The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3 Review: You Decided That I Was Worth Saving

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Sybil is still super out there as far as villains go, but the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3 shows there's way more in store for her than we first imagined and I'm ready to find out what that is.

I mean, I don't want to rush through the final season or anything, but the storytelling is tight and the stakes (ha!) are feeling higher than ever right now. 

The IT Couple - The Vampire Diaries

It's really sad/frustrating to me that it's taken The Vampire Diaries until its final season for me to feel the gravitas of these characters' lives again. I was totally on board with Elena's indecision over whether she could be with a vampire and then which vampire she wanted to be with. 

And then something fell apart. Slowly, it feels like things have been glued back together.

Tonight's Bonnie-has-to-choose plot was devastating, even though it was clear from the jump that she should and would choose Enzo.

Bonnie is the often dumped-upon character. As Damon said, "always the bridesmaid never the bride." This girl never gets to live her life and be happy. She's always beholden to the whims and wants of the characters around her.

It's a wonder that when she was dead she didn't force Jeremy to leave her that way because at least that wouldn't mean constantly being the punching bag for everyone else. And now she doesn't even have her magic so she's legit sad.

Enter Enzo. 

He's the person who will give the next 70 or so years of her life meaning. That's all she gets. Everyone else will get to live forever, except Damon and Elena who plan to be happily ever human once she wakes up, but he's had 160 years and Elena's been the It Girl even in a coma.

Bonnie? Yeah, Bonnie deserves a little love, and you know what? So does Enzo, if for no other reason than he survived the disaster of a storyline he's had since the end of the Augustine plot.

Seriously. A talent like that and they could think of nothing better to do with him besides have him annoy Stefan for a couple years? REALLY?


What was I saying? Oh, right. Bonenzo.

They deserve each other and they deserve to be happy and at this point, they're all the other has. Sure, Bonnie has Caroline, but she only sort of has Caroline because, like she said last week, Caroline gets to go on with her life while Bonnie just goes home to her cabin alone.

Enzo? He has no one. Not even really Damon. They were friends, but then they sort of stopped being friends and it was sad because they were sort of great together.

So yes, it was always obvious that Bonnie would choose Enzo. Choosing Damon would've meant choosing to live the next 70 years of her life alone while her friends all got to move on with theirs. Choosing Enzo was choosing herself and I've never been more proud of Bonnie than I was in that moment.

Sybil, of course, is a lying sack of trash and still wants Bonnie dead. I think. Maybe Bonnie's off the hook now? Maybe now that she has Enzo she'll get him to flip his humanity switch back on and he'll protect her again. While also still being under Sybil's command. 


It's not clear how these spells/commands work exactly. Does Damon still want to kill Bonnie? Is it a thing of convenience so that if he's back in her presence he'll try to kill her but as long as they're not together he won't?

Why did no one in the Armory think to put Sybil in a soundproof room? Seems like that'd be priority number 1 for containing someone whose primary method of gathering her victims is to sing to them, but hey, I just get paid to write about the TV show, you know?

I'm not sure how I feel about Damon killing Tyler Lockwood. Seems sort of dumb for Damon to have killed the one person who knows where Elena's body is being kept.

Sure, he imagined Sybil in that moment, or Sybil long-distance mind-controlled him into it, but it was still weird. Tyler returned for less than five minutes just to die, and that wasn't even a good send-off for a character we've watched since the beginning of this series. 

In fact, it was sort of a cheap death. It also carries no emotional weight because Tyler hasn't been an active part of the show for a long time now. Plus, he should've been moved to New Orleans anyway instead of just doing a guest stint on The Originals Season 1.

One thing we no longer have to ask about is that pitchfork with the ancient symbol on it. It's a tuning fork and it's Sybil's kryptonite. 

Hey, Armory smartfolk, why don't y'all have that thing mic'd into Sybil's cell so she stays incapacitated? Somebody just dings it every few minutes and then she's down again. Then maybe Tyler Lockwood wouldn't be dead. Just a thought.

Or then again maybe if Matt Donovan were in town Tyler would've had some backup.

What did you think of "You Decided I Was Worth Saving"? I have predictions about The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 4, but you'll have to wait until The Vampire Diaries Round Table to read them! (Or send me cookies or something.) While you wait for my theories, watch The Vampire Diaries online and watch a promo for the next episode below:

You Decided That I Was Worth Saving Review

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I'd be honored to be your maid of honor...and not just because my main competition is in a coma until I die.

Bonnie [to Caroline]

Caroline: You snuck into my house and found my old wedding book?
Bonnie: How else was I going to out-Caroline Forbes Caroline Forbes?