Queen Sugar Round Table: Should Charley Date Remy?

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Two dead workers shook things up on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9, as the Bordelons realized how little they knew about the people who worked for them.

Our TV Fanatics Jasmine, Lee, and Christine O. debate whether the Bordelons should have known the victims' names, if Violet should find her inner purpose, and should Charley take a chance on romance with Remy after “Next to Nothing.”

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Were you surprised that none of the Bordelons knew the dead men’s names?

Jasmine: I wish I could say I was, but the moment they all acknowledged that they didn't know, I wasn't surprised. Nova hasn't had anything to do with it. Charley isn't the type who would bother, and Ralph Angel hasn't been working there long and tends to be a bit self-involved.

Lee: Not surprised at all that Nova and Charley didn't know. After all, Nova is too preoccupied with her other quests for justice to have any idea of what's going on at the farm, and Charley is essentially the CEO who has no idea who is in the cubicles doing the day-to-day dirty work.

I'm a little surprised that Ralph Angel didn't know their names, considering that he's more involved in the field work than his sisters, but he also has so much going on with Blue and, like Jasmine said, can be a bit self-involved.

Christine: Not surprised, but saddened. How many workers do they have on the farm that they didn’t even know their first names? I get that Nova is barely there, and Charley basically writes the checks but it felt like Ralph Angel or Remy should have known something. And where was Prosper? Maybe he couldn’t get back after the storm, but maybe he knew…I hope!

Does Violet need to find her own inner purpose, and if so, what do you think it is?

Jasmine: I don't know what it could be. She's a beautiful spirit and a nurturer. I absolutely adore Aunt Vi and there's something refreshing (as opposed to tragic like traditionally depicted) of a woman her age on a quest of self-discovery.

Lee: I do think she needs to be a bit more selfish and put her own needs ahead of those of everyone else around her for a change – she deserves it! However, that's also a lot to ask of someone who has spent her entire life caring for others.

It seems as though Vi has never not been in the service of others – even her job as a waitress involved nurturing her customers and making sure their needs were fulfilled. Once she takes some time to finally focus on herself, hopefully she'll be able to find her own inner purpose, though I'm not yet sure what it could be.

Christine: Definitely! She deserves to figure out what she loves and needs that has nothing to do with her family or Hollywood. She needs to have something that she can be proud of that’s just hers. It will be interesting to see where this journey leads her. 

Finding Two Bodies - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9

Do you want to see Charley pursue a romance with Remy? Should she wait, and if so, how long?

Jasmine: Yes, because Remy is a good man and he not only gets Charley but balances her out. However, she needs to sort out her divorce first.

Lee: Yes – Remy is good for her and also smoking hot! But, she should wait until her divorce is final and the farm is more stable. Her life is already chock full of complications and throwing a new romance into the mix on top of all of that would just be too much. I think her and Remy are more likely to have a successful, happy relationship if they wait until they can make that relationship their main focus. 

Christine: Yes…but not yet. You don’t end a marriage without emotional fallout. Charley needs the time to process what went wrong and all that she’s lost. If she jumps into something with Remy too soon, he could end up being a rebound relationship and both of them deserve better. Charley needs to concentrate on her self for a while before jumping into any romance. 

Should guest workers be allowed a path towards citizenship in the U.S.?

Jasmine: I think so. Yes.

Lee: Yes, though it's a complicated issue that I cannot pretend to be a expert on! But, if you're ready and willing to work hard in this country, you should be rewarded with the opportunity to stay her and make a new life. 

Christine: I’m sure it’s complicated, but we are a country of immigrants. If you are already here and working hard, you should at least be given an opportunity to work towards becoming a citizen. 

Nova Comforts Charley - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9

Was there anything that disappointed you in this episode?

Jasmine: The entire storyline with the workers just made me so upset. Also, I really liked the chemistry Ralph Angel had with Blue’s teacher what feels like forever ago, and they sort of dropped that. She pops back up again just to play translator? That sucks. And Darla needs to slow things down on the Blue front, and the Ralph Angel front, for that matter. 

Lee: I agree with Jasmine about Blue's teacher – I had totally forgotten she was a character, so when she popped up I was really confused at first! It felt like sloppy storytelling. 

Christine: Yeah, Blue’s teacher popping up again made me wonder if there will be a triangle later on between her, Ralph Angel and Darla. I know that’s pure speculation, but I wouldn’t be happy about that. 

What was the best quote or scene from the hour?

Jasmine: I'm not typically a romantic sap, and as I said, they have to slow things down until Charley resolves things with Davis. But I melted a bit when Remy told her that she was an extraordinary woman and left the door open for whenever she's ready to really pursue their thing.

Lee: I enjoyed the scene between Nova and Charley, when Charley was dealing with her guilt over the deaths of the workers. After seeing them tear into each other so recently, it was nice to see them put their differences aside and actually act like family. 

Christine: Micah and Kiki were a fun distraction from all the heaviness of this episode. If you want to give a teenage boy a reason to be happy about having to change his entire life, introduce him to a teenage girl! 

So what do you think TVFanatics? Should Charley pursue a romance with Remy?

Check back on Wednesday for our review of Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 10 here at TV Fanatic.

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