Younger Season 3 Episode 8 Review: What's Up, Dock?

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Well, what happens on morphine doesn't the hospital. That's for sure. 

After watching Younger Season 3 Episode 8, it appears we're in for an arc that will include a lot more of David, and that can only mean unnecessary pressure on Liza regarding her secret.

David doesn't know she's running around as a 26-year-old as far as I can recall. At least Josh knows, and since he's probably going to have to bear a lot of the David burden with Liza, at least they can try together to get him to understand there is no future for the former married couple.

Happy Liza - Younger

My favorite parts of this episode focused on female friendship.

When Liza made the special dinner to celebrate, Maggie immediately thought it was to toast Liza's freedom from her marriage, from David. And while that was part of it, it was more about Liza thanking Maggie, for without her, she'd never have made it.

Maggie gave her a home, not just some place to live. They've been there for each other through mini meltdowns and some really fun times. It kept Liza from dwelling on what she lost, because Maggie offered her so much of herself by inviting Liza into her life.

Even Diana is acting more and more like a friend to Liza instead of her superior in the office.

When she gets attention from a man she finds attractive, the first person she runs to tell about it is Liza.

Liza: Oh! I have out of the office lunch plans today.
Diana: Liza, never interrupt my moment with your plans.

It doesn't negate her otherwise jackass behavior, but whether she realizes it or not, Diana has found in Liza a true friend. That became really apparent when she felt so god-awful after the bike accident. Apparently she was trying to treat Liza differently, but still counts on her so much menial tasks get tossed her way.

It's hard when Liza's so good at everything. But from now on, Diana promises Becky will do all the grunt work. Except make coffee, because she makes terrible coffee.

And that list will more than likely grow from one item to two and beyond, not only because Liza excels at everything, but because in doing those menial tasks, it keeps Liza nearby. Sure, Diana's propping herself up on Liza's desk to chit chat, but that's new to her. Until she feels really comfortable in their friendship, it might be easier for her to make absolutely certain she doesn't lose someone of whom she's grown so fond.

And can she PLEASE get a little lucky with a man? Enzo layed his pipe and left (in more ways than one), and now Diana is getting hit on by a dude with a husband. Dammit, she got on a bicycle for him! Very rude to lead her on like that. 

Although I loved how she dropped that bike and helmet and walked, then rolled up in her car just covering him in water without so much as a "sorry" to the guy. It would be so amazing if Josh had a friend into older women who found Diana hot. That's a story I could get behind. More Diana! More Diana!

Rhada wasn't going to take anymore from Charles when it came to Liza. But of all times to call him out on it, she picked when Liza had an accident. Ouch. That made her seem so petty and mean, not to mention incredibly jealous.

Hospital - Younger Season 3 Episode 8

What do you think it would have meant to Charles if he HAD heard what Liza inevitably told David? Because if I was David and I heard that, I wouldn't have taken it as a sign we had hope for the future. Just the opposite, in fact. It was almost like a sorrowful goodbye.

Since David is weird, he got a hit of love adrenaline from that little speech, but I'm wondering if Charles would have taken it the same way I did. If he would have realized there would never be a chance between them, so walking away when he did actually allows for their future to blossom as planned.

Because as sweet as Josh is, he still feels like a stepping stone. Even when he's doing what he can to ensure Liza is comfortable and not alone after her accident, I don't feel amazing love between them. Then, when Maggie rubbed his face and told him what a good boy he was, it was as if she was talking to a nephew.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Kelsey had her first date with Colin and felt really weird when he asked her to read his just finished novel. While I can certainly understand why she'd be concerned about that given her line of work, I don't know why she'd consider him an unacceptable boyfriend if he couldn't write fiction. She already knows he can write.

Kelsey seems to have a strange list of what she considers important in her men. Thad was a total jerk, he cheated on her, treated her like a sex toy, didn't have much interest in her as a person and she consented to marry him. She might want to take a look inside herself. Something is a little off kilter.

Not that it mattered. Colin can write and Kelsey wants to publish him. 

We haven't seen much of Lauren this season, and it's turned out that Chad has had no place in Kelsey's life at all. That's a shame. I hope we'll see Dan Amboyer show up again somewhere soon. 

What did you think of "What's Up, Dock?" Do you think David is going to be a thorn in the sides of Liza, Josh and the secret? What's the next big storyline to come out way? 

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What's Up, Dock? Review

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Younger Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liza: Oh! I have out of the office lunch plans today.
Diana: Liza, never interrupt my moment with your plans.

Josh: You know, this whole time, we've kind of been committing adultery.
Liza: Oh. I hope I still find you attractive now that you're not my...what's the male equivalent for mistress?
Josh: I don't know...side piece?
Liza: Ohhhh, I like that.