The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion

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The fall finale of The Blacklist Season 4 teased that it would provide the long-awaited answer about Red and Liz’s relationship.

Red confessed to being Liz’s father.

After four seasons, we finally know… or do we?

I can’t help but be skeptical of Red’s answer on The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 8. Are we to truly believe that when Red said, “Yes, is that what you want me to say? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter,” it was a factual statement?

Or was it the only answer Red could have given to Alexander under the circumstances? After all, Alexander was adamant to get it out of him, so would saying no have even been a possibility for Red?

I want to believe Red, that his answer was the truth that viewers now know, even if Liz doesn’t. Yet.

But this show has played the misdirect card before. Remember when Liz died? Wait, she didn’t die. Remember when Alexander was Liz’s father? Wait, DNA tests showed that wasn’t true.

So it makes it hard to just accept Red’s comment that he is Liz’s father. Or maybe I'm looking for the twist when there isn't one.

It’s funny, too, that Alexander insisted Red give an answer (maybe, sort of like what the viewers want?), but Red initially responded that it doesn’t really matter.

But if it doesn’t really matter on this show, then why explore Liz’s past? Why touch on a relationship between Red and Liz’s mother, or Red’s father-like affections for Liz?

Perhaps if Liz was around to hear the “reveal” or if, at the very end of the hour, when all was wrapped up nicely and Red dropped in for a visit, he could have told her the exact same thing he told Alexander, I might be more inclined to accept his answer.

It’s just frustrating to feel like Red telling Alexander about Liz might not be that definitive of an answer.

Sure, there was some great buildup and tension between Alexander and Red during those scenes with the two enemies. And we also got a glimpse at their relationship with Katarina. A mention of their past.

And then there's the mystery of why Red would want to keep Alexander alive in the first place.

Also, what could Red have possibly whispered to Alexander that would keep him from killing Red?

Alexander may be “gone,” but there’s no way his story is finished. There’s clearly more going on.

Granted, the episode ended on a positive note for the characters, finally giving them a definitive check mark in the win column. All the characters were safe, including Mr. Kaplan, who was finally able to leave her hunter friend.

That story, unfortunately, felt like it dragged on, but I’m glad she’s finally out and about. I just wonder what’s next for her character now that she’s finally able to move forward.

And the hour did close out the “Alexander is after Liz” story while also revealing that Red was able to find a cure for him. So it was a relatively decent way to end this particular chapter while leaving a few new teases that could come into play later.

Yet I still can't help but feel unsatisfied when it comes to the “reveal” that Red is Liz’s father.

I’m perfectly fine if Red is Liz’s father and that big mystery is done, and he seemed to convey that when reuniting with Liz and Agnes. I guess I’m just hoping that when the show returns, we get some expansion on the topic, and Red actually tells Liz the same thing he told Alexander.

If Red truly is Liz's father, then that's just the tip of the iceberg to so much more about her past and their relationship. But in the end, despite Red's answer, I'm just not sure if we should believe that Red is actually Liz's father...

Do you believe Red that he is Liz's father? What did Red whisper to Alexander? Sound off below, and make sure to watch The Blacklist online at TV Fanatic.

Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion Review

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