The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Dr. Adrian Shaw

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Should we be surprised that the DNA tests that came back revealed Alexander Kirk is not Liz’s father?

If only Maury Povich had showed up to read the tests on The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 7, I might have rolled my eyes a bit less at the announcement.

The Blacklist has clearly been playing the long game involving Liz’s familial connections, but it’s time to put a cap on it and move forward.

The reveal obviously puts the whole “Is Red Liz’s father?” back on the table, but at this point, I’m more interested in how things will be moving forward whether he is her father or not.

The history between Alexander and Red is real, and there have to be more truths and revelations uncovered that will progress the story in a new and interesting way.

Plus, what’s with Red’s master plan in getting Dr. Adrian Shaw? There’s far more going on than simply parentage, and I’m curious to see what that will be.

And while I give props to the FBI team for getting some things right, it wouldn’t be The Blacklist if everyone else wasn’t a step behind Red.

But it was interesting to see Liz choose to try and be Alexander’s donor, even going so far as preparing for surgery for him.

She couldn’t just let him die without trying to help out. I expected Tom to try and convince her more, but her mind was obviously set on it.

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder about Liz’s comments about Alexander believing she was his daughter. Even when she told him she wasn’t, he shouted about Red messing with the information.

Why would he do that?

It really feels like we’re missing just a few final puzzle pieces to complete the bigger picture, and Red’s saving them for the fall finale.

If anything, it is entertaining to watch Red at work, making his moves, delivering his fantastic lines, all without showing his hand to the viewer. It certainly makes you interested in what’s going on, especially because his recent mission definitely has to involve Alexander.

Is it possible that Red and Alexander are brothers? Or am I just reaching for a connection involving Alexander needing blood from a genetic match?

There are so many questions that need answers. Seriously, The Blacklist. Let’s get some answers.

While the larger story for The Blacklist Season 4 was prominent during the hour, I couldn’t help but enjoy the simple moment of Red reading Highlights.

There was something humorous about watching him seriously try and find everything in the magazine’s puzzle, only to have Dembe point out the last one. That was a highlight of the episode.

I guess it’s no surprise that “Who’s the father” is back in the game, but I just hope, after four seasons, the payoff on The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 8 is worth it.

Were you surprised Alexander isn’t Liz’s father? What’s Red’s game? Is he the father? Sound off below and watch The Blacklist online at TV Fanatic.

NOTE: The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 8, "Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion," airs Nov. 10 at 10 p.m.

Dr. Adrian Shaw Review

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The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Adrian Shaw: Are you sick?
Red: You have no idea.

Liz: I know I'm breaking my promise, but I have to do this.
Tom: You want to, there's a difference.