From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Dark Side of the Sun

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Seth got his partner back, and everything is right with the world.

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10, Kate came back to us, and it was fantastic. Seeing Kate fighting side by side with Seth and Scott was just what the doctor ordered. It had been too long since we saw them side by side fighting for their lives.

Kate's definitely come out of all of this a changed person, and more importantly, she recognized that she was no longer the same girl she was when we first met her on vacation with her dad and brother.

Dr. Block

Back on From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 1, Seth started to question whether or not hell was coming for him, to make him pay for the things he had done. This question came back up in the finale, but this time, Kate was the one thinking that she needed to pay for her sins by taking that walk through the gates.

Kate believes so because of what she witnessed and what her body did while Amaru was in control. Kate feels guilty for her role in everything that happened because she felt like she should have been able to stop Amaru. 

Seth, on the other hand, believes that letting Kate go through the gate, and therefore losing her forever, is what he deserves for all his sins. Kate has always represented the humanity in Seth, and he has come to love her for it. For Seth, paying for his sins means losing someone he loves.

Kate: After all that I've done, I deserve this walk.
Amaru: Are you here for redemption? In who's eyes? In your God?
Kate: No, in the eyes of the people I love.
Seth: You know what? She's right. We all had this coming. Somehow I knew they'd show up to collect. Time to pay up.
Kate: Time to let go partner.

It's fine. Really. I meant to go this super painful route (I'm so sorry).

Kate going with the Geckos in the end was an amazing twist for a variety of reasons. I'm curious as to why she chose to go into a life of crime with the Geckos.

Maybe she does it to get her toaster, maybe she realized that she needs that adrenaline rush in her life, or maybe Kate decided that being the preacher's daughter isn't in the cards for her anymore. Maybe, after everything she has done, Kate believes that she can only live in the morally gray area that Richie and Seth know so well.

What's your theory on why Kate ran off with the Geckos? 

Okay, here's my problem with Amaru in this finale. All season long, she's been this fierce adversary. She has shown just how far her reach goes, and she proved that she will do whatever it takes to return to her true form and unleash hell on Earth.

The final showdown in front of the gate is kind of lame. Amaru just taunts Kate, and once she saw that threatening Scott didn't change Kate's mind, she did not try to change her tactics. Seth was right there, and Amaru knows how much he means to Kate, but she never tried to threaten or kill him to get Kate to stop.

I get that Amaru couldn't hurt Kate, and some of the conversations that happened as Kate was walking to the gate were fantastic, but all in all, it was a little anticlimactic. 

I just expected Amaru in her true form to be so much more of a threat. 

Amaru's reach - From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10

If this finale was broken up into two hours, some aspects could have been improved. For one, we could have maybe showcased Amaru's villainy a bit more or had a more intense final fight. Also, we could have explored how Richie got back from Xibalba.

Seriously though, he did he get back? Did he just walk around until he found the gate? On the bright side, he didn't bring Sex Machine back with him, so it looks like he is still in Xibalba. Happy dance time!

Richie going to Xibalba was an interesting twist, and honestly I was afraid he would get stuck over there. By not spending time with Richie and his cryptic sensei Carlos, we missed out on some potentially great scenes.

You going to let that bitch kill your vibe, bro?


While Carlos' return was handled poorly, he's delightful in the finale. His cryptic wisdom and freaky tendency to pop up everyone was fun, and his sass is amazing. I'm still not sure how he pops up and disappears, but he was a great way to motivate Kisa and Richie.

Speaking of Kisa, she is still a little hard to understand. She switched from "I'm not your Diosa" to being their Diosa rather quickly. It would have been better if this was a slower transition, and we got to see her slowly accepting her role. She had some awesome fight scenes with Amaru though.

As much as I love Freddie, he did not serve a point in the finale. His storyline only showed that Amaru could manipulate people anywhere, but it would have been better to spend the time anywhere else, like in Xibalba with Richie.

There was hope that maybe we followed Freddie because Margaret's and Billie's role in Amaru's plan would have become clear, but that was not the case. It looks like Margaret was only there to handle the amulet, which does not make sense.

Seth: Do me a favor. Try to taste the carpet, please. Very nice. Feel free to file a complaint with your costumer service agent when we're finished. In the mean time, everybody just be cool.
Kate: You, be cool.

What did you think of the finale? There are rumors that this might be the final season of From Dusk Till Dawn. If that's the case, will you be okay with this ending? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Dark Side of the Sun Review

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Richie: Are we going to say it?
Seth: Say what? Ah. Here's to getting rich and fat.
Richie: And dying in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Seth: You do your thing.
Richie: What thing is that?
Seth: The thing where you crack the safe.
Richie: Oh, right. I like that thing.