The Young and the Restless: Why Nick Is Wrong to Take Sully/Christian So Soon

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Dr. Anderson's cunning plan to hurt Nick has been revealed to all.

Except there are some catches. Dr. Anderson is dead and doesn't get to revel in her madness, and only one living person knows the whole truth about what is happening now that Nick knows Sharon and Dylan have been Christian as their own.

Chelsea, the person Nick is most likely to turn to in his most desperate hours, will only have for Nick another secret. One that will destroy him somewhere down the road.

Sully Reaches for Mama - The Young and the Restless

I know it won't be the popular opinion, but I've watched enough Hallmark (okay, and Lifetime) movies and read enough books in my day to know the way Nick is going about getting "his son" back is the wrong move. 

This is one sticky situation. Christully (let's just combine the names for ease, right?) is technically an orphan by birth. He has two legal parents, and one who thinks he's his birth father. No matter how this ends, it's not ending well.

She Knows the Truth - The Young and the Restless

It's most likely Christully will be raised by Chelsea with Victor's blessing, and that means Nick will be his father, if only because he's Adam's brother and Victor's son. But it will take a long time before Victor gets involved, and the poor child is likely to be very damaged by then.

At least, as he grows, he can ask half of his supposed siblings what it was like not to know who you were and to be treated like a human ping pong ball. I'm still not sure we're being told the truth about Summer. Newman, Abbott, Newman, Abbott, Newman! Yikes.

Longing for Christian - The Young and the Restless

Nick's decisions are being fueled by two things right now: emotions and adrenaline. What he thinks he learned is overwhelming. Even worse, it's not the first time it's happened to him. He must feel like his life is a cartoon. He needs to step back and think about Christully.

Nick laid into Dylan about no crime being committed and said he has no claim on Sully. Yes, he does. He's his uncle. If anybody BUT Nick were to be raising Nick's son, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have stepping in as a father figure.

A Father's Tears - The Young and the Restless

Dylan has been loving, caring and a model father. He would protect Christully with his life. With the news Steve Burton is leaving the show soon, that very may well end up happening. In his current state, Nick has no business being with a child. He'd scare the heck out of Christully with his mania.

Sharon WAS duped. If one thing has been pounded into the minds of the citizens of Genoa City and the viewers of YR over the years, it's that Sharon is mentally deficient and easily manipulated. THEY did that to her. They put her in those situations and never let her feel strong.

She was in an asylum for goodness sakes. Who would have thought they were in danger of such a horrendous injustice in a place that has always set them straight before? 

On top of everything else, Nick has no proof about any of this. Despite the fact Sharon even owned up to getting blood tests and having the results, children are not like a pair of boots. You don't just pass them around at will.

But Sully's Crying!! - The Young and the Restless

This is a matter for the courts. Even in a city as insane as Genoa City, I'd like to think at some point child services will weigh in before they start changing birth certificates and passports.

If they DID, after all, they'd discover nobody in that room is a parent to that poor child. Then is would really become what's better for Christully (or what's better for Christully according to the highest bidder aka Victor Newman).

Nick keeps saying it's been a year. He's been waiting for this for a year. It's been less than 24 hours. Before that he was mourning for a year. It's not like he was waiting for someone to find Christian, who had been kidnapped at birth.

I'm going to venture to guess a little bit of Nick's anger might be at himself for not holding Christian after he died, insisting on seeing his son's body. That would have stopped this whole thing in its tracks. But, hindsight and all that.

I'm not blaming Nick, but it's not fair he's putting all the blame on Sharon, either. At least Chelsea knows she can't do that, because she's been there. She's walked in Sharon's shoes. The way she's handling it has been really good so far.

Can She Hold the Secret? - The Young and the Restless

But how long can it last? Will she crack under the weight of her own secret, that Adam is Christully's father? Surely she knows the secret will surface eventually. Look at the track record in town. Not a single secret has made it. Nick will find out even with both parents in the grave.

All that has to happen is for Connor to have the same eye condition as his brother, require surgery and voila! We have a blood type issue. 

I'd also like to think our characters are going to grow and that Mal Young might want to keep different types of secrets in town now instead of the same secrets we've been suffering through for generations. That maybe one person might fess up to what they know just to keep someone else from suffering down the road.

If that happened, there's something else to consider.

If the case then went to court, when the court hears Sully grew up in a household with two loving parents who were also victims of Dr. Anderson, would they automatically side with Nick, without a biological connection, over the parents who spent a year with a ?

But can Chelsea tell the truth? Can she see that holding the secret SHE has will do as much damage, if not more, than the secret that Sharon has kept?

Kissing Christian - The Young and the Restless

If Nick waited, got his head on straight and made sure he was legally prepared to take and support the child he lost a year ago, it seems like he would not only save himself a world of hurt and strained relationships that he has to maintain, but he'd protect his son, as well. 

He has to do what's best for the boy. The one who has really been at the center of Dr. Anderson's evil scheme, and was at the center of Sage's own agenda long before Dr. Anderson got involved. If he did it right, he'd look better for when that secret was inevitably unveiled.

We'll have to wait and find out what happens, but if the previews for the coming episodes say anything, Nick looks crazier than ever. Like going on a spree crazy. Where do you stand on all of this? How do you want to see this finally end?

Where should Christully be in the short term?

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