Rosewood Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Prosopagnosia and Parrot Fish

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It's often that killers are hiding in plain sight, knowing for a fact they'd never get caught. The killer Rosewood Season 2 Episode 8 had most of us fooled, but there was no way they'd be able to outsmart Villa and Rosie.

The Food Truck Vendor's Murder - Rosewood

Ricky Dawson was a beloved man in the inner city of Miami. He grew up in the Saint Mels group home and vouched to never end up in a life a crime. He did just that. 

Dawson decided to own and operate his own food truck and even employed a few kids from the group home to help keep them out of trouble.

So when Ricky was found brutally beaten and murdered, who would want to harm the guy?

Slade: You running away like a little bitch?
Duane: I run from nothing.

A guy by the name of Ben found Ricky's body in the woods and claimed to have information on who the culprit was. Now, Ben suffers from prosopagnosia, a face blindness that causes people to have difficulties recognizing faces. Ben told Rosie, Villa, and Slade that he could remember the suspect's voice if he heard it again.

The four of them go to the food truck locations where Ben pointed out Duane. Duane was a close friend of Ricky. The two often had fights like friends do, and perhaps their last fight ended in Ricky's death.

At least that was the conclusion Villa, Rosie and Slade came up with.

With the help of Ben, everyone was sure Duane was responsible for Ricky's death until his medical records showed he was incapable of committing the heinous crime. 

Leticia: Ricky had dinner with Simone Kilgore last night.
Rosewood: Master Chef Simone Kilgore?
Leticia: Master Chef, Shady Bitch, Racist.

That brings us suspect number two, Master Chef Simone Kilgore. She was in cahoots with Ricky to open a new establishment together. But when things didn't go her way, the entitled and self-absorbed woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Simone decided to poisonous Ricky with lavender, knowing he was allergic to it.

The biggest plot twist was that the lavender isn't what caused Ricky's death. Instead, it was something, or rather someone else responsible.

Villa: It's over Ben.
Rosewood: I had your back. I looked out for you.
Ben: I didn't mean to take it that far.

Ben had been helping out the team, but little did any of us know, he had us all fooled. Ben used his prosopagnosia to his advantage of not being able to see Ricky's killer. When in reality, Ben killed Ricky. Ben was a true snake in disguise.

The main cause of Ricky's death is death was revenge. Ricky and his girlfriend Leticia were involved in a car wreck with Ben. Ben became so engulfed with anger because his car bumper was wrecked that he literally stalked Ricky to make him pay for what he did.

Rosie sympathized with Ben because of the similarities in their illness. He even linked Ben with a few famous photographers since Ben claimed to love photography. However Ben was really a crazed murderer.

He killed Ricky and tried to frame some of Ricky's closest friends and associates.

Rosewood: Capt., I realize your connection to Ricky, but I'm going to need you to find your happy place.
Slade: Oh, this is the happiest I've been in years.

Ricky's death hit close to home for Capt. Slade. He and Ricky both grew up in the same group home. Slade just didn't understand why anyone would want to cause harm to a guy that was trying to better his life and those around him.

I'm glad we kind of got a peek into Slade's upbringing, but I still need to know how and why he ended up at Saint Mels.

We're also getting a step closer to closing the Gerald case. The problem now is how will they prove his innocence if they have no body to exhume?

What the heck happened to Elena's body? Did her dad Carlos get to the body before Rosie and Villa did? Or did something else happen?

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Prosopagnosia and Parrot Fish Review

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