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As winter finales go, this one was just okay.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 8, Ryan met his fellow AIC recruits, and in the future, Alex learns that Ryan is one of the terrorists. I guess those were supposed to be the big, shocking twists of the hour.

Meh, they weren't really all that twist-worthy. 

A Biological Weapon - Quantico

Ryan being one of the terrorists has been a theory that's been circling for a while, and honestly, it makes sense seeing as how he was tasked with infiltrating the AIC. It's not like this was going to be a "do this at the Farm and then mission over" kind of a deal.

Now, I don't exactly remember how the Ryan and Alex break up happened because I stopped shipping and caring about them during the first half of season one, but I have a little theory. Now, if Ryan broke up with Alex, couldn't you see it being because Alex is, as Owen says, the one person who won't stop digging? I mean it is a perfect description of her.

The toughest lies are not the ones we tell ourselves, but the ones we tell those we love to keep them out of harm's way.


If Ryan is still on the mission (therefore not really a terrorist), he would have to lie to Alex about it. Alex started off in Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 thinking that the AIC was a bust. They didn't find anything at the Farm, so case closed, but Alex never really closed it.

So, what if Ryan broke up with her to distance himself from her. He knew he couldn't carry out his mission if Alex was going to poke holes in every cover story that he told her. She may be "the truth," as he said, but he can't allow her to compromise his mission.

Anyways, not that I care about them, but this was just a theory that made some things click for me. Hopefully Ryan and Alex will do us all a favor a move on. 

If I have to say something about their proposal, it's that I did not find it moving at all. I didn't really understand why Ryan chose to propose to Alex right then and there, but okay, it happened.

Harry, I love you, but man, was your time in London boring. I mean what did we get out of it? Oh, wait, I know! ANOTHER MYSTERY. Great.

I did catch that Elliot's name was mentioned, and that, I'm guessing, Pip's father-in-law was somehow responsible for his death (Jean and Elliot were brother and sister...right?), but that's all I gathered from his time there. I didn't really feel like spending the energy to focus and try to decipher everything.

We have enough mysteries and suspense happening with the AIC, so let's stop adding on to the drama. The Brexit mention was nice, and it made sense that MI6 would use this pilot program to their own advantage, but let's not create any more issues.

This country would deport you if it could. Deep down, all of us have built a wall with all of those we want to keep out with it. You're white? So am I. You're welcome here but not them. You believe in equality? So do I. You're welcome here but not anyone who disagrees. We're all very different from each other, and we don't all think the same. And this is why we have to stop believing that it's possible to come to a resolution and admit what most of the world already knows - there's no way we will stop fighting each other, which is why I've realized if we want to survive, we have to fight as dirty as everyone else.


Okay, back to the terrorists. Nimah told Raina that the AIC (or Citizen's Liberation Front or whatever. AIC is shorter) wants to liberate themselves from America and the lie of freedom that it sells. Okay, that somewhat makes sense. But how does taking the G20 hostage do that? 

We still know nothing about what exactly the AIC is doing other than stalling. They aren't going to use a bioweapon on the world. They just have that in case they need to self destruct and kill themselves (assumedly) and everyone in the building.  


Sorry, but it's really weird that we don't seem to have an inkling of what's actually going on. Maybe now that we've identified Ryan and Nimah as terrorists (and also Diana and Leon. They were tapped at the Farm, so that makes them terrorists too), we can spend some time with them and gain some kind of insight as to what's happening.

What did you think of the winter finale? Leave your thoughts and conspiracy theories in the comments below.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

The toughest lies are not the ones we tell ourselves, but the ones we tell those we love to keep them out of harm's way.


Multiple tours in Afghanistan, harrowing years at the FBI, and yet, you still fear conflict when it comes to Alex.