Incorporated Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Cost Containment

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Even in the future, you have to pay the cost to be the boss.

That's the gist of Incorporated Season 1 Episode 4, which is, unfortunately, another snore-fest (Sigh). 

Every character faces a choice, either in flashbacks or present day, and must decide if they are willing to pay the price to get what they want.

Ben's Secrets - Incorporated

The problem, just like in all the previous episodes, is that I just don't care about the characters enough to give a damn about what decisions they make. 

The brave new world angle about baby gestators and choosing every genetic trait of your child is supposed to be chilling I guess, but everyone on the show acts like they are choosing an emoji to insert into an IM, not all aspects of a human being.

We are not having a clone of me. Don't you want the baby to look like you at all?


Human life means nothing in this world, so there are no real stakes. There is no reason to care. So I don't care.

Have the baby naturally, or incubate a bionic super-baby: big whoop. It will be just another drone to serve the mother corporation, anyway.

Roger has only been in a couple of episodes, but I already hate him with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. He is nothing but a generic, sniveling dick.

No depth whatsoever. And not much of a nemesis for Boring Ben, I'm afraid.

Hendrick: Are you threatening me, Mr. Kaplan?
Roger: I don't threaten-I incentivize. I'm up for that promotion on 40, and on my way there I'm making two lists: which one do you want to be on?

At least we know where he gets it. His father is an insufferable ass, too. Like father, like son: gee, I've NEVER seen that before. What imagination!

Terrance; Let me be perfectly clear. You are what I say you are. If I want a leg broken, you're a leg breaker-you hear me? Do you want your purse or not?

The Theo/Spider b-side is supposed to humanize Theo, but again, he's a fringe character who doesn't really bring anything to the story, other than being Elena's bro.

Terrance has Theo under his thumb, but who cares? 

If something happens to Theo, Terrance will just recruit another hood rat to do his dirty work. Again, no real stakes.

The Boring Ben/Aaron/Theo flashback was a waste of time and didn't give us ANY insight about their relationship. 

Elizabeth and Laura - Incorporated Season 1 Episode 2

Julia Ormond is not impressing me here, either. I get that she's the cold-hearted, boss-bitch at work.

But you would think that, in private, she would at least show some real emotions talking to Laura about her baby drama. 

After being rebuffed by Boring Ben and Laura about having a natural pregnancy, she doesn't say, "If that's how you feel." She says, "If that's your position."

That tells you everything you need to know – emotion took the last train out of town a long time ago, and it's the audience who suffers.  

The only flicker of emotion from Boring Ben in the entire series so far was a crinkled nose when he finally saw Elena? Seriously? 

You finally see the love of your life, the woman you are risking everything for, and all you can do is put on a face like you smell poop? Come on!

Spiga is in every other part of our lives-does it have to be in this one?


I agree. I'd love to not have Spiga (or this show) in my life, but c'est la vie. 

As you might be able to tell, I'm not a fan so far. Are you? If so, tell me what you like in the comments secion.

And remember, you can always watch Incorporated online on the mother ship, TV Fanatic. 

Cost Containment Review

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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Hendrick: At least when you were a little snot you listened to me.
Ben: Yeah, you've always been like a father to me. When things got tough, you bailed.

We are not having a clone of me. Don't you want the baby to look like you at all?