Bones Round Table: Why Does Zack Hate Booth?

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Booth, Brennan, Aubrey and the team at the Jeffersonian were back for the start their final season on Bones Season 12 Episode 1.

Below, TV Fanatics Ashley Bissette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Bones fan Pam to debate whether anyone thought Zack was the killer, what’s Zack’s problem with Booth, and if anything disappointed them in “The Hope in the Horror.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Did you at any time believe that Zack was The Puppeteer?

Ashley: When they revealed him at the end of Bones season 11, yes. Of course, thinking more about it, I began to imagine they might take it another direction, but I would have honestly believed it if it was him.

Pam:  I was hoping he was. I am not a Zack fan and wasn't happy about him coming back for more episodes. I'd rather see them focus our last episodes on Bones and Booth. It’s been a long time since we have seen the kids, or Booth and Brennan kiss or hold hands.

Christine: Yes! At the end of Bones Season 11 Episode 22 I absolutely thought Zack was the killer. Much like Ashley, I began to rethink his guilt that before the premiere, so Zack being innocent didn’t come as a complete shock. 

Is Zack the Puppeteer? - Bones Season 12 Episode 1

What do you think about Zack giving Hodgins’ “hope” that he would walk again?

Ashley: I think it was an interesting way to connect these two again, though it was a little far-fetched. Am I horrible to say I'm glad it looks like it didn't work? I've been nervous about them giving Hodgins a miracle, because I think it's far more interesting to see him cope with the change. 

Pam: I found this plot to be so far-fetched. Zack was in a mental institution but he breaks out to do research at the library? And after dealing with serial killer Christopher Pelant ,wouldn't the FBI and Angela know someone had hacked into ALL of their computers?

Zack following them through their emails seems unrealistic to me. He and Hodgins were friends, so giving him some kind of hope for a while could help or hurt Jack in the long run. We will soon see.

Christine: I thought that Zack feeding him this possible cure when he knew there was less than a 1% chance of success was kind of cruel, especially since he also knew it would put Hodgins in a great deal of pain. 

Dr. Karen Delf is back. Do you want her to stick around? Do you think she should be romantically paired with Aubrey?

Ashley: I *love* her. I think she makes for a really fun addition, and I'd love to see more of her. I don't think I care much about a romantic pairing with Aubrey. I still like Aubrey with Jessica Warren. 

Pam: I like her, so I hope the character gets to stick around. I think she and Aubrey have chemistry together.

Christine: I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like Karen. Maybe it’s because this show is filled with such unique characters already that I find her quirkiness over the top. She comes off more irritating than endearing, and I hope she steers clear of Aubrey. 

Booth Searches For Brennan - Bones Season 12 Episode 1

Why does Zack not consider Booth one of his friends?

Ashley: You know, I want to go back and re-watch now, but I think there's still something going on we aren't aware of yet. Jealousy? 

Pam: I always thought Zack looked up to Booth in the early seasons of the series. At first he didn't like how Booth treated the team but later, when he goes off to the war zone, he seeks out Booth to break the news to them he is leaving. Also he is happy when Booth comes to the diner after he passes his doctorate panel.

I think he admires and respects him but is jealous that Brennan has moved on and didn't look back once he was committed. He sees Booth as the center of her attention and the children instead of science now.

Christine: I was confused by this. I mean, Zack actually cut Booth out of their wedding photo! That shows some deep seeded anger. I knew Zack felt more connected to Brennan, and that he and Booth weren’t always best buddies, but I never expected that!

Does Zack Hate Booth? - Bones Season 12 Episode 1

Was there anything on Bones Season 12 Episode 1 that disappointed you?

Ashley: I was bummed they found Brennan so quickly. On the other hand, though, spending the episode focused on Zack was probably a better choice than having the team scramble for the entire episode to find her. I just wish it would have taken them a little longer. 

Pam: Yes, I would have liked an explanation of why the doctor killed all these people and made them into puppets, it isn't explained for me enough to understand. Maybe we find out more and it isn't over with the death of the doctor.

Christine: I thought the reveal of Dr. Roshon as The Puppeteer wasn’t nearly satisfying enough. Maybe they wanted to wrap this story up to move on to other things during these last episodes but, as Pam pointed out, they left a lot of unanswered questions. 

Zack Abducts Brennan - Bones

What was your favorite quote or scene from this season premiere?

Ashley: This Bones quote from Zack:

It is odd, but being perceived as a murderous cannibal has its advantages.


Pam: I laughed when Dr. Brennan thinks Dr. Karen Delf is dangerous or she doesn't want to be alone with her and both are trying to read the other. Then when Wendell comes in and says what's going on, Karen says," A whole lot of crazy.” Cute scene.

Christine: I liked Booth’s reaction to finding Brennan. She kept talking about Zack and the case and all Booth wanted to do was hold her. 

Check back next week for our review of Bones Season 12 Episode 2, and if you want more, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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