Supergirl Round Table: Will Mon-El Put A Ring On It?

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Jeremiah returned on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7 and we were introduced to Cyborg Superman! 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Steve Ford, Yana Grebenyuk, Kathleen Wiedel, and Jim Garner as they discuss their Jeremiah theories, Mon-El's feelings, and J'onn's transformation. 

Join us!

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Is Jeremiah really himself? Has he been brainwashed? Other theories?

Christine: He helped Kara escape so I’m hoping he’s still himself. I was thrilled to see him back but how exactly was he able to help, yet not able to escape himself after all of these years? Is he secretly keeping Cadmus in check while working from the inside? There’s certainly a lot more to this story and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Steve: Like Christine said, Jeremiah helped Kara. That said, I find it very convenient that he was able to get to her and get Kara and Mon-El out with such ease. Could it be a set up? After all, Lena's mother got what she wanted from Kara. Plus, there was little resistance from the surprisingly light security, especially for a top secret government agency. Perhaps it was a skeleton crew day?

Yana: I would like to think that he's still himself because he helped Kara but I'm sure things aren't as simple as they seem. Christine is right, though, it just doesn't add up. There is a potential story there, and watching that play out would be great.

Kathleen: Like the others, I would also like to think that Jeremiah is still himself. The simple fact that he's somehow survived Cadmus for fifteen years does seem a little suspicious, though. Whether letting Kara go was part of some larger Cadmus scheme or not, I'm sure that there's more to this story. Maybe Cadmus made Jeremiah physically dependent on them somehow.

Jim: I had the same thought Kathleen did, that he's "leashed" to them some how and he can't get too far away (or be gone too long?) or bad things will happen. But he was certainly himself in helping them escape.

Will J'onn become a White Martian or will the DEO find a way to stop it?

Christine: Ugh. I really dislike this story. Sometimes it feels as though J’onn is there to be emotionally tortured. I hope the DEO can stop it, but if they can’t, then watching him live with becoming one of the same race that annihilated his family should be an interesting twist.

Steve: Actually, I believe something will come into play between J'onn and Hank Henshaw, AKA Cyborg Superman. The two will obviously eventually cross paths, and I wonder if Cyborg Superman could be a potential solution to J'onn's little problem. I am with Christine on this as well, as I'm not a big fan of the direction of J'onn's story. However, it was a very emotional scene when J'onn saw his deceased family.

Yana: I agree, J'onn deserves a breather or two at this point. He's gone through enough emotional torture to last him this whole show. But that kind of a twist would be an approach I could support.

Kathleen: I hope they find a way to stop his transformation. J'onn has lost so much already that to lose the last thing left to him -- himself -- would just go too far. I like Steve's idea that Hank Henshaw may play into this somehow, though I'm not sure how.

Jim: I'm the rebel and saying that Megan (Meg'han?) is going to somehow be the catalyst for him either accepting what's happening and that no matter his skin color, he's still green at heart. OR, she will help him find a way to make them BOTH green Martians for good.

What are your thoughts on Cyborg Superman and Medusa?

Christine: My thoughts are that it was strange to see both J’onn as Cyborg Superman and then regular J’onn, J'onn in his Martian form later. That was a mind bender. As for Medusa, it was always the one Greek myth that scared the heck out of my as a kid, so I’m already frightened about it, even though we don’t have much info so far.

Steve: If I started watching Supergirl with this episode, I would be incredibly confused with seeing the same character played two different ways and in two different stories. If Cyborg Superman becomes a long lasting antagonist, I wouldn't be surprised if J'onn ends up using a new human form for his secret identity, or using the Martian Manhunter form more frequently.

I'm not sure what to make of Medusa yet, as I only have a name to go on and am only slightly familiar with her character from the comics. Medusa could turn out to be a great villain if she doesn't end up becoming a one and done character. I hate it when these shows waste characters.

Yana: I have no thoughts as of yet, specifically about Medusa. I would love to see her as a villain though, that story was always my favorite. I agree with Steve that one and done characters are the worst, especially when you end up invested and they just disappear on you.

Kathleen: In the original Greek mythology, Medusa was one of the Gorgons, monsters who were slain by the hero Perseus. Perseus then used Medusa's severed head as a weapon against his enemies, to turn them into stone. This makes me wonder if Cadmus is envisioning itself in the role of Perseus, using some alien thing as a weapon against other aliens.

Curiously, the mythological Cadmus was a distant relative of Perseus. As for Cyborg Superman, I predicted last season that the original Hank Henshaw would make a comeback in the role. Though I love David Harewood as J'onn, like Steve I wonder if this situation may force J'onn to take on a new human appearance.

Jim: Why did they need to have David Harewood play Cyborg Superman? Not only was it confusing and unnecessary, it REEKS of budget issues. That they don't want to pay for another actor to be Cyborg Superman. In the comics CS thought he was Superman until he got actually hurt the first time and realized he was mechanical. Clearly that is not the route that they are going with this one.

What is Mon-El hiding? Do you want to see a relationship between him and Kara?

Christine: I was really rooting for Kara and James, but it appears that won’t be happening anytime soon. As I’ve said before, I expect Kara and Mon-El to embark on a romance. I even think Mon-El might bring some much needed fun into Kara’s life…but I also expect that the relationship will end in tragedy by the end of the season. Anyone want to make a friendly wager on that?

Steve: I'm definitely looking forward to a Kara and Mon-El romance and that is definitely where we're headed. However, I have a feeling some type of monkey wrench is going to get thrown in somewhere. I don't think it's going to be as cut and dry as we think. Mon-El is definitely keeping something to himself, but I'm just not sure of the severity of it.

Yana: Mon-El obviously has a secret, and at some point Kara and him will get together. I'm more excited to see the first part and I could do without the second. It kind of bugs me that they dropped James/Kara, something that was built up for a season, in favor of a brand new male love interest. But just watching their scenes shows that the plan is to get them together, although a tragedy sounds like an interesting way to go.

Kathleen: Haven't these people learned by now that lies, secrets, and lack of communication inevitably lead to Bad Things? If Mon-El does end up in a romantic relationship with Kara, this will definitely need to be addressed. And while I'm not opposed to a relationship between the two, I do hope that the writers don't use whatever he's keeping from her as some sort of manufactured drama.

Jim: Agreed Kathleen! I hope whatever he is hiding is totally unrelated to the situation with Kara. Sadly, I don't think we will get that lucky. I'm guessing he was married or engaged.

Are you excited for the crossover? Will you watch all four parts?

Christine: I actually don’t watch any of the other superhero shows, so if I can find the time, I might just have to check them out for this crossover event.

Steve: I'm stoked! It's like Christmas is coming early, as we get 4 straight days worth of a crossover extravaganza. The preview hasn't let on too much in regards to the overall plot, but I like that they're keeping it on the down low. I'm really looking forward to the huge team-up, although I'm sure we're going to see a few heroes butt heads. We might have too many cooks in the kitchen!

Yana: I've given up on Arrow a while ago, so I think I will just stick to Supergirl. The crossover event will probably be great, but I doubt I will miss much if I just watch 1/4 of the event.

Kathleen: Like Steve, I'm very excited for the four-way crossover. After all, it's not every season you get something like that! Since I'm a fan of all four series, I have high expectations, and what little I've seen from the trailers has me excited so far.

Jim: Yana, you will only be missing THREE-FOURTHS OF IT!! If you can't tell I'm in the camp with Kathleen and Steve, I AM SO EXCITED! In fact, I think this image says it better than I can.

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