Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Medusa

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Thanksgiving is starting to prove to be quite eventful for the Danvers clan.

It was really funny watching Alex stop James from stealing her thunder on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8, but not as great as Mon-El showing up with stuffing from his mattress.

I guess Barry and Cisco didn't get to enjoy their own Thanksgiving celebration if they were attempting to crash Kara's.

Barry and Cisco seek Kara's Help - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8

Despite the interruption, Alex and Eliza shared an incredibly sweet and heartfelt moment. These writers did a fantastic job with her whole coming out process. I loved that Eliza figured it out on her own. 

I assume James, Winn, and J'onn still don't know, but they're bound to find out soon enough now that Alex and Maggie are officially a couple!

There was a lot of back and forth there, but if a near death experience is what it takes for Maggie to realize what she wants, I'll take it. Alex deserves to be happy. 

Now that Alex's secret is out, it looks like James will be next. 

Honestly it was nice having a break from Guardian, though a little surprising he didn't try to get involved. A virus that can kill all non-Kryptonian aliens is unleashed and he doesn't want to give Kara some back up?

Don't get me wrong, I definitely preferred J'onn as her back up, but it still didn't make sense James wouldn't want to be out there. Unless Winn didn't keep him in the loop, but I'm doubting that too. 

But then we wouldn't have gotten to see J'onn battle Cyborg Superman, and that would have been a shame. I'm sure David Harewood had fun shooting that scene. 

Mon-El: Am I dead? Is this heaven?
Eliza: No, we were able to reverse engineer a cure from a living sample of the virus.
Alex: And when my mother says "we," she really means "she." But Winn and I watched enthusiastically.

Thank goodness for Eliza Danvers! She really came through for everyone, didn't she?

Besides being a loving, supportive mother to Alex, she saved Mon-El's life AND reversed the effects of J'onn's White Martian transformation. She should really consider joining the DEO full time, though not so sure how Alex and Kara would feel about that. 

Kara could probably use some motherly support right now too, considering Medusa had her completely losing faith in her birth parents. Kara's realizing more and more how much she and Lena have in common. 

Though, at least Kara's mom actually loved her. 

The Luthors are pretty good actors. Or, well, sociopaths. Either way they know how to fool people.


Winn's statement couldn't be more accurate. Lena turned out to be one hell of an actress, fooling her own mother with ease. And Lillian is definitely a sociopath, so Winn was right on both accounts. 

I'm ready for Lena to be a full-fledged member of Team Supergirl now. Also, what was with Winn and Alex doubting Kara's sneakiness? She has a secret identity for Pete's sake. Her reporter skills on the other hand might need a little work. 

So is Mon-El really going to pull a Beckett from Castle and pretend he doesn't remember the kiss? Nearly dying is becoming the best excuse for "forgetting" declarations of feelings. 

At least Mon-El being completely clueless to Kara's questioning if he likes her seemed genuine (and adorable). 

Mon-El is hiding a lot more than his feelings though. There are some super creepy looking aliens after him. Stuff's going to hit the fan when they find him. 

I get that Superman can't be showing up too often, but shouldn't he have been invited to Thanksgiving? Maybe he spent it with the Lanes? Regardless, Kara probably should let him know the Fortress of Solitude has been compromised. 

Cisco: This better be the right place.
Barry: It is.
Cisco: 'Cause if this isn't the right place, someone's about to be real confused.

Barry and Cisco arrive at the veryyyyyy end, kicking off the big crossover extravaganza! I caught up on The Flash over the summer, but I don't normally watch Arrow or DC's Legends of Tomorrow. I will be making an exception this week. Will you guys tune in for the rest? 

Supergirl is on hiatus until January, but you can use the break to watch Supergirl online and catch up on anything you missed!

Medusa Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

My alien sister is not leaving here until we figure out how Cadmus was able to target only aliens. It's better safe than sorry.


Winn: So last night the space-time continuum ripped apart in the middle of your apartment, which only makes it slightly less intense than last year's Thanksgiving.
Kara: Any idea what caused it?
Winn: Oh maybe some extra-dimensional being just had a craving for your mom's cranberry relish.