men into a corner and let the women have a few episodes without the Y chromosome. 

Give the girls a breather, you know? Don't even talk about the boys in their lives. I don't see that happening, but it's on my list of wants.

What friends are you really enjoying this season? What did you think of Barbara and Abby fighting over weight? Yikes?? Interested in seeing more Jo and Delia?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!!

If you haven't caught up, watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online so you know what to expect next!!

Rule #188: Mind Your Side of the Plate Review

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