Lucifer Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Homewrecker

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Home is where the heart is, and it seems Lucifer's heart has found its home.

Did Lucifer come to L.A. looking for love? That seems to be the implication according to Dr. Martin on Lucifer Season 2 Episode 9, but Lucifer's avoidance of the truth may spell disaster for Chloe if Charlotte has her way. 

Leaving Earth - Lucifer

While I thought it was a great cliffhanger to the next episode, I'm going to guess that somehow Maze or someone is going to stop Charlotte from pushing that button.

We all know that there's no way Chloe is going anywhere. Still, it was pretty intense, wasn't it?

I loved that Chloe was the one to save the day not once, but twice. She really is a true friend to Lucifer, and I'm getting the feeling that she's starting to have more than "just friends" feelings for her partner.

Lucifer's always had feelings for Chloe, though he's just chalked it up to lust... until Dr. Martin opened his eyes. Was he looking for someone to love who'd love him back the real reason he came here?

I think you did come to Los Angeles looking for something. But, I also think you've stopped, because maybe you've found it?

Dr. Martin

It makes sense considering his messed up relationship with both his mom and dad.

I'm just surprised he's so surprised about it. I'm also disappointed that he blew Chloe off for dinner, but I guess I can understand why. 

He's afraid. Still, he should have at least responded to her and made up some excuse. I just wish there was a happier ending, because this hour was one of the best of Lucifer's run so far.

I was floored when Chloe sent the police officers away so that she could "sit in" with him. That is so opposite of her by-the-book ways. He really means a lot to her for her to do something like that. She basically put her job at risk to help Lucifer save his home. And not only did she do it once, she did it twice, calling up a favor to make the Lux a historical site so it can never be torn down. 

That's truly going above and beyond.

And when she took to the dance floor with him? Way to go Chloe. She's a lot more fun when she lets her hair down. And she seemed so happy, didn't she? Both of them did, actually.

Yes. They make a great couple, don't they? But, are we ready for a Chloe and Lucifer romance? I like the idea of it at some point in the future, and I really enjoyed the tease, but I hope it's not something we're going to see for a while. 

But, wow! It really worked between them, didn't it?

It's not surprising that Charlotte was willing to do whatever necessary to get Lucifer to return to the "Silver City." What is surprising is that Amenadiel is so on board with her. What's with him?

After everything Maze told and showed him, how can he still be on her side?

I loved, loved, loved his and Maze's reaction to the Dan/Charlotte hookup even as disgusting as it was. Maze teasing Amenadiel was so funny, but if you think about it, who really wants to imagine one of their parents doing the nasty?

So, his reaction to what Maze was doing was just perfect.

I hope he opens his eyes soon so he can see that his mother isn't as innocent as she seems. She's playing Amenadiel. Whatever her game is, he better wake up soon.

He's got a stick so far up his arse you can see it when he yawns.


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Homewrecker Review

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Welcome to Los Angeles. City of reinvention where you can become whoever you want.


Whoever put together this brochure should get special treatment in Hell.