Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Home Again

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It's good to be back...or is it?

On Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 during a drunken stupor, Ash came up with a brilliant idea: go back in time and prevent his younger self from ever finding the Necronomicon. Sounds simple enough right? 

However, nothing ever comes easy for our deadite fighting friends, and Ash usually always finds a way to make a dire situation even worse.

Home once again - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9

There are many theories regarding time travel, and none of them are black and white. One common idea that most of them share is that if something in the past is altered, even if considered trivial, it will have a significant impact on the future.

I wasn't initially on board with Ash's plan at first. After putting his well-thought-out plan into effect and stopping Baal at the end of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 8, I was a little disappointed that Ash didn't really think this one through.

Yes, I'm upset. Yes, I'm behind the wheel. Yes I'm drunk, and maybe my license isn't the fancy kind from the DMV, but at least I'm drunk!


Granted, he was grief stricken and drunk. He just lost someone he cared for deeply in Pablo and was willing to do whatever it takes to bring him back to life.

The portal Ash drove through was a great effect, in that it was identical to the same time travel portal that sent Ash back to the middle ages at the end of Evil Dead II. I've been loving all the call backs this season, even the miniscule ones.

That can't be good. - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9

When Ash and the gang arrived back in 1982, I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail of the era. I'm a huge fan of the Netflix series, Stranger Things. I was mesmerized by the attention to detail in that show. It absolutely felt like an '80's film, and was one of the many things that drew in many fans like me.

Ash vs Evil Dead did an equally satisfying job with emulating the 1980's in this episode.

We didn't get to spend a lot of time getting to look around, but there were some nice little touches that made it enjoyable. Right down to the theater marquee displaying two newly released horror films during that year, which are a couple of my favorite 1980's films.

It's the little things that make visiting these time periods so much fun when done correctly.

I'm very happy that we made our way back to the cabin this season. Although, it wasn't the run down and abandoned cabin that we first revisited back on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 8.

It was a nice way of the show going back to the same setting as the ending of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1, but keeping it fresh with the time period change.

Ash on the defensive - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9

I was incredibly confused of the evil appearing in the woods and chasing Ash, Ruby and Kelly. As Ash said, he hadn't read from the book yet at this point in the past, so how was the evil unleashed?

When Ash stepped on that rusted nail, the first thing I thought was hoping he had a recent tetanus vaccination. The second thing I thought of was Ash's foot becoming infected with evil. Which did eventually happened, and rather quickly.

When we saw the evil spread up Ash's leg, I don't remember the exact expletive that came flying out of my mouth, but I believe it rhymed with "yuck."

I almost thought Ash was going to go through with gutting off his leg, but I'm glad he had second thoughts. Although, Ash having a chainsaw hand AND chainsaw leg would be pretty cool, or even a shotgun leg.

Something's out there - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9

It was pretty nasty when Ash decided to suck out the evil venom, like a snake bite. Another great comedic moment was when this only caused a little deadite to manifest in his stomach and was trying to flush him out with boiling water. A great reference to Army of Darkness, in which Ash does the same exact thing.

I laughed pretty hard when Ash was able to finally get the demon out and the little fellow proceeded to shout obscenities at Ash.

Then Ash found Henrietta locked up in the cellar. I was with Ash on not trusting her. Then when Professor Knoby arrived home with a young girl, I realized this scenario was about to get a lot worse, especially when Ash eventually released Henrietta. The immediate look of regret and realization of his mistake was great. Once again, Ash thinks he's doing the right thing but ends up backfiring.

Henrietta's transformation into the bloated deadite was grotesque and looked identical to her appearance from Evil Dead II. Now Ash and Tanya are locked in the cellar with her, thanks to Knowby.

With one episode left in Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, I can't wait to find out how it's going to end and where the direction toward Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 will go. Could we actually see young Ash make an appearance before the season ends? That would be really cool!

This was a solid episode with a nice nostalgic trip back to a fun decade, and it ended with a nice setup for the season finale. How will it all play out? We'll have to wait until next week to find out!

What did you think of "Home Again"? Was the return to 1982 a nice change in setting? Do you think Young Ash will make an appearance? Sound off below and let me know!

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The season finale of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 airs Sunday, December 11th on Starz.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Yes, I'm upset. Yes, I'm behind the wheel. Yes I'm drunk, and maybe my license isn't the fancy kind from the DMV, but at least I'm drunk!


Don't you worry my little burrito, you're safe in this trunk while we change history and bring you back to life.