Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 13 Review: The One That Got Away

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My favorite dynamic duo was back in the thick of things on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 13

Well, sort of…

A Robbery - Blue Bloods

Jamie and Eddie went on one of the strangest double dates in history and it ended up with their dates cowering under a table. 

First off, the only reason Josh asked Jamie to join them for dinner was so that he could get a better read on Eddie’s relationship with her partner. If Eddie’s partner had been a woman, I highly doubt he would have had her tag along. 

But Josh got a lot more than he could handle when he saw Eddie in action...

Chicks, we're not suppose to be the heroes, we're suppose to be the damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by guys like you, not the ones doing the rescuing.


The stereotype really was stomach turning. Eddie's great at her job. She and her partner helped save a room full of civilians from two armed junkies. 

She was a hero! If she had been a man, there would have been high fives and fist bumps going around, but as Eddie pointed out in the Blue Bloods quote

I don't have a penis, so when I take out two armed perps, it's an assault on my date's manhood.


Which was just pathetic…and probably all too close to reality. 

Eddie deserves someone that admires and respects how bad ass she is at her job, and Josh certainly wasn’t that guy. 

No great loss. I didn’t like the hipster beard anyway. 

As much as I appreciated Jamie’s attempt to lift her spirits, I liked Eddie's response even more…

We can't keep being each other's consolation prize, Jamie.


These two are at a stand still, one I had hoped that this episode would break. 

They’re not happy dating anyone else, but they’re too scared to take a chance on a personal relationship with one another for fear of ending their partnership. 

At some point, somethings got to give, I’m just wondering if they’re going to make us wait until the end of Blue Bloods season 7 for that to happen. 

Elsewhere, Danny and Baez caught a child abuse case…but first they admired the Statue of Liberty. 

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, she is an awesome sight, and I always love to be reminded that this show is actually filmed in New York City. 

The entire case was less about the man who was beating his 9-year-old son with a baseball bat and more about how to get around diplomatic immunity. 

Well I’d like to beat the crap out of you, but guess what, sometimes we don’t always get what we want, do we?


For once, I really felt Danny’s rage and I appreciated that he and Frank were both putting up a good fight to save this boy. 

Sharon Lawrence Guest Stars - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 13

As great as it was to see Sharon Lawrence as Deputy Secretary of State Christine Saunders, her character came off as rather one note. 

She never once explained that the reason we have diplomatic immunity is so our own diplomats can’t be charged with breaking laws in other countries, laws that Americans might find inconceivable. 

Diplomatic immunity should not be a free pass for brutality.


At the same time, I can only imagine that a U.S. family court taking away a diplomat's child would also cause quite an international incident. 

As for the wife shooting her husband on a public street, I’m not sure if that really helps her situation. 

Even if she got her son back, would the U.S. allow her to stay after she killed her husband? Wouldn’t she be charged with his murder when she went back to Morocco? 

But those are questions for which we didn’t get answers.

Finally, there was Joe’s former girlfriend, Angela. 

When she invited Frank and the entire family to the wedding and then said it was the following week, I was a little perplexed.

Most weddings take months if not a year or more to plan. Head counts, seating charts and budgets are agonized over. 

Nicky and Erin - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 13

I found it odd that she would invite that many people to the affair at the last minute. The only thing that made sense to me was that she agonized over the decision because she thought it might be awkward having her late boyfriend's family there. 

But I did like Danny and Frank’s take on it. Were they being played so that Steve could further his career?

Thankfully, that didn’t seem to be the case, but some people are more prone to suspicion of motives than others and I would guess a family of cops would fall into that category. 

Looks like next week’s episode is a repeat, but if you can’t wait for more of the Reagan family, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

The One That Got Away Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Well I’d like to beat the crap out of you, but guess what, sometimes we don’t always get what we want, do we?


Diplomatic immunity should not be a free pass for brutality.