MacGyver Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Chisel

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The Phoenix Foundation made a new hire!

Bozer officially joined the team this week on MacGyver Season 1 Episode 9.

A Chisel and a Matchbook - MacGyver

Thornton agreed to finally release him from the Foundation’s custody, but only after he agreed to take a job in the lab.

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation


At first I rolled my eyes at the interrogation scenes between Bozer and Thornton, since they are my two least favorite characters. But by the last encounter, I was actually digging the chemistry between those two.

Moving forward, I hope they will stay back in LA (well, Thornton, at least) while Mac, Jack and Riley take on the world out in the field.

This week, the super trio headed to Latvia to pick up a terrorist named Janis (who may be forming the next ISIS?). But the easy-peasy mission didn’t go as planned.

They capture Janis, but he has well-armed and presumably unemployed friends in his terrorist network, as they show up within minutes of his SOS text.

This episode stood out for me because of some of the hokey dialogue seemed ill-timed.

For example:  when Jack and Riley banter about nicknames while chasing down Janis, when Jack and Mac have a heart-to-heart about relationships in the middle of a siege, or when Jack gets excited about the ambassador being interested in him.

I thought Jack provided the best MacGyverism when he gave up his phone so that Mac could attach it to a makeshift hot air balloon and give the team a bird’s eye view of their immediate area. Although, again, Jack’s attempts at humor fell flat, given that we are to believe they are in danger.

When they make it to the embassy amid a shootout, Mac gets right to work using physics to create a bullet-proof wall of paper (Sexiest man-doing-math since Will Hunting?)

If you listen to me, I will get you home


Mac uses more of his brain to trap the bad guys in the building, but all I know is if my embassy was under attack, I’m not sure I would give up my Kevlar vest. Sorry Mac.

Let's invite them in


What did you think of this episode? Will Bozer will be out in the field like everyone else by the end of the season?

Don't forget you can get caught up on the season and watch MacGyver online anytime.

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Welcome to the Phoenix Foundation


If you listen to me, I will get you home