Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5 Review: The One You've Been Waiting For

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So… Dean killed Hitler.

Which, when the elder Winchester exclaimed that he did, was pretty humorous. I’m sure Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5 won’t be the last time Dean brings it up in a comedic moment or when trying to snag the last piece of pie.

But the episode itself wasn’t quite what I was expecting. At least, I figured the Nazis would be scarier and more menacing.

I’m not sure I could buy Sam and Dean facing off against Hitler as a big bad for an entire season, but it also felt like a story that should have been more than a one-off.

Sure, it’s pretty fun to bring back past characters or elements to the show, and I was intrigued by the Thule Society when it was first introduced on Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13.

And at least Aaron did make an appearance, but it was disappointing it was pretty much just him talking on the phone.

That said, it was hard to take the Thule seriously during the hour. And when Hitler did finally return, he felt more jokey and over the top than I was expecting. It was sort of off-putting.

Plus, he was barely back long enough to do anything before Sam and Dean were able to wipe out the particular group of Nazi’s and Hitler. And I know that Hitler’s comments about Twitter were meant to be funny, but after dealing with Mary struggling to adapt to her new world and technology, it just seemed like a stretch that Hitler already knew everything.

Yes, I know he had the one Nazi still up in his head to explain stuff to him, but it just all wound up feeling silly.

There was a fantastic fight sequence for the Winchesters earlier in the episode, and one that seemed to go on for a pretty decent amount of time. It was great to see the brothers involved in more than just one pistol-whip knockout, but rather, a real hand-to-hand fight.

I was surprised though that Christoph, the son of the head necromancer, didn’t have more to do. He seemed like he could be an interesting character to explore, especially in breaking from his father’s ways.

Instead, he was mostly there to lead Sam and Dean to the hideout, and then he popped up again at the end.

I actually thought that he might try and work with Sam and Dean after everything he’d been through, something like a protege. But Sam and Dean simply told him to run.

Bet Mr. Ketch finds him and kills him or something.

I wanted to like this particular case of the week, but it just felt like it was lacking. Yes, there was some humorous moments and some solid action, but by the time we even got to a goofy Hitler, he was killed and the case was over.

Unfortunately, “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” wasn’t the episode I was waiting for. So, on to the next case!

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The One You've Been Waiting For Review

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